Top Ten Best Ninjago Characters

Ninjago is one of the best shows on T.V.. You have to see this show on Cartoon network. The four ninjas are earth, lightning, fire, and the best ice! The colors are black, blue, red, and also the best white! The sensei is sensei wu and there is a new sensei, sensei garmadon. Nia (Kia's sister) is a samurai and has a giant samurai suit with a samurai cave.

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1 Kai Kai

I know that kai is selfish sometimes but in season 5 Lloyd was possessed by morro and Kai is trying to save Lloyd from him and Kai lost father and Lloyd lost father as well and Nya was their to help kai and kai is going to look out for Lloyd no matter what the cause and what is going to happen to Lloyd and Kai in the next new seasons will Kai find his parents or find a brand new family in front of his eyes. WHAT HAPPEN TO KAI AND NYA PARENTS WILL THEY EVER FIND OUT AND SOME CLUES ARE FALLING TO THAT QUESTION.

Honestly I feel as Kai is THE best character. Yes he is full of himself, but honestly he is TRYING to protect his sister, Nya. In the pilot, yes he was a jerk to the team, well because the only reason why he joined the team was to save Nya! Plus I just don't think that Kai is only jelly of Lloyd just because his the, "green ninja," I think it's because, Lloyd gloats over having a family. Kai has to see Lloyd with his parents EVERYDAY.

You know, first, Kai wanted to save his sister, but that was all before he had a big career. Now, now since he has everything and is good at everything, then, what is the point in other people?!?! He now only looks forward to himself, and he is calls himself the best ninja. If he was still preparing to be a blacksmith, he would still cared about Nya more than himself. In season 4, he says, " Nya cannot do ANYTHING I can do." So that just proves that knowing that he is a successful ninja, and hero, he doesn't really care being close to his sister. I still think that Kai should not be a ninja. You see, in many ways, he is better not being a celebrity. And also, lightning makes fire, so that just proves how much cooler Jay is. I used to be a Kai fan, but this is why I am all for Jay now.

I like Kai so much because his personality is very close to mine and I think it fire is a very powerful element!

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2 Zane Zane

Honestly,he is the best. That one episode where he sacrifices himself, he does it because he lives his friends and he would rather die than see them hurt. His past was so tragic and yet he is one of the most loving characters. That look he has on his face during the flashback, it is the look of love for his brothers and he know that they will be save. He is more powerful than Lloyd, in more ways than one.

Same is cookbook the best in one episode it says only Lloyd could defeat the overload but no also Lloyd had 4 goes at defeating the overload but Zane succeed with 1 go so he Lloyd Zane is better my favourite episode used to be tick tock but when Zane says " no it can't be no no " is just weird. Zane doesn't just have ice he has lots of other powers to be has speed water strength and lightning and so because of lightning he also has fire so that is why Zane is my favourite character

He has saved everyone more than anyone else! He sacrificed himself, unlocked his true potential first and showed everyone that they could make an elemental dragon.

Zane is the best

But why does he die though T^T it was so sad when zane died especially the flash back... and I think he is stronger than Lloyd.. I mean Lloyd took forever to defeat him if u compare to zane. Zane totally kicked the overlord’s butt in one go! Zane has a very tragic past of his life, such as his father dies twice,and dies himself, comes back, and everything! So that is why zane should be in first place.❄️❄️❄️❄️

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3 Lloyd Garmadon Lloyd Garmadon

I'm putting my vote out for Lloyd. I say this because he comes from a struggling past, and has had so much happen to him that's amazing he is still standing. His personality is quite subtle, and even so, hard to make out. I kind of dislike how in some fanfictions, people make him out to be a comic loving, candy chomping, immature child, even as an adult, and the reason that bothers me is because you can tell he is not that kind of person. Perhaps he still likes Fritz Donnegan, especially when I see him as maybe 15 to 17 years old, that I can see, even Jay likes it now because Lloyd was the one who introduced him, but the "GIMME CANDY" attitude is just not him.

In the first season, I absolutely hated the little twerp, thinking he had little to no significance whatsoever, even when he became the Green Ninja.

In the second season, he had some character development, and though we didn't get to see it, he was slowly learning to mature into his new body. That becoming a ...more


Well, after seeing every single episode of Ninjago, I must say the characters are awesome. I mean what's not to love about a couple of adorable, yellow, mini-figures saving the day? I sure can't find anything! It really is hard to pick a favorite character for many shows, but when it comes to Ninjago I know who I like. #LLOYD4LIFE! Lloyd is just absolutely amazing and I love him in a way words can't describe. But I'm going to try to give everyone a pretty clean idea about this anyway and try to make other people root for Lloyd too.

