Top Ten Most Pointless Things to Argue About


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81 Doors or Sliders
82 Fast Food or Dine-in
83 Snow or Rain

Snow, obviously. Who likes rain more. Preposterous.

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84 Superman or Batman

Batman it better because he doesn't need super powers

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85 Eggs or Chickens

I was in a vary heated argument about the eggs or chickens I want to have a baby with the chicken and make an egg

86 Floor or Online Shopping
87 Roman or Greek Empire



88 Piano or Guitar
89 Books or Online ebooks
90 Public Gym or Home Gym
91 Krispy Creme or Donut Den

What is dounut den?


92 Pencil or Pen

Pencil u can erase your mistakes

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93 Deer or Elk
94 Touchpad or Mouse
95 Family
96 Call of Duty vs Super Mario Bros.

Duh! Call of Duty saved the video game industry! Just kidding. Call of Duty sucks!

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97 J Cole or Justin Bieber

How is this a question? Justin bieber doesn't rap and j cole doesn't sing. Either way, Justin is trash compared Cole

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98 Violent Video Games V 1 Comment
99 Rap or Pop V 1 Comment
100 Felix Ketchup vs Heinz
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