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1 Call of Duty

People just like this because they think they are too old for Mario, sonic, Zelda, Pokemon, and donkey Kong! They are just looking for the most violent M-rated game on the planet! Call of Duty! They just want to be cool! People who play Call of Duty get influenced with drugs, cursing, murder, and alcohol. And they don't like Nintendo just because it doesn't have all that! I don't even like Call of Duty! Its boring! I bet Call of Duty fans don't like it either! The probably just play so they can brag to their friends and judge people who like Nintendo! This is all messed up!

Most Violent game doesn't mean the best game on the planet. The best game on the planet is something with a lot of creativity and originality put during development. - recaller

People at my school say that Call of Duty is best game ever and that they are too young for Mario, Zelda, Kirby, and Donkey Kong! All the Nintendo franchises I listed all rock and are way better the Call of Duty! It is basically the same game every year with different maps. Just shoot, reload. Shoot, reload. How original!

Because its always the same thing every year - dinosaur

Of course it's overrated. What makes this franchise different from other FPS franchises? in my opinion, Halo is way more interesting. The only Call of Duty that's really super good was the original (Modern Warfare) because it had a great story and great multiplayer. - DCfnaf

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2 Minecraft

People are saying that this isn't a franchise. Okay, so why does it have a story mode game? I count it as a franchise and it is more overrated than Call of Duty. At least Call of Duty has a story and good graphics. This has neither of those things. There's no story, no characters, outdated graphics, and mods that take 12 years to install. If I wanted a sandbox game that revolved around mods and skins, I would get Garry's Mod instead. - DCfnaf

Um... This isn't a franchise. Why is Minecraft here? Yes, I think it's extremely overrated that deserves to be in a Top 10 most overrated games of all time list, but this is a list of overrated game franchises and not overrated games. So why is Minecraft the exception?

To say the least the game can get a little boring, that is unless you start play online multiplayer. Either that's were mods should come in. Helps make the game much more interesting (depending on what mods you use).

If you count Minecraft Story Mode, it's a franchise. And it is severely overrated. - DCfnaf

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3 Halo

Halo is not 1 because they push games limits while Call of Duty is nearly the same - dinosaur

And at least they change stuff like new modes - ikerevievs

I just don't see what's so special about Halo, it has average gameplay, a crappy story and bland characters. At least Call of Duty & Zelda have either good story, gameplay and/or characters, Halo just sucks.

Halo is kinda boring in the character department and story. It's FINE, but I'm not a FPS fan to be honest. - DCfnaf

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4 Super Smash Bros.

I've been playing these games since Melee when I was really little. I don't care if you don't care about it, just understand it is a good franchise. And just because it is popular doesn't mean it doesn't deserve it. It's popular for a reason: it's good!

This Just Proves Dinosaur Is Hypocritical, He Accused Halo, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Sonic, Grand Theft Auto, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Earthbound, And Mario For Being Overrated, Yet He's In Love With Smash Bros Yet It's Also Overrated - VideoGamefan5

Wow, the first comment proves that this site is 100% Nintendo Fanboys. This franchise is very overrated. It's not BAD, it just gets too much praise. Every time a new installment comes out, everyone starts fangirling and overhyping it. Super Smash Bros Brawl is awesome, but overrated. Actually, they are all overrated. - DCfnaf

Number 4? , Awesome, Now We Just Need To Get This 3 Spots Higher Up - VideoGamefan5

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5 Final Fantasy

Final fantasy franchise has awfully too many game with awfully too many similar game plot,boring game twist, where you probably join a group of overly dressed children who tries to save the world travelling around a small earth-like map or either play as a bimbo faced-male guy from a barbie movie with a big sword

It's actually pretty good...again with you Nintendo Fanboys... - DCfnaf

The only final fantasy I loved was final fantasy tactics and crisis core,dissidia and final fantasy 7,i hated the others

This is definitely horrible. TOO MANY FINAL FANTASY GAMES!
1. Final Fantasy 1, 2 & 3
2. Final Fantasy 4, 5 & 6
3. Final Fantasy 7

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6 Flappy Bird

Wow, what a stupid game. It's probably the worst game I have ever played. I have never seen people go berserk over a garbage free mobile game. Plus, so many spinoff games... - DCfnaf

7 Five Nights At Freddy's

Not only is it overrated because too many people like it, but it is also by far the worst video game franchise ever. It's only scary the first 5 deaths, and it has the most tedious gameplay ever. It shouldn't be called "5 nights at freddy's", it should be called "5 nights with a paraplegic". Seriously, the entire game is just you using the force to turn the lights on and off and close the doors and only being able to look in 4 directions.

It should be called "Five nights with a telekinectic paraplegic". You can only look in four directions, and you can somehow press buttons without pressing it. This is the worst franchise of all time. This couldn't give a two year old nightmares. The biggest insult isn't the fact that the first game sucked. The biggest insult is the fact that they made three of these monstrosities.

I seriously hate this game, it's so overrated and I see it everywhere. To be honest I hate because of how its everywhere and that gets annoying. Why isn't this number 1?

For a while, it seemed the entire internet was just all FNaF stuff. Videos, the new games, the lore... ugh. Not to mention that even today, I can't go through a single store without seeing something FNaF.

Yes, even a clothes store.

And the fandom... eek.

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8 Angry Birds

How the hell did this series get a MOVIE?!? Its just birds suicide-bombing pigs, whats the plot?

Wow, who even cares about this franchise anymore? I think people stopped caring in 2012. This game got theme park attractions and a MOVIE? There's no plot! - DCfnaf

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9 Skylanders Skylanders

I played some of them and then I realized it was another one of Activision's cash cows. $12 of each character! ARE YOU SERIOUS? - DCfnaf

Probably the biggest cash cow franchise ever. its as if activision wanted to make it so it looks like every single character in the entire franchise (apart from ones you get when you get one of the games) is dlc.

10 Pokemon

Actually, it isn't overrated, just excessively advertised. - xandermartin98

Yeah, this is slightly overrated, but I wouldn't have this on the list at all. - DCfnaf

Same thing over and over it just repeats itself - dinosaur

Put this up it is worse than Superman 64 - Lord28

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11 Metal Gear Solid

Over the top melodramatic cheese so goofy and cartoony only a child would think this game has any depth. Want a stealth game? Go play Splinter Cell. Want a deep rewarding story? Go play Mass Effect. Want fourth wall breaking goodness? Go play the Deadpool game. Want a cover based system? Go play Gears of War. Want over zealous anime characters voiced by actors who ham it up and story lines that always end with the Japanese go to of "giant robots? " Look no further than Metal Gear. A Tom Clancy game for kids and nerds who are still too young for anything with a giant "M" on the box.

How? Name one bad or sub-par game. 123 and 4 have all affected the genre in one way or another, and are all 9/10 games.

Hiding in a card board box? Check. Worst f@&$ing game ever. Check. Fat guys on roller blades throwing bombs? Check. But the kids love it because of giant robots, swords, guns, and eye patches. Snake is the most cliche cookie cutter anti-hero ever. A straight rip off of Snake Pliskon. "I have to plug my controller in the other socket to win! This game is brilliant! "

12 Grand Theft Auto

This game is so violent and offensive! Its ruining our next generation! Australia did the right think and I sincerely hope they will not be making more...its sad really.

This game should have never been made just like bubsy - dinosaur

So you are comparing a franchise that gets high 90s average to a game series that gets below 50% average - ikerevievs

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13 Banjo and Kazooie
14 EA Sports EA Sports
15 The Legend of Zelda

This series is great. Yes the fanbase might be annoying to people or whatever, but with good reason. There is no bad Zelda game!

Technically not part of zelda because they were made by a different company that was never in part with nintendo. - poopmckenzie

I think that the franchise is great, but the fanbase is another story

Ocarina of time may be overrated, but its stil amazing... why is Zelda on this list? - HeavyDonkeyKong

Just because a game is good doesn't mean it's not overrated, just look at the fanbase, Zelda IS overrated. - DaisyandRosalina

I used to like these games but as I got older, I think they are full of it . Now most of the new games are just remastered version of their old games (unoriginal). Every game is just the same thing : ganondorf gets butthurt over something and link has to save everyone. The fanbase is even worse, they get triggered every time they hear something bad.

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16 Battlefield Battlefield

It's not a simulator, get over yourselves.

For an fps series that calls itself a mature community war simulator, they sure like losing their minds over someone likening Call of Duty more.

17 Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog, trademarked Sonic The Hedgehog, is the title character and protagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega, as well as numerous spin-off comics, five animated shows, and an animated OVA.

If this list was based solely on how many overrated games a franchise has and not the franchise as a whole, then this would probably be in the right spot, but as a whole, this franchise has no business even being in the top 20, not because of how much hate this series has gotten from the likes of 06, Shadow the Hedgehog (who's game has surprisingly aged in a positive direction), Secret Rings, and Boom. I will admit that the Adventure titles are extremely overrated and the classic games are slightly overrated, but even so, Sonic still doesn't belong this high after getting hated so much. It's like saying if you take away all of Sonic's bad games, then he would definitely be number 1, but I'm sure we can say that is a big exaggeration,

Man, this series gets way too much hate to deserve to be on this list even if the Adventure and classic games are overrated. But what really embarrasses me is that people only say Sonic has bad games like 06 that barely even get any praise from anyone; I mean seriously, how does 06 even relate to this franchise being overrated when the game wasn't praised to begin with. Seriously, who exactly is making comments in this list?

Seriously, this franchise has been overrated since it started. The only reason why it became popular was because it came out to compete with Mario.

Shadow the Hedgehog was awful in every way. At least Sonic 06 can be played for laughs!

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18 Kingdom Hearts

Too much love for the series - dinosaur

I tried this game with an open mind, and it was one of the worst games I've ever played in my entire life. - MoldySock

This series sucks anyway, so it does not deserve any praise, whatsoever.

No. - Crab

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19 The Elder Scrolls

This series doesn't get enough love for the amount of work the developers put into this with a team of a little more than 100 people

Elder Scrolls isn't overrated :p

Serves a lot to the table
It's NEVER the same game over. Hard to adjust sometimes :P
Good stories, good actors, etc.

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Seriously people? Why does every1 like FIFA so much all you do is play football nothing else. Same thing every time! Honestly I'd rather play somethin like wii sports because at least they have 6 sports but this is just football.

Even more milked than call of duty, why do fans keep buying a fifa game every year thinking its completely different from other previous fifa games, because its not. The game itself is atrocious with pathetic graphics, boring gameplay and terribel controls. EA should end the series and stick to making more battlefield games rather than wasting their money on this crappy excuse for a game.

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