Top 10 Parody Names for Peppa Pig


The Top Ten

1 Stupid Pig

Make this one - TwilightKitsune

She is stupid! - Chromium

2 Peppa Pink V 1 Comment
3 Pepper Pig

BAHAHA I'm crying at this list! - YouShallEatPoopy

4 Peppa Crap
5 Peppa Pain
6 Pepperoni

Did you know that pepperoni comes from pigs? So that is how I came up with this. - AnimeDrawer

I'm insulting PIZZA! - Neonco31

Oh my god I'm dying

I'm pepperoni!
This is my brother cheese.
This mommy sauce
This is daddy spinach!
Episode 1: Baby Bread

7 Peppa Stinks V 1 Comment
8 Peppa Brat
9 Peppa Sucks
10 Pippa Pork

This actually exists online. I mean, there's no YouTube episodes, but episode transcripts can be found on the Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki. Just search up "Pippa pork" on the PP fanon wiki and you'll easily find it. It's so funny

The Newcomers

? Disaster Pig
? Peppa Pug

The Contenders

11 Peppa Creep
12 Pee Pa Pig

LOL! I burst out laughing at this one! - TwilightKitsune

"Bursts Into Laughter" - JPK

13 Peppa Brick
14 Peppa Prick
15 Peppa Penis

I thought this would be funny... - Powerfulgirl10


16 Idiot Pig
17 Dumb Pig
18 Hooker Pig
19 Peppa Roni
20 Peppa Dick

Peepa Dick - ChuckECheese

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