Top 10 Overrated Sonic Songs


The Top Ten

1 Live and Learn

ALWAYS featured as the #1 song for most Top 10 lists. - micoytancinco12

2 His World

Okay song, but it comes from the disaster known as Sonic 06. - micoytancinco12

3 Open Your Heart

Open your Heart is good, but I find others better and it's too much overrated. - micoytancinco12

4 Endless Possibilities

Great song, but featured too much in many Top 10s. - micoytancinco12

5 Knight of the Wind

One of the most overplayed songs in the Sonic library. - micoytancinco12

6 Sonic Boom

Overrated song from one of the most overrated Sonic games. - micoytancinco12

7 I am All of Me

I like Shadow myself, but his theme is so overrated. - micoytancinco12

8 Dreams of an Absolution

I love Bentley Jones and Silver. But I hate this song. It's so annoying. - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

Silver's theme is LAME (Remix is better), but featuring in Top 10s makes this really annoying. - micoytancinco12

9 Escape from the City

Don't get me wrong, it is amazing. But people just use it for nostalgia. - micoytancinco12

10 Sonic Heroes Theme Song

I like it! Its great in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

The Contenders

11 Never Turn Back

The lyrics were kinda cheesy, the tone is like the one from I am All of Me, and just a ripoff of it. - micoytancinco12

12 Seven Rings In Hand

Not only did it feature in Sonic and the S***** Rings but it get's played in that game roundabout every turn. It's tiring to always hear a song that isn't that great anyways.

13 What I'm Made Of

Best Crush 40' song ever

Not as good as Live and Learn or Open Your Heart like everyone says.

14 It Doesn't Matter
15 All Hail Shadow
16 Sonic Feels Like a Monster
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