The Lion King


It's a really poorly done rip off of Hamlet with one of the laziest animals on the planet as a protagonist. I have a hard time rooting for the LION king when any number of PBS documentaries have done such an excellent job showing lionesses at work making sure the pride actually survives. You want to whine about weak Disney princesses? Disney doesn't get much note sexist than The Lion King.

More flawed than people blinded by nostalgia care to admit. I mean, it's a terrible movie or anything, but many things could have been made a lot better. Even as a kid I never understood why everyone claimed this film as not only the greatest Disney movie, but also as one of the best motion pictures ever made. The message is even kinda badly portayed in this movie. They try to teach kids that you should admit your mistakes, grow up and make up for it. But when Simba actually dies confront his past and rises up against Scar his family does not back him up because of his "mistake". It's not until he's innocent that he gets proper support from his mother and Nala. So remember kids: Never deal with your mistakes unless you didn't commit them...

This movie literally makes no sense as most popular. What, a different lion becomes king, and now everything dies? What? I mean, they got by just fine before, what happened afterwards? Also, it would take all of the bug population in a ten mile radius to feed a lion for a month, but somehow he survived just fine for a bunch of years. And It says it's Hamlet but with lions, but the only nod towards hamlet is that the uncle killed the main character's dad and then died at the end.

I do genuinely like The Lion King but the only reason why it's so loved to this day is because of Nostalgia reasons. It's a visual treat, yes, and the underscore is amazing. But it lacks a compelling hero (Simba is so boring and bland), as well as the forced romance between him and Nala, the songs which are fine but lack sophistication and wit as well as Timon and Puumba who are only in the plot for humour (they literally laughed at the wisdom of Simba's father, how is everyone okay with that). Plus, the story just feels too familiar.

Everyone always talks about how they always ball like a baby when they watch Mufasa's death scene. But I can't recall ever being THAT attached to the character to feel anything. Don't get me wrong, it's a good film, but definitely overhyped. It's just Hamlet with African animals. But that Hans Zimmer soundtrack is amazing!

This movie is so overrated. I see so many more people call Frozen overrated than people who like it. But Lion King is okay to be overrated because people grew up with it and it has nostalgic. I bet if Frozen and Lion King had each other's release dates, it would be the other way around.

I like Lion King, but it extremely overrated.

I love the Lion King, I think it's a very nicely done movie.

But honestly, people have been gushing over Frozen for like a year, and people are still gushing over THIS movie for 21 years.

So which is more overrated?

Excuse me? Am I reading these comments right now? Are you people comparing a classic masterpiece to that kiddish overrated trash known as Frozen? This movie was beloved by people everywhere. Anyone who hates The Lion King are either a bunch of Frozen junkies, bookworms, emotionless, one of those pretentious douchebag critics, or just plain stupid.

Both are overrated but this is better then frozen. The songs tricked people in both cases. Just like little mermaid did prior. But difference is there where actually some who saw through that flash for little mermaid but people are still enamored by flash of lion king and frozen. - majormanafemale

Great animation, great music and a good plot, but I've never felt attached or really moved by Lion King. I admire it as a film but don't feel it deserves this much attention. Also, the spiritual themes' seem a little fake and pretentious to me, but that's just my opinion.

The Lion King is an excellent film, but I find Simba to be a kind of boring protagonist, Scar to be a lazy villain in the second half, and Simba and Nala'd romance to be another "we just met and now we're in love" type.

What did you just say? A "we just met and now we're in love"? They knew each other since cubs and they're reuniting after several years! - PeeledBanana

"We just met"? They knew each other since they were cubs, and came back into contact as adults.

What can satisfy you people? Okay not a remake or inspiration, but an original idea. Also it should have some highly relatable characters to everybody, although everybody is different. It don't bore with science and also at the same time, not be dumb. The villian should be great, but it won't be when people overhype him. The set of actors should be good. I never really like the overrated lists.

Was it a good movie? Yes. Do I think it's a good movie? No.

For me, I always found Lion King to be one of those movies that get overhyped for far too long. And I'm not saying that to annoy any Lion King fans, just to state my opinion

People drag on and on about how good it was, so I decided to watch it. The whole time I was waiting for something cool to happen and it never came. The movie ended, and I was left like "What the heck"

How is this not #1? The animation isn't outstanding, the story is boring and predictable, I didn't feel attached in any way to the characters and the music is possibly the only thing that gives this film a bit of quality. Honestly even frozen was more enjoyable.

It's not bad, but far from the best.

Seriously, Lion King fans keep bashing Frozen for having an unoriginal plot. Hello. Hamlet anyone? Even Scar is a generic villain.

I liked this movie, but I will never understand why it became so iconic! Yes, Mufasa's death was sad, but the movie was more simple and nothing special happened in it.

I think Mufasa's death is overrated. - Kitkat42

I got no clue why I'm saying this, but seriously, I love The Lion King. I don't think it's overrated at all. It's a beautiful move.

This is the only Disney film I call overrated. It's praised by almost everyone who has watched it but I never LOVED it, I only like it for the music, it definitely wouldn't make my top 10 Disney movies.

Very overrated, offensive and reflects the awful side of society.

Hyenas are an inappropriate choice for villains and made their species' rep worse. Why can we design at least one good 'yena?

I just hate when he says he can't wait to be king, he obviously wants his dad to die then, because that would be the only way he could become king.

I really like the Lion King, but the way so many act like it's far and away the greatest Disney movie ever and there is no debating it, is what makes it overrated. Top 10, yes. I can name 3 or 4 Disney movies I live more.

It's my favorite animated film ever, but I totally respect your opinions. - marmalade_skies

God is this movie so overrated in hindsight, it's a shame it still gets put as the number 1 Disney feature by so many people.

Like many of you, I also grew up in the 90s, but personally, I always thought that Aladdin is the best Disney 90s animation, not Lion King. Aladdin has a humor and fun that Lion King dosn't have. Moreover, in the Lion King not appear the best character that Disney ever created of all times: GENIE. I think this ends the matter. Lion King is a good movie? Yes it is. It's nostalgic, part of my childhood? Yes surely. But it is the most overrated movie of Disney history, without a doubt. The People criticize Frozen for being overrated, but don't realize how overrated Lion King is also. - Palmeiras