Here are my top five reasons why Lloyd is the best.

Reason #5: Lloyd is loyal. As far as loyalty goes, you can count on Lloyd. Remember when Kai pretending to betray everyone? Lloyd would never do something like that, even if he was pretending! Lloyd is super close with all of his teammates. And once in Hiroshi's labyrinth when his father suggested that his friends ...more

Lloyd is the best for many reasons! One of them is he has his own little sense of humor. In season two, when his mom was telling the ninja about the golden ninjas power the ninja had their mouths open and he laughed and said. "Haha, Jealous? " That made me laugh so hard. Also his hair is amazing. I love it so much! Also the fact that his voice character is a girl just makes him even more amazing because that girls got talent!

In Season One, I hated him. Like HATED him! He was annoying and just got in the way! He always stole candy and that was annoying and he also awoken the snakes. But really I understand now that he was just doing it to be more like his father. Still, I hate to say this, but I wanted him erased! But when he became green ninja I knew he was staying, so I tried to make the best of it.

In Season Two, he was getting better. But when he grew up, he became so much better! That's also why "Child's Play" is my second favorite episode next ...more

He my favorite!

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4 Jay Jay

Many people undersestimate the fact that Jay has the most powerful element. People forget that lightning is more dangerous than all the other ninjas elements combined. People also forget that LIGHTNING CREATES FIRE. Jay literally can create two elements. Also, since the series began they have really lowered jay's skills. He used to be the most powerful ninja. He was the first ninja to learn spinjitsu really helped the team. They have really lowered his power level since then and now have made him the weakest ninja. In season four, when Jay fought Cole, Cole's earth power was overpowering Jay's lightning. This didn't make any sense. The Lightning clearly would have powered through the earth with ease of the didn't constantly lower Jay's power in the show. Jay is my favorite character and has the most potential out of the other Ninja except for Lloyd. But I don't like Lloyd's personality. It is very dull and drab. Jay mixes power with personality to create the perfect character. That is ...more

Jay is underestimated by people because he is scared and makes jokes to patch it up. He was the first ninja out of the original 4 to have learned spinjitzu and his power was seriously diminished after that. Cartoon Network made him from the strongest ninja to the weakest ninja. The real weakest is Cole but they made him the strongest other than Lloyd. Lightning is also the strongest element and can be a substitute with fire. He has also been able to control wind for the briefest amount of time. That is 3 elements in 1. Jay also is the only ninja who is not dull or serious. He is fun. I am kind of glad in what they did in season 6, they made Jay strongest again but this was only because of the "love ruse" between Nya and Jay. Although this is still reasonable, in season 4, when Cole and Jay were fighting, Cole could override lightning witch would obviously blast earth into pieces. I also think that it is amazing how a junkyard boy could come this far. I also think that Jay's elemental ...more - TypicalChez

Sorry but Cole is definitely the strongest! He is awesome too! How could you think he should be the weakest? Seriously, didn't you see his huge muscles! The guy is super buff and strong. Saying that he is the weakest makes no sense bud. - Gurrtastic

Jay has a unique personality unlike anyone else. He has a good heart and can be very humorous. Without Jay, the ninjago series would be completely different. He's not a hothead like Kai or super serious like Cole and Zane. He's the perfect balance between fun and focus.

Jay has some awesome siuts

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5 Cole Cole

Are you kidding? When Jay said he was the least valuable ninja I was so mad. Sure his powers aren't as cool as the others but come on he has super strength! And earth is one of the main elements. He's no where near invaluable to the team. That really lowered my respect for Jay, Cole is his best friend how could he consider him the most invaluable? I honestly do think he said that out of anger and didn't mean it since many times he's expressed his insecurities about Cole being stronger than him so he knows how much his powers are worth. But I'm mad cause some people in the fandom actually feel this way about him as being the least valuable which is mot true. Cole is my favourite because of his personality, looks, voice - he's got it all. Not too cocky like Kai, not to annoying/funny like Jay, he's got just enough of everything - and I hate when the show writers only make him to be someone who loves food and that's it. He has so much depth as a character and I can see it.

