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101 G-Six
102 Naztre

Naztre, a gifted talented native brother. Your native brothers and sisters will follow and support you all the way. Don't give up, don't slow down. Every time I do a follow up on you, there's always something that knocks you down. Like with court systems, false imprisonment, or negative issues that set you back. But you always had a smile to carry on in life like nothing happen. Your drive to succeed, your love for music. Your mission to be somebody for everyone to finally see, your big warm heart.

Naztre is a professional hip hop artist. Handles he's business when he comes threw, driving many miles to seal deals, keeps in touch about every move he makes. He's passionate about he's music, tells the story behind how he's songs came about. For that, he gets my vote. Much love Naztre, I know you will go far in life.

I know Naztre as a writer. He wrote a lot of songs for hip-hop artists out there. There's a group of rappers on this list that he wrote for as well. So if Naztre could get them on list, he deserves to be on Native American Best Rappers. Naztre should be on the top ten.

Love your music!

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103 Mystic

I grew up with mystic all my life so yeah hands down he has my vote 100% I love your songs your lyrics what you sing on is truth showing my love & support for you mystic from the 509 much love

My Native set the foundation for most southwest rappers. big ups homie! - krayzie-wayz

Mistic and shade paved the way for a lot of Navajo dine rappers. Bigg ups to them. S/O from the Rez Made Ent Camp

104 K-DAWG

One of the great up and coming rappers

Killing any beat you hear him on with bars for days

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105 Smooth Reign

Newest and hottest music group to hit the Native American and mainstream music industries.

This music group is different from most. they sound more original

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106 Que Rock
107 Kidd Sparkz

I love it so much.. Love to see him win thank you

Underrated rapper very underrated

Vote this dude talent is unlimited

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108 Rez Life Rekordz

Love these guys... keep making the good music!

These guys are true pioneers, they literally help mold the structure of Native Hip hop

Keep it up your doing good buddy.

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109 Writtyn
110 Fic
111 Kode Red

Native outta fort erie Canada. Checkim out on sound cloud red definitely a native with skils! Props.

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112 Big C
113 Jase Barz

Jase bars is by far the best Native American rapper on this list. Honestly if native america had a Kendrick Lamar that would be Jason Robinson aka Jase Barz of the 218.. holding down Minnesota

My big brother (jase barz) is the best underground rapper I ever heard

Jase is the dopest rapper in all of Minnesota. He's killing it on any and every song he's on. Much love, from the 218

114 PittCrue

Coming straight outta northern cali, representing pit river and wintu nations. PitFoxx and J-Riggs are good solid people. Please check'em out

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115 Redsoul

This dude is gonna surprise a lot of people. Beats and lyrics are all Bangin!

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116 Mista 45.

Flows like a MONSOON! Hasn't been around for a minute but This Lakota Rapper hits HARD, HEAVY and QUICK!


Some underrated cats making some huge club bangers..

Dope Native Group From Fort Erie, Canada

118 Shauna Nakai

She's A Very Talented Artist. I'm Very Please To Have Heard Her Rap Serval Times.

Female Rapper from Dine Nation. She raps and sings from the heart and has her own unique style. She on Utube, Reverbnation, Soundcloud. I like her style of Music...

119 Rez Made Rydaz

Keep doing what your doing. Your sure to make it to the top. Much love to ya.

Lyrical artist is a gift, keep up the good work!

I'm tellin you. theses dudes tell a story, some on to look out four. Diné to Standing Rock sioux at its finest.

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120 Thomas the Third

"the world's best kept secret"

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