Top 10 Most Emotional Nickelodeon Show Episodes

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1 Have You Seen This Snail? - SpongeBob SquarePants

Spongebob forgets to feed Gary while distracted by doing the Dirty Bubble paddle challenge and Gary runs away when Spongebob realizes this he desperately does everything to get him back

2 Mother's Day - Rugrats

The gang attempt to help Chuckie find a new mom for mother's dad since he doesn't have one meanwhile Chuckie's dad tries to hide a box of stuff that belonged to his mother because he doesn't want him to miss her eventually Chuckie does find the box and Didi suggests to Chaz that he should tell Chuckie everything about his mother even if does miss her they can both miss her together, the episode ends with Chuckie's mother reciting her poem that she left the in the book that was in the box.

3 CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery - CatDog

In this 3 part episode CatDog go on a,mission to find their missing parents along the way they come across aliens, undersea monsters, and even a colony of cats and dog hillbillies living together just when it seems that they had reach end and given up they get grabbed by a Sasquatch and taken to a cave where to everyone's shock as it turns out the Sasquatch along with a frog are their parents well not their biological parents but they did raise them and made them who they are today and in a flashback it was revealed that they were separated following a twister which sucked up Catdog while their parents effortless tried to hold on to them.

4 Arnold's Christmas - Hey Arnold

This episode is filled with so many emotions Mr. Hyunn reveals that he gave up his daughter during the Vietnam War so she could have a better life and then later moved to the same city where she was sent hoping to find her again with no success, upon hearing this Arnold being his secret Santa tires everything to find Mr. Hyunn's daughter even agreeing to do a social worker's Christmas shopping in exchange for his help but fails all because he wasn't able to get a very rare pair of boots, Helga who happened to get the boots as a Christmas gift gives them up to the worker so he can locate Mr. Hyunn's daughter, the next day Arnold is sadden that he failed is surprised when Mr. Hyunn's daughter shows up at the boarding house and Mr. Hyunn is overjoyed after finally reuniting with his long lost daughter.

5 Forget Me Not - The Wild Thornberrys

Though I'm not a fan of this show this episode in particular was pretty heartbreaking Eliza meets with Rebecca an elephant who her father once saved she bonds with her and after rescuing her daughter from a sink hole Rebecca collapses and dies leaving Eliza completely distraught.

6 11 Louds A Leapin' - The Loud House

After learning about the situation with Mr. Grouse and how he's unable to be with his family for the holiday's Lincoln then tells his sisters who are all sadden by the news and realize that instead of thinking about what they wanted they should have been thinking about others like Mr. Grouse and that seeing them all together must make him miss his own family even more they then band together along with the McBride's to cheer up Mr. Grouse and buy him a bus ticket so he can go see his family and decide that if he can't be with them on Christmas Eve they decide to celebrate together.

7 The Storm - Avatar The Last Airbender

We learn that the monks wanted to take Aang from his father figure to train, and that is why Aang ran away. We also learn that Ozai burned his own son for speaking out of turn.

In this episode we get to learn more about both Aang and Zuko's past, Aang learns that he is the avatar and things drastically change at one point the other monks decide that Aang needed to be separated from his mentor and guardian Gyatso which leads to him running away and ending up frozen for 100 years only to find that the entire air nation had been wiped out and the world thrown out of balance and Aang heavenly blames himself for abandoning the world when they needed him the most, then we see how Zuko ended up in the situation that he's in Iroh revealed that he had spoke out against a generals plans and as punishment was forced into an Agni Kai only to find out he's dueling against his own father Zuko pleads for mercy and refusing to fight him but Ozai completely disgusted with him decides to teach him a permanent lesson in respect by burning his eye all the while Iroh in the crowd looks away while Azula just smiles on in Zuko's suffering and if that wasn't enough he also banishes ...more

8 Losing Nana Bishop - As Told By Ginger

In this episode Dodie gets a call that her grandmother has passed away she and the rest of her family are deeply saddened by the news except for Hoodsey who isn't at all sad that she passed away since he never really got along with her, meanwhile Ginger contacts her father to learn more about her own deceased grandmother and learns that the two of them had a really close bond since she was her first grandchild, later in the episode Hoodsey has to give the eulogy though in my opinion Dodi should have been the one giving the eulogy since she was a lot closer to her than he was he describes how his grandmother always made him nervous which is why he avoided her a lot as the speech goes on he sudden;y realizes that all those things don't seem so dumb anymore and that all that time Nana was trying to share stuff with him and Dodi so they would remember her after her passing, as the episode ends Ginger reflects on Hoodsey's eulogy about how even though family members can drive us crazy at ...more

9 Who's For Dinner? - Rocko's Modern Life

Heffer invites Rocko to have dinner with his family but unbeknownst to him Heffer's family are actually wolves later during dinner Rocko brings up the fact about never knowing that Heffer was adopted which is followed by a very awkward silence he then realizes that they never told Heffer he was adopted even though it was completely obvious this upsets Heffer who cries out asking them if its true and his parents tell him that originally he was fatten up to be dinner but they grew to love him and welcomed him as one of the family Hreffer then runaway and goes on a complete binge all the while Rocko and The Wolves go searching for him eventually Heffer ends up at what he thinks is his father's tombstone only for his real father to appear as a cloud bubble telling him that its not even his tombstone nor is he dead he then tells Heffer to leave him alone and that he's tired of his kids running around looking for their daddy this upsets Heffer even more now thinking that no one loves him ...more

10 The Tale of The Dream Girl - Are You Afraid of The Dark?

While it's strange to put an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? on here but this episode does have a very emotional bitter sweet ending Johnny the main character of the episode is constantly being followed by the ghost of a girl Donna who died in a car crash with her boyfriend but as it turns out he was her boyfriend that died in the crash and that he's been dead all this time which explains why everyone except his sister Erica ignored him, Johnny and Erica have one last goodbye as he and Donna crossover.

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11 Grandma's Kisses - SpongeBob SquarePants

When Spongebob pretends to grow up Patrick still stays as younger as ever.WHen Grandma finally starts treating patrick as her own child Spongebob starts to cry because he wants his own Grandma back and he explains people make fun of him for loving his grandma.Really teaches a lesson on being yourself

No that’s not the moral it’s even if you get you can still enjoy what you like as a child

12 Dumped - SpongeBob SquarePants
13 WhoBob WhatPants? - SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob falls and hits his head after thinking he is not needed in his town. Later he is woken up by two fish looking through his stuff, with a very large bump on his head. Eventually, he finds himself in a dark city, sort of like the one in "Have you seen this Snail?" However, after many attempts at getting a job here, it turns out he can only remember how to blow bubbles. But there is one problem: Bubbles are banned in this city, and once a gang of bubble-poppers finds out about this problem, they start to chase SpongeBob. But after running them out of town accidentally, SpongeBob gets elected Mayor of the city. However, when SpongeBob's friends finally find him again, he thinks they are just trying to take him away because he can't remember them. SpongeBob doesn't even want to live in Bikini Bottom anymore, forcing all his friends to try to get him to remember, ending in a sweet, reuniting way.

14 Rico The Robot - Power Rangers Mega Force
15 Mission to Mars - The Backyardigans

It technically counts because of nick jr. it’s emotional because when Austin screams rover’s name in a sad tone it makes me want to cry. I feel his pain.

16 The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker - The Fairly Oddparents
17 Welcome to the Chum Bucket - SpongeBob SquarePants
18 Phantom Planet - Danny Phantom
19 Operation Dad - The Casagrandes
20 Spike Runs Away - Rugrats
21 The Library - Avatar: The Last Airbender
22 The Crossroads of Destiny - Avatar: The Last Airbender
23 Appa's Lost Days - Avatar: The Last Airbender
24 Son of Stimpy - The Ren & Stimpy Show
25 iGoodbye - iCarly
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