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81 Ill Methods

Good Flavor n Good Flow, BAM there you GO. Haven't heard? Then get your a$$ in this here Mosh Pit, because YT told you so

Yo these dudes are one of the best groups out.. Phrase, Angrymonk, UBO, Merv, and 2ndBornSon are some of the best in the game.

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82 Nasty Poppa Dollaz
83 Trev

Talented young native right here! Props

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84 C-n-C
85 Dmize
86 Native Son
87 Drezus

"Dude made the most inspirational song for our First Nations People" Red Winter"

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88 D-HOG

I've never heard such a unique artist he does ABSOLUTELY everything on his own his beats his songs, raps, even songs on Guitar he can pretty much do it all his cadence is like none I've heard b4. And he is humble about it all, an inspiration to this Generation especially for young Natives!

I love this lil brother... He is an inspiration to me! He is a versatile artist who keeps it 918 for real... Keep it up my native

DHog can spit & is a beast on the beats! A Native with several skills & he holds the 918 down! Keep going hard Bro! For those that don't know him check him out!

Cherokee from tahlequah, Oklahoma the Cherokee capital! Reppin the 918!
God bless you!

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89 Orion
90 Itz Lil Lee

Keep hearing lil lee is the best native rapper in Minnesota I don't know but that's coming from natives I don't know or he doesn't know and real soldiers on these streets. That's been in it. The Game."that's Crazy Yo! "laugh out loud

Been a fan for years! He supports my beadwork, I support his music! :-)

Best rapper I kno and will always be... Nothing can stop him from his amazing insane talent and won't go down without a chance.. Good luck Lil Lee!

Dope rapper, has good lyrics & good beats

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91 N8V ACE

N8V ACE raps in his Navajo language. Check out his track, "Shima, Shimasani" on his website: ""

True native! Love his music! Inspires me to practice my culture and give back in a positive way.

Can't wait for his new album!

This native stays true to his culture! Love his lyrics!

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92 Frank Waln

Definitely number one in my books! Fellow Lakota and he's well educated and pursuing his degree. He's alcohol and drug free all his life. He's a very inspirational young native man who didn't get the recognition he deserves!

His latest release "AbOriginal" song and video was amazing and a great message... Inspirational young Native man!

He really should be top ten. He walks it, talks it, and bring great authenticity to his craft

"Oil 4 Blood" is genius! He is a young man with a huge role in our time

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93 Plex

I don't like rap, but I like Plex.

One vote for old balls right here

My kids love this guy. He's the robot on Yo Gabba Gabba

He used to give me two for twenty on 2 chips. I feel obligated to vote for him.

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94 Wahwahtay Benais

Dude is one of the illest lyricists I've ever had the chance to hear. He always speaks the truth in his rhymes, his beats are always on point and his background is real. His words come from the heart... they allow the listener a legit glance into his life, into the struggle of an Anishinaabe in today's society. One of the REALEST up and coming artists out there. LOOK FOR WAHWAHTAY BENAIS ON THE COME UP. !

His lyrics come from his heart and life experiences. What's more real than that? He has so much potential to be the greatest, I truly believe that. He has always been my favorite hands down, not only because is my bro, but because he is lyrically ill! Pay attention to the lyrics, you'll know why.

He has so much inspiration and heart in his music! The Indigenous Holocaust is the most touching song, bring tears..

Keep it 100 bro, we know the struggle

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95 Chosen
96 prophecy

You wanna hear pretty, sugar coated lies from most of these so called native, womanizing rappers who are only in it for fame, money and chicks or you wanna hear THE TRUTH... Prophecy's your man! Ain't no lies there!

Super dope MC from the Antithesis Crew. No holds barred unquestionable Native Resistance music. This brother has worked for the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee and is known through out all of Indian Country for his uncompromising stance against not only the Government but culture pimping Native rappers. Some of which are on this list.

Prophecy, as an individual and as a member of Antithesis, stands for Native liberation and cultural revitalization. Great MC and his music needs to be heard - he has a message Indian Country needs to hear.

Antithesis is my favorite crew and Prophecy is one of my favorite MCs from them

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97 Stacks Mountain
98 Daybi
99 Boheez

Boheez stays street and keeps it fam with tight lyrics and big beats that throw both in your face and make you want to be apart of his world. With a style that's direct with no fillers and a flow that's as smooth as seamless leather, Boheez brings a flavor to the rap game that is purely homegrown in the streets of Lawton, Oklahoma.

Easily the most active rapper out of the SW Oklahoma area, Boheez's production skills are some of the best out there, with some of his beats getting air time on Power 105. Every venue that Boheez, with his fam TiG, performs at is packed with Blocc Monstaz chompin at the bit to get a piece of the energy that is his music.

And he ALWAYS makes sure to keep it 1200.

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100 Thunder Savage

This boy is a natural. Got mad skillz. Heart n Soul of the Tribal Hype Crew!

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