Honestly Cole has been my favorite character since episode one when sensei wu introduced him as "solid as rock". One of the first things he said to Kai when they met was "I got your back kid". He didn't even know Kai yet and had already decided that he would back him up and be there for him anytime he needed. That's true loyalty. He's always super genuine and self sacrificing and although he doesn't smile or make funny jokes quite as much as Jay or Kai does, when he does he has a sweet little smile and laugh. He is the toughest and strongest ninja physically and sometimes mentally of he group. Yeah sure, Zane is basically a walking computer, but Cole can be just as smart when he chooses to be. He is the kindest and most compassionate of all of them, and genuinely cares about the safety of others. He's a really well put together character who is levelheaded, strong, sweet, amazing, and incredibly loyal. Long story short, I wish he was real, because he would be my best friend.

One thing I love about Cole, and this can go for Kai too, is his ability as a leader. He usually leads the team, but he sees Kai's potential as a leader and lets him have the reins once in awhile without complaining, because he knows that Kai needs it. This is actually kinda deep considering the age demographic for this show, which is awesome. Other than Zane, he is most level headed of the group, and according to his voice actor, Cole was only 14 at the start of the series, which helps to explain his childish attitude he gets every once in awhile. He is also self sacrificing, as we all know. He doesn't really seem to have a problem when admitting he's wrong, which, considering his age, is honestly very impressive.

I totally agree. Nice to see someone else noticed that about Cole.

I LiKe RoCkS

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6 Sensei Garmadon

Garmadon is one of the most developed characters in all of Ninjago. He had a start as a typical villain, and made his way to becoming an amazing character. When seeing flashbacks for him in season 4, you can see that he really fought the evil from the Great Devourer. When the final battle took place, he tried to fight against the Overlord to protect Lloyd until the end, and Garmadon's finest moment is in season 5 in his final moments. When Lloyd arrives in the Cursed Realm, Garmadon gives him an amazing speech and says one of the most powerful lines in Ninjago:
"Whatever happens to me, wherever I am, I will always be with you. There comes a time when every boy must become a man. What sort of man is up to him."
Garmadon redeems himself throughout four seasons, and it's a shame that season 8 didn't do justice to his amazing character. When Lloyd tells Harumi about Garmadon, he remarks, "I had Ninjago's greatest villain as my dad. It was an unusual relationship." It would seem by ...more

He is the best father of the whole series, even though he was a villain he put his son before anything else and when he was purified he was an incredible sensei and he never happened to keep the ninjas secret in critical moments like Wu

I liked him more as Lord Garmadon. When he jumped off the building and killed the Great Devourer he became my favorite character

Garmadon is the greatest father I totally agree with the first comment

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7 Nya Nya

I don't like Nya's personality. I think its great the they finally have a female ninja on the team but she's just so annoying. Jay has been crushing on her since season 1 and would constantly go out of his way for her and in return she just treats him with rudeness and hostility. Especially in the first half of the latest season Skybound she tells him they will never be together even though he didn't actually do anything wrong. In fact I think she was out of place to in the Rebooted season when she lead both Jay and Cole on. Nya had shown no interest in Cole in any of the previous season's but just because a machine said they'd be a good match she starts liking him even though Jay has always loved her unconditionally. This affected Jay and Cole's friendship but Nya wasn't worried about that she only cared for which guy she would choose. I personally wish Jay would just end things with Nya because he deserves better.

I think that Nya is the best ninja. In season 1 when they didn't let her fight she went and found her own way to become a hero. With the love triangle everyone gets mad at her but geez, cut the girl some slack. She wanted to make sure that she could end it without destroying Jays and Coles friendship. She knew that Jay would be more upset if he lost Coles friendship than if he lost her as a lover. Also, in season 5, she had to give up everything she worked for since the beginning of the show so she could become the water ninja. And the reason why she did was to SAVE LLOYD! That just shows that she cares about and loves her fellow ninja. I honestly don't know why lots of fans hate Nya so much, but anyway, that's why she's my favourite.

This has always been bugging me (not Nya she's one of my favorite characters): Why the hell does she wear red if her favorite color is BLUE! She always seems to wear red. I never saw her wearing blue (when she wanted to)

NYA IS awesome! Everyone is hating on her because she keeps rejecting Jay since season 1, but get it right people in the end of skybound (season 6) she almost dies and Jay’s last wish not only saves her but saves everyone and because of that they travel back in time to before it all started, they remember what happened and kiss! This made me so happy! Plus she’s a water ninja and inherited her powers from her mother. GIRL POWER FOR THE WIN!

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8 Sensei Wu Sensei Wu

Sensei wu is the main sensei that got turned into an android by the overlord which is a soul.

He is strong he is wise and he is loyal. A true number one!

IT is literally impossible to hate Sensei Wu and Sensei Garmadon; they are legendary and awesome and kind and somewhat funny and they are just so good


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9 The Overlord

Does this count as the golden master, because if so, then he is the greatest of all time.

