Top 10 Most Overrated NES Games

The original NES had some of the best line up of games in its library with the likes of such classics as Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Battletoads among other greats, and due to how great they are and how much praise they get they tend to over shadow a lot of other games that almost never get as much praise or recognition as the big name titles, so for this list we will be counting down the picks for the most overrated NES games and as always overrated doesn't necessarily mean bad but just games that get way more attention then the lesser known games.
The Top Ten
1 Super Mario Bros. 3

As great as the third Super Mario sequel is and how it innovated the series into what it is today its incredibly overrated with how much people praise it.

2 Super Mario Bros.

Everyone knows how great the first Super Mario Bros. game was for its simple premise and gameplay though a bit too simple as all you really do is run across the screen jumping on enemies, hitting blocks and reaching the end of each level as you try to rescue the princess a great game yet hugely overrated.

3 Dr. Mario

The music may be catchy but the gameplay gets repetitive which you can say with a lot of puzzle games like Dr. Mario and Tetris the only real reason this game is considered great is because it has Mario in it.

4 Mega Man 2

Considered by many as the best Mega Man game on the NES while its other sequels hardly get as much recognition.

5 Tetris

Tetris is by far the most overrated puzzle game of all time its pretty much stayed the same all these years just drop pieces as they fall and and clear out rows and that's it.

6 Excitebike

How can this be so popular?!!

7 Contra

Like Battletoads Contra is great yet challenging and still overrated for how much people praise it.

8 Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

The original sequel to Super Mario Bros. which was more of the same only with the difficulty cranked up to 11 and Luigi is a playable character who can jump high but is a lot more slippery.

9 Battletoads

One of the best and hardest games on the original NES and overrated as heck.

10 Metroid

Upon its original release the very first Metroid game was a great adventure game but over the years its really not held up very well and the lack of a map to show you where you need to go means you will be getting lost almost all the time finding it hard to progress.

The Contenders
11 Double Dribble
12 Castlevania
13 Duck Hunt

It was fine for it's time, but now, with much more advanced light gun games, it's just not really worth much besides nostalgia... Heck, even by 1995 we had Super Scope 6, Yoshi's Safari, Lethal Enforcers, etc.

14 The Legend of Zelda
15 Donkey Kong
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