Top Ten Worst Things About the Nintendo 3DS

The Top Ten
1 It's not very powerful

Nintendo made the SNES virtual console New 3ds only because they thought the original 3ds wasn't even powerful enough for SNES games, thankfully, it is, but it's still not even powerful enough to run N64 emulators!

2 Horrible graphics
3 Mediocre game library
4 Nintendo made the New 3DS basically forcing people to buy another 3DS just to play the new games

I think the new 3ds was a bad decision because they basically betrayed original 3ds users.

5 If you accidentally set your 3DS to the wrong region,  you can't fix it without giving up the eShop

This happened to me, when I set my 3ds up, I did the wrong region and it said the region didn't have eShop support, I tried fixing it, but then it wouldn't let me in the eShop, and now, the only way for me to get new digital games is by installing cia roms I found online.

6 The 3D feature is pointless
7 No backwards compatibility with GBA games

Technically, you can hack your 3ds to add GBA roms, but you still can't play GBA carts.

8 Some of the pre-installed games are bad
9 The Lego game ports are bad
10 Too many system updates
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