Top Ten Most Pointless Things to Argue About


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141 Marilyn Manson

Come one people! Marilyn Manson has grown up now. He's not as scary as he used to be. Plus, he's supposed to be a nice guy in real life and he doesn't at all condone bad behavior in his fans.

142 Metal vs Rap

Metal by a long shot. - LordDovahkiin

Rap all the way


143 Whether Evolution Existed
144 Arthur V 1 Comment
145 PS4 vs Xbox One

Xbox one it is so much better

Ps4 is better. Wait, no an XStation S41 is the best. - LordDovahkiin

146 Muslims

Should not be in america

147 Super Smash Brothers vs Mortal Kombat

Super Kombat Brothers. - LordDovahkiin

148 Arguing About Arguing

A spoiled ass brat at my school does this ots the stupidest


Arguing about arguing about someone who's arguing about arguing. - LordDovahkiin

149 Wiz Khalifa vs Mac Miller

Khalifa Miller. - LordDovahkiin

150 Sex Pistols or The Clash

Pistols Sex Clash - LordDovahkiin

151 First Punk Band
152 Princess Tiana vs. Princess Charlotte
153 Ex-Friends

They always gang up on u. They think they are so perfect all the time. They even threaten to call the police sometimes. Those kind of ex-friends are not good friends. They think they have the right to telll people things about other people and that's stupid. to be honest I wouldn't want to have friends that ever again. They ruin relationships all the time and gossip too much.

154 Sexuality

And I mean every kind of sexuality. Not only gender, but also preferences of ethnicities, body types, or even fetishes. Not even the person in question can choose or control their sexuality. No matter what people tell you.
You can't talk someone out of their sexuality. You maybe can, if they are weak in mind, get them to not live out their sexuality anymore, but it will nevertheless stay their sexuality. (It's a bit tricky with fetishes and paraphilia, because living some out would be not only illegal but immoral. But as the director's cut of "Nymphomaniac", a magnificant philosophical and psychological movie masterpiece by Lars von Trier, points out: there's a difference between living it out and only having the thoughts.)
Ultimately, what floats your boats can't be changed. No matter what it is. - Martin_Canine

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