Top 10 Overrated Sonic Songs


The Top Ten

1 Live and Learn

ALWAYS featured as the #1 song for most Top 10 lists. - micoytancinco12

2 His World

Okay song, but it comes from the disaster known as Sonic 06. - micoytancinco12

3 Open Your Heart

Open your Heart is good, but I find others better and it's too much overrated. - micoytancinco12

4 Endless Possibilities

Great song, but featured too much in many Top 10s. - micoytancinco12

5 Knight of the Wind

One of the most overplayed songs in the Sonic library. - micoytancinco12

6 Sonic Boom

Overrated song from one of the most overrated Sonic games. - micoytancinco12

7 I am All of Me

I like Shadow myself, but his theme is so overrated. - micoytancinco12

8 Dreams of an Absolution

I love Bentley Jones and Silver. But I hate this song. It's so annoying. - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

Silver's theme is LAME (Remix is better), but featuring in Top 10s makes this really annoying. - micoytancinco12

9 Escape from the City

Don't get me wrong, it is amazing. But people just use it for nostalgia. - micoytancinco12

10 Sonic Heroes Theme Song

I like it! Its great in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

The Contenders

11 Never Turn Back

The lyrics were kinda cheesy, the tone is like the one from I am All of Me, and just a ripoff of it. - micoytancinco12

12 Seven Rings In Hand
13 What I'm Made Of

Not as good as Live and Learn or Open Your Heart like everyone says.

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14 It Doesn't Matter
15 All Hail Shadow
16 Sonic Feels Like a Monster
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