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61 Cars

This is not the most underrated Pixar movie. Cars is slow. It may have some of the greatest Pixar scenes such as Doc Races and California Race, but it is mainly the weakest Pixar movie. Even the sequel to this film (and I am a Cars liker, one major reason why is its character design seems inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog) is a better Pixar movie. Also, some of this movie's fans on some lists of TheTopTens get too angry when they see Cars on lists of worst movies. I give Cars a worthwhile rating of 6/10 (a 7 for the animation, a 9 for the sound, a 5 for the story and a 5 for the characters).

I'd rather watch this then Cars 2, or heavens why an upcoming Cars 3. - htoutlaws2012

This is actually the most underrated Pixar movie!

I love this movie. Why is it on here?!

62 101 Dalmatian's II: Patch's London Adventure
63 Pocahontas
64 Teen Beach Movie

Another Teen Filled Film - VideoGamefan5

65 Guardians of the Galaxy

Guys! Marvel is now a subsidiary of Disney!

Guys! This is Marvel! Not Disney! - MLPFan


66 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

This classic is almost completely forgotten

What the hell

The whole Winnie the Pooh franchise is really underrated not just because of the fact that it takes place in a Canadian province that is not Ontario. Like Mickey Mouse, this franchise's only bad series is on Disney Junior. Yeah, I said it, ya racist fans of babies' shows! >:(

Will wine the pooh get more attention please, thanks 😄

67 Monsters, Inc.

How Is This Movie Overrated?

This is the third best Pixar movie ever

Wh said this

68 A Goofy Movie
69 Enchanted

Overrated? I barely hear anyone talking about it - poopmckenzie

It is the first most overrated movie and frozen is the third

70 Maleficent

This is crap I'm against it it's a stupid spin of on sleeping beauty 1959 - Belle9090

This movie was an embarrassment to Sleeping Beauty 1959

71 The Great Mouse Detective V 1 Comment
72 The Rescuers Down Under
73 The Jungle Book
74 Mickey and the Beanstalk
75 The Pacifier
76 Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

If anything is for prissy little girls, it needs too much hatred.

77 Mars Needs Moms

Not at all! Maybe YOU are butthurt, ya sexist Frozen fan-brat! Looks like some Mars Needs Moms fan-brat from/against AlltimeMovies's list of worst animated movies of all time invaded this list. Mars Needs Moms does NOT deserve praise for its character animation that causes its mean-spirited/dull characters to look like Na'vis and/or people that are of poor health nor its story that needs a lot of work rather than be repetitive, childish and disempowering.

Butthurt much?

78 Frankenweenie

If it's overrated, then how come I never heard of it?

79 Dumbo

What? This is an unerrated Disney movie!

80 Bambi

Care to explain, this is the best movie of all time, in fact it is underrated. - Kitkat42

I loved Bambi when I was three! I remember I would always tell my parents to put it on.

My old account made this list and who put Bambi on here? It's my favorite Disney movie and its not loved or talked about AT ALL ANYMORE! THE TRUE OVERRATED ONES ARE THE ONES AFTER AND BEFORE THE DISNEY RENAISSANCE! GOD NOBODY GIVES WAKT RESPECT FOR HIS CLASSIC MOVIES ANYMORE! - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

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