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1 666

This is the number associated with the beast, the devil, and other satanic figures in Christianity.

Okay, this number is creepy. Ever heard of the YouTuber nana81324 or something? Search username666 and you'll see what I mean. Also, never call 1-666-666-666!

Thank you for voting the mark of the beast! Totally deserves first.

2 pi

This number is just for people who want to look smart with their mathematical knowledge. Why can't you just simply put 3.14? Come on!

It's just an excuse to make circular calculations hard. Why the hell was this number "invented" in the first place?

The number you have to be a genius to figure out like 100 spots right of the decimal. The number that goes on forever!

3 13

It's called the world's unluckiest number for a reason. It links to Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, who was the 13th to sit at the table. Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day too (which is, as of 1/4/2020, the next is on 13/11/2020).

Only because athletes who pick it as their jersey number think it makes them intimidating because it's "unlucky".

I hate this number. In Western culture, this number is unlucky. Besides, May 2022 has Friday the 13th.

4 21

I hate this number with a burning passion! If I was in a room with 21 and Hitler, and I had a gun with two bullets, I would shoot 21 twice.

Well, we kind of can't get rid of it because we're currently living in the 21st century.

Why do so many people like this stupid number!

5 7,263,525,892,759,623,587,023,641

Seven septillion, two hundred sixty-three sextillion, five hundred twenty-five quintillion, eight hundred ninety-two quadrillion, seven hundred fifty-nine trillion, six hundred twenty-three billion, five hundred eighty-seven million, twenty-three thousand, six hundred forty-one. Whew! Yeah, it's the worst.

If you look closely, the number has three sixes. That's part of the reason why it's bad.

I might sound dumb, but is this number actually bad? Or is it just random?

6 69

This number is such an outrageously overrated number. It's my least favorite number out of the numbers between 1 and 100. I don't want to see it in my town again. So stop using it so much. It's making me sick!

This number drives me crazy! It's everywhere. Also, for those who don't know, it means sexual intercourse. That's why people are obsessed with this number.

This number is overrated and disgusting. It truly deserves to be in hell and on the list.

7 2

In Number Blocks Season 3, Sign of the Times, 16 divided into twos and they kept saying 2 plus 2 plus 2. This number is horrible. Good thing 18 made the times sign to stop it. 2 is idiotic!

Two is the worst number. It's horrible when you're in second place in someone's heart, it's horrible to be second in a competition. Two is just... horrible.

All I do is cry and complain because seconds are not the same.

8 4

I hate the number 4 so much. It's a disgusting number. I can't even look at it for too long because it makes me want to throw up. Why does it even exist? There aren't a lot of things that I despise more than this damn number. I hope it rots in hell forever.

My unlucky number. I hate four... Go 14, 15, and 2!

How I describe each single-digit number:

1 = Neutral. Good and bad
2 = Sort of bad, so it's meh
3 = Decent, there are some bad parts but mostly good
4 = Extremely cursed number. Not recommended to pick this number. It's terribly unlucky, just like number 13
5 = Neutral, there are good and bad parts
6 = Ill luck and bad omen number but not as terrible as number 4
7 = Blessed number, lucky 7! I'll call it "miracle". 7 is the number of divine!
8 = Second best number next to number 7, but it's also a really dangerous number if you don't use it properly
9 = There's a good part of this number but mostly bad, so "9" is a pretty disappointing number. 9 is also a dissatisfying number because it is an incomplete number next to perfect 10. For example, let's say you got 9/10 on the score, instead of 10/10.

9 0

Only the number 0 will get you to the game over screen in the Mega Man series.

That's the worst score possible in Flappy Bird.

10 420

A number associated with marijuana culture. Also, the date Hitler was born and Columbine and Deepwater Horizon happened.

It is a sign of marijuana, which is really bad. There are so many other bad things about this number I can't even say them all.

I hate this number so much! It's spammed everywhere by potheads and even non-potheads! This number sucks, the worst, most-overspammed number ever.

The Contenders
11 911

It's awful for the September 11 attacks, but at least it's the emergency number.

12 12

I am learning about superstition and numerology. Well, 12 is an important number because a clock has 12 numbers, there are 12 months on a calendar, 12 grades in school, the word "dozen," 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, etc.

However, this number also can be bad luck. Proof:
1. 1812: "War of 1812"
1912: Titanic sinking
2012: "End of the world" Mayan calendar
So, the 3 rows each last 3 centuries is a pretty crazy coincidence that happened.
2. Some people say "F*** 12" (meaning: "f*** the police") during police brutality or riots/protests.
3. Some people argue that most 12-year-olds are spoiled brats doing dumb things.
4. 12 is a foreshadowing of 'unlucky 13'
5. Last but not least, this number can bring something good and bad, anytime and anywhere.

13 1,000,002

Good lord. I can't even think of a worse number.

It's really bad. Wow, I'm like, why? Why does there have to be a two there? Why?

Why do you have to put a 2 there? Disgusting.

14 6

This number is truly unlucky. Many of the other worst numbers, like 666 and 69, have this number in them.

In Swedish, 6 is pronounced the same as sex. So it's essentially the number immature sickos use when tricking others.

I don't like this number. There is no specific way to write it. Do you use the curled top or a straight top? I don't know...

15 6,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666

This number is all sixes (which is the worst one-digit number), making it really bad.

Because 6, 66, and 666 are three of the worst numbers ever!

16 1

Aw, come on folks. Everyone should know that one is the loneliest number.

#1 may mean peeing. Peeing makes you have to go to the bathroom with more urge to go faster. Also, 1 is too overrated, it cannot be evenly distributed around a circle. And it sounds quite lonely.

Numbers that end in 1 just annoy me for no apparent reason.

17 18

This number sucks because you have to say goodbye to your childhood.

18 457,034,570

The worst possible number ever!

19 9

This number is really unsatisfying. Anything that ends with "9" makes me uncomfortable because 9 is an incomplete number next to "10". Imagine you had 69.99% on a grade test, which is technically a D+ that is automatically an "F". 9 is a pretty disgusting number, in my opinion.

This number is literally odd. I find it slightly symbolic of incompletion (as I see 10 as being complete). The incompletion does not set me off with the rest. It's just that 1 off the completed data is what I find problematic.

This number is trash. There are so many bad things about it I can't even list them all.

20 999,999

When you try to divide by zero on a very old calculator, it usually keeps looping infinitely until it reaches 999,999 or wherever it runs out of digits.

When your (very) old car's odometer runs out of digits and cannot display 1 million miles/kilometers. Also, on really old calculators, if you divide by zero, it will keep looping infinitely until it displays 999,999.

Any number that could begin with 1 and have only zeros after it weirdly makes my palms and feet hurt so bad that only a massage, forgetting the number (which I can't do), and worsening the pain would make it stop.

21 11

If you have watched the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Sailor Mouth", you would know what this number means.

22 66.666
23 1,000,000,000,000,000

For those wondering, this is defined as one trestrigintillion.

For anyone wondering, this is defined as one tretrigintillion.

How long does that go? *backs away slowly*

24 616

This could actually be the real mark of the beast.

25 googolplex

Father, my teacher says I need to write googolplex in number version. How do you write that? Well, son, first you need to write the one, and then you add 000,000,000,000,000,

Two centuries later, as soon as my 1,000 greats later grandson has become the 400,000th president,

Then you have to add one more zero and you're complete. Don't worry, Dad, I finished it when you told me about the first zero.

This number doesn't make any sense. Who created it in the first place? There are like 100 zeroes, and that's way too much. Can you imagine how painful it is to write all those?

We should replace googolplex with infinity so we don't have to write the same number over and over again.

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