Top Ten Best Paintings by Jack Vettriano

Jack Vettriano (born Jack Hoggan) is a Scottish oil painter and is UK's most known and loved artist whose works usually depict romantic, vintage scenes of early 20th century.
I haven't included a paragraph below each painting - there's no need - these beautiful works of art speak for themselves.
If you know of any other pieces of art by this man that I haven't included, feel free to add or just vote for the one that captures your heart the most.

The Top Ten

1 The Singing Butler The Singing Butler
2 Dance Me To The End Of Love Dance Me To The End Of Love
3 Rumba In Black Rumba In Black

Whoa, racy... - Ned964

4 Cafe Days Cafe Days

These two rich gals are having tea and have just ordered something off the menu. They have chosen an isolated cafe on the pier at a nice Scottish Loch. The gal on the right has a cigarette going, and I can't make out what the gal on the left is doing, the picture becomes blurry when I blow it up. They have really nice dresses on. There is a man keeping watch over them outside. Now I really like this one and will try to get a better look at it on a differant site - Ned964

Much clearer look at a differant site... The gal on the left is drinking from a glass, but the bottle on the table appears to be wine, she also has a cigarette going. There's a second man near the window on the left, but he is in shadow and not much can be made out of him... There's a lot going on here, I like it. - Ned964

Thanks T, your comment only adds clarity to me. I'm not kidding, I will look for a print of this now - Ned964

5 Anniversary Waltz Anniversary Waltz

Wonderful. An impromptu, celebratory dance on the pier. An umbrella and wrap hang nearby, as the skies are beginning to threaten. - Ned964

6 Lunchtime Lovers Lunchtime Lovers

Scandalous. - Ned964

7 The Letter The Letter

I really like this one. I have no clue why - Ned964

I think I know what you mean. It's pretty mysterious. I love looking at it and wondering what the contents of the letter are; and who it's to or from. I love the fact that no one (not even the artist) will ever know... - Britgirl

What is the painting above her? - Ned964

8 The Billy Boys The Billy Boys
9 Bad Boy, Good Girl Bad Boy, Good Girl
10 Sweet Bird Of Youth Sweet Bird Of Youth
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