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1 The Other Half of the Countdown Clock V 3 Comments
2 Boring TV Adverts

B.G. not to be pedantic, but people do watch them. It's just that they force them onto us via T.V. and nobody WANTS to watch them. Everyone in Britain knows thanks to the most stupid ads on British Broadcasting. They are seriously pointless, though. - PositronWildhawk

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3 Moles

Just ruins your appearance! No benefit, no harm. They're more pointless than sickness...just useless. - emraldYE

They Pop up on your skin and hang around like an unwelcome Aunt - Britgirl

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4 Middle School Popularity

It's in every school... But it is kind of annoying, it's like "We're better than you" and I'm like walking past them like:"laugh out loud derp"

Yeah, it's desirable to become popular, until you're on the streets working as a sign holder in an itchy costume, as I'm told. - ethanmeinster

I am sort of popular due to my unique name, but actually being popular stuffs u under tons of responsibilities if you really figure out

I'm so glad I'm in my last year of Middle school

5 Racism

I find this not only Pointless But Stupid! - Curti2594

6 Marmite

Hello person with no name yes I've seen the Marmite advert; it's clever and funny. Give Marmite a good home - just don't send it to mine! - Britgirl

What? I love Marmite! If Marmite is pointless, then so is food. - PositronWildhawk

Hello person with no name. laugh out loud britgirl. - DunnaNunnaBatman

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7 Eyebrows

But you would look really ugly without eyebrows...

They stop sweat going in your eyes!

Eyebrows make you look good also, and weird also..but shaving them is a biggest mistake someone can ever do

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8 Mirrors

You look in them and hardly ever like what you see. Why bother with them? - Britgirl

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9 High School Popularity

What's the point when you're there for 4 years... - iimidnightstarz

Best experience ever... you get popular if you are good in nature with frnds, smart enough with boys and attituditional to enemies

10 Homework

Homework isn't just pointless: IT'S TORTURE! By the way I moved this from 42 to 12! I've got the magic in me! XP - NintendoROCK3T

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? Arguing with Stupid People or People You Dislike

Think about arguing with these people (even if you are right) it means having to spend more time with them. Just agree and you'll get away quicker. - Britgirl

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11 Heavy Metal

But... I like metal );

Even more pointless than Enya and the Carpenters - Britgirl

Yes, it gives me headaches, and is incredibly annoying. - moonwolf


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12 Coasters V 1 Comment
13 Stuffed Animals

My 14 year old cousin is still in love with hers. - moonwolf

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14 Rust
15 American Remakes of British TV Shows/Comedies V 1 Comment
16 Smokers

Smokers aren't pointless but the act of smoking is. And pretty disgusting. - Britgirl

When I'm at spode and I want to get out, there are always smokers hanging out at the door. It's so annoying!

17 The Tailbone
18 Pinkie Toe
19 Pennies

Next time I see a penny, I will not pick it up from the ground. What's so great about pennies? Each one only cost one cent & what do you buy with only one cent? Nothing! I hate pennies. If I own a penny right now, I'm going to give it to someone else.

They aