Places that Have to Come Back at Blackgang Chine


The Top Ten

1 The Weather Wizard The Weather Wizard

I had so many memories of the weather wizard! it was amazing place! they had to get rid of it so that they could make space for the underwater kingdom. - ShaunFan04

2 Fantasy Land Fantasy Land

This was also replaced by the Underwater Kingdom, I love this area because of the sad mushroom, the dragon and everything about it! - ShaunFan04

3 World of Timber World of Timber

I don't know why they closed this place! but I know it has to come back! - ShaunFan04

4 Smugglerland and Cave Smugglerland and Cave

I don't know how they will bring back but they better do it! because this area was also cool. - ShaunFan04

5 The Angry Dragon The Angry Dragon

It was cool! it has to come back! - ShaunFan04

6 The Licorice Factory The Licorice Factory

I liked and has to comeback - ShaunFan04

7 Pirate Fort Play Area Pirate Fort Play Area

I've never got a chance to go to the Pirate Fort Play Area but I hope they bring it back. - ShaunFan04

8 Adventureland Adventureland

This was also a attraction that I couldn't get to because I wasn't born back then, And it needs to be remodeled. - ShaunFan04

9 Triassic Club Triassic Club

I liked this area (Even though there wasn't much) But IT HAS TO BE BACK! - ShaunFan04

10 Dinosaurland Dinosaurland

Even though it was refreshed, they better bring back the old dinosaurs from the dinosaurland - ShaunFan04

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