Top 10 Non-Disney Animated Movies with The Best Ending

The Top Ten Non-Disney Animated Movies with The Best Ending

1 Ice Age

Such a great way to end the movie with Manny and Sid returning the human baby back with his father and Diego returning after though to be dead as the trio head south with the other animals. - egnomac

2 Shrek

Such a great ending with Shrek and Fiona's wedding followed with Smash Mouth's" I'm a Believer" playing before Donkey voiced by Eddie Murphy sings his version as everyone joins in on the celebration. - egnomac

3 Hotel Transylvania

Dracula brings Johnny back to the Hotel so he and Mavis can finally be together as everyone in the hotel celebrates their new found relationship with of course a song and dance number. - egnomac

4 Shrek 2
5 An American Tail

I miss movies like that. An American Tail is far more superior than Emoji Movie.

How can't you love this movie everything about it including the ending is heart felt and brilliant. Love this film so much

Fieivel is finally reunited with his lost family after being separated from them for so long, the family then ride with Henry and the pigeons as they take a view of the statue of liberty. - egnomac

6 The Book of Life

One of the best animated films of recent times. It even tops some Disney stuff, if you ask me. - Skylanderlord3

7 Anastasia (1997)

Despite Anya coming from royalty and Dimitri a commoner, following the defeat of Rasputin the two end up eloping as they share on last kiss while on a boat as the movie comes to an end and even Bartok manages to find romance. - egnomac

8 The Iron Giant

So cool how his parts come back together!

So incredible and so dramatic. Not only one of the best animated movie endings, but endings in T.V., Books and Movies all together. - iliekpiez

9 The Lego Movie

Great heard about a 2 coming 2019 yeah!

10 Despicable Me

The Contenders

11 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
12 The Wind Rises

Best film ending I've ever seen. - girlcool

13 Madagascar
14 Tamayura Part 4
15 When Marnie Was There
16 The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
17 Ponyo
18 Pokemon: The First Movie
19 Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
20 Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero
21 How to Train Your Dragon
22 Batman: Under the Red Hood
23 Whisper of the Heart
24 From Up on Poppy Hill
25 Sing

Love this!

26 The Prince of Egypt

Moses bids his brother a final farewell and receives the 10 commandments from God. - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

27 Ferngully: The Last Rainforest

Zak bids Crysta farewell and vows to fight for environmentalism throughout Earth. - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

28 The Land Before Time

Though it looks like Littlefoot reached a dead end, the shadows recede to reveal that they finally found the Great Valley. - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

29 The Secret of NIMH

Mrs Brisby's willpower empowers the amulet and saves her home from sinking. - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

30 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Spirit is finally a free horse. - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

31 Quest for Camelot

Kaylee marries Garrett and finally becomes a knight of the round table - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

32 The Swan Princess

The spell is broken and Odette marries Derek - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

33 Thumbelina

Thumbelina becomes a fairy and marries Cornelius - UnderratedEpisodeAdvocate

34 Rio
35 Surf's Up
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