I love this guys powers when he just began controlling Garmadon!

I love overlord but why is min droid not on this list he is the best

The main villain. I think he will come back in the final season when ever it is. the source of all evil, even though the oni came first.

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10 Morro

In season 6 you saw how morro totally DESTROYED the ninja

Dude, HE IS MY SPIRIT CHARACTER and also he possessed LLOYD! The flipping green ninja!

Awesome dude he can poses things.

Best villain

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11 Pythor

He would go great for killing dora

He is one of my favorite characters in the entire series. He is clever, manipulative and without moral. If he was a good guy and didn't get defeated all that much, I would want to be him in the ninjago series.

Pythor (bleached) is the same but he has changed because he has bleached skin and he has learned to work for other people.

I like how he was driving the bus to where the great devour was but he got ruined by chen because he made himself a copycat sort of

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12 Pixal

She was origanally cold and robotic, but Zane taught her love, happiness, sorrow, and a bunch of other stuff. She's very strong, one of the show's strongest female characters. She's been pushed to the sidelines several times, but has always found a way to come back. (Like when she was scrapped, for example.)

Pixal is a robot in love with zane. Pixal Is the one that made the mess also!

Cool not poop

Why can't my Siri make what Pixal does? #TRIGGERED - Ivystar

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13 Golden Ninja

HE is awesome man! Lloyd was the golden ninja and the golden ninja is suppose to be powerful then anything

Golden Ninja and evil green ninja are the same people dummies!

The golden ninja is basically Lloyd.

He is the best ninja

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14 Skales

Skales is cool as fu

15 Misako

Misako is Lloyd's mother. She knew wu for many years. She knows tai chi. She can fight like Nia!

Ugh, she's such an annoying mary sue.

Is good that she can be nice and not nice

De fug

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16 General Cryptor

Cryptor is just an awesome villain and my favorite Ninjago villain. The problem is that he appeared in the shortest Ninjago season: "Rebooted" and that's why he isn't so relevant. Still my favorite Villain though

He is my favourite villain he did good in trying to defeat the ninja and he helped the overlord and he is the best

He is cool because he can turn invisible

The best character - TENTACRUEL

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17 Skylor

I hope they put her in the new series

She is the best female character in this series.

Skylor is cool saying from a fan of Kai she need to be in a new season so she can be with the ninja and be with Kai

Why is skylor that low - WorldPuncher47592834

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18 Skales Jr.

Cute but he doesn't have a good personality

Skales in series three's best known quote, "is he going to come and destroy us, mommy? "

Dude, that kid is ANNOYING

So cute

19 Dareth

I dare-eth you all to make a better comment than me. No one makes betta comments than me!

Dareth is hilarious why is he not further up the list?

Really not strong at all, just funny. At least he can talk to sharks!

Dareth is very cheery and has a good personality - TENTACRUEL

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20 Ronin

He is totally awesome and his ship is really cool he also be all the ninja even Lloyd he should be number 2.ronin is sneaky and manipulative

My name is the exact same as his but spelt different, I don't like when people dislike characters that have the same name as me.

Actually ronin should he was able to take out all of the ninjas

While the ninja rely on their elemental powers. ronin uses actually skill like when he fought misako and sensei wu instead of taking a chance of getting hurt he used what was around him to escape he has tons of skill and is a master of combat. the eye patch and bandana and conical hat and sweet cloths make him sweet

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21 Titanium Zane

This is still zane you know...

He realises his a robot at this stage and leaned how to use his robot skill for good use with expoleding gadgets

I think original Zane is cooler

Zane was in 2nd

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22 Clouse

Clouse isn't that great of a character but his voice actor has such a good accent!

He is the worst character

In Dark Trilogy, he brought back the pirates. - WorldPuncher47592834

One of the characters in the new series. - aarond9010

23 Mezmo

Do not no who he is

He is amazing

What's so special about him? He's just a Hypnobrai warrior.

Memo m

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24 First Spinjitzu Master

I have seen every episode of Ninjago season 1,season 2,season 3,season 4,season5 and season 6

1 think. WHY IS HE 24TH! He created ninjago, beat the overlord and created the four golden weapons. He also mastered the golden power and lived for 1000 years! He is number 1

GEE, I think that ZANE is BETTER than the spinjitzu master... The ONLY thing the spinjitzu master did was separate the world, Zane DESTROYED THE OVERLORD!

Not all seasons the seasons are pilot season 1 season 2 season 3 season 4 season 5 season 6 day of the departed season 7 season 8

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25 Echo Zane

He is cool because he is very nice and clumsy. - TypicalChez

26 Evil Green Ninja

He's epic totally strong Morro shouldn't have gon out of Lloyd he would have been King.

He is one of the coolest guys I seen in ninjago

Cool, cool, cool, nice...

You mean morrow - TENTACRUEL

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27 Brad Tutabone

A kid from the school of bad boys

28 Harumi Harumi

She is ACTUALLiY a villian. You see, most of the villians that ninjago has had have one motive: To be the most powerful. This motive is set off by greed. Its not actually evil. It's just selfishness. You see, just like in real life, true evil is driven by rage. When someone feels bitter hate for someone, they seek revenge severely. This hasn't ever really happened in ninjago (excluding morro.) She knows what it is like to feel true pain, she has felt it her whole life. She waited for the moment for revenge. She didn't even care about power. What she wanted was for Lloyd to lose hope, and to fall into eternal despair. that's what makes her one of the best.

Pure evil at its finest.

Please Let Harumi Live She Understood What lIoyd Meant By That. There love For Each Other are powerful than Anything

29 Cole's Dad

Cole's dad is so funny! I'm surprised he isn't further up the list!

Coles dad is a good dancer


30 Ash

Ash can teleport and use smoke blasts

In the game ash is the best

He is cool plus he is one of the top 10 favourite elemental masters

Loo k I want to rank top 5 favorite 1 cole 2jay 3lloyd 4kai 5zane

31 Turner

His speed makes him be one of the best characters in the tournament

Griffin should be a ninja whith them he is better than flash

He is from the fastest characters in ningago

Not cool

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32 The Green Ninja

You don't need to put him on the list again

Is that lloyd

I put this on the golden ninja, but THIS IS LLOYD!

He is super powerful and good😊 But he used to be a bad guy☹️

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33 Golden Master

I really think that llyod is the golden master and he is one of the best ninja in the whole of ninjago city and he really deserves to be the golden ninja


34 Lil Nelson

The rumored purple ninja, a fuchsia mystery which will only be unraveled in time.

35 Samukai

Why was he banished he was such a good leader - TENTACRUEL

He is totally awesome in most ways! four arms, virtually unbeatable...HE IS AMAZING!

36 Flintlocke

Jay is my favorite, but I voted for Flintlocke because he's so low on the list, I think he's amazing - JesseStump

He is my favourite character I love his personality

He's in Kryptarium Preson - WorldPuncher47592834

37 P.I.X.A.L

Yeah I think she cool well it probably because I am a girl who loves Zane

She's cool, and she's such a sweetie!

Already on the list - BorisRule

38 Darth

Darth, as in Darth Vader the supposed chossen one?

He so funny

He is spelled
Darreth not Dareth check with Brent Miller (Zane)

It's dareth

39 Skales' Wife

I like her cas her skales are pink.

40 Spitta

What? He's sso random. Just another serpentine villain.

Spitta is cool he is one of acidicus's servants - TENTACRUEL


41 Clancee

Clancee has an awesome personality he is the funniest sky pirate - TENTACRUEL

A snake pirate from season 6

Stupid auto correct


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42 Cyrus Borg

He is the inventor of New Ninjago City


43 Lord Garmadon Lord Garmadon
44 Master Chen

I just think he is the best character of the series. Both with his manipulative and at the same point childish personality, it brings me a lot of joy on his behalf.

Chen is weak. The only reason he became strong was because he stole everyone's powers and used them. Chen has no powers. He doesn't have powers.

Never liked him - appsdata

Who wouldn't like a villian who talked like a baby

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45 The Mailman

He is cool becomes he holds everyone's secrets In his bag

The mailman kills every1111!

Ok he is pretty funny. I feel sorry for him mailingall those letters. You know what, I stand for all you mailman out there who hates there jobs

46 Edna

Edna embarrasses Jay so much and she is annoying

Who's IS THIS anyway!?!?!

EDNA IS SOOO FUNNY! Just remember, it is always nice to hear about Jay's first potty time, and the time she caught him kissing his pillow. 😂😂😂

47 Ed

Ed is Jay's dad and is Edna's husband.

48 Wrath

Well he is a ghost after all he can't beat sane though but everyone else he can with his powerful weapons

Um, it's actually spelled wrayth in the shows and is supposed to sound like wraith.

49 Rufus MacAllister

What he is not in ninjago?

Yes he is - TENTACRUEL


50 Nadakhan

He is a djinn why is he that low?

He has four arms

A villian in season six he is a djinn or a wishmaster

He’s got four arms dude

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