Top Ten Most Pointless Things to Argue About


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81 Call of Duty vs Super Mario Bros.

Duh! Call of Duty saved the video game industry! Just kidding. Call of Duty sucks!

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82 J Cole or Justin Bieber

How is this a question? Justin bieber doesn't rap and j cole doesn't sing. Either way, Justin is trash compared Cole

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83 Violent Video Games V 1 Comment
84 Rap or Pop V 1 Comment
85 Felix Ketchup vs Heinz
86 HD or Regular View

HD is much brighter and better quality, so I prefer HD over the regular view, because I bet that when things used to be shown in black and white, and colored television was coming out, the same problem between the two was similar, but eventually we would get into the habit of liking new advanced things and appreciating them, so if someone doesn't like something though don't get mad at them because it takes time for people to get use to certain things

87 Lefties vs. Righties vs. Ambidextrous People

Again, we have a clear winner. Ambidextrous people all the way!

88 Gloves or Mittens V 1 Comment
89 Cars or Motorcycles
90 Straws or mouth slurping
91 Coats or Jackets
92 Glasses or Contacts

Glasses can be taken on and off easily and quickly.

Glasses can be taken on and off easily

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93 Airplane or Helicopter
94 Cursive or Typing

Cursive is so elegant

95 Chairs or Booths
96 Coffee or Cappuccino
97 Stairs or Elevators

I'm pretty sure people will say the same thing... elevators! - funnyuser

78% of the people fall down stairs
43% of the people die in elevators due to axe murderers, ghosts, ghouls and perverts
So I'm going with elevater because I have a gun and I'm an excorcist - Dead-Beat

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98 Straight or Curly
99 Bald or Unbald
100 Trendy or Classic
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