Top Ten Nicknames that Screen Junkies Should Give to Ever After High Characters If They Ever Make an Honest Trailer of It


The Top Ten

1 The Not-So-Evil Girl (Raven Queen) The Not-So-Evil Girl (Raven Queen)
2 Blondie (Apple White) Blondie (Apple White)
3 The Mad Hattress (Madeline Hatter) The Mad Hattress (Madeline Hatter)
4 Petite (Ashlynn Ella) Petite (Ashlynn Ella)

She is my fave that is why I voted for her

5 Rose Girl (Briar Beauty) Rose Girl (Briar Beauty)
6 Not Ariel (Meeshell Mermaid) Not Ariel (Meeshell Mermaid)

Lol why am I here

7 Girl in Shining Armor (Darling Charming) Girl in Shining Armor (Darling Charming)
8 Nerd Prince (Dexter Charming) Nerd Prince (Dexter Charming)
9 Perky Fairy Chick (Farrah Goodfairy) Perky Fairy Chick (Farrah Goodfairy)
10 Not Rapunzel (Holly O’Hair)

I love holly she is the bestie!

The Contenders

11 Not Mal from Descendants (Faybelle Thorn) Not Mal from Descendants (Faybelle Thorn)
12 The Bookworm (Rosabella Beauty)
13 Short Hair Chick (Poppy O’Hair)
14 Pigtail Girl (Kitty Cheshire)
15 Polite Queen of Hearts (Lizzie Hearts)
16 Just Right Girl (Blondie Lockes)
17 The Hippie (Hunter Huntsman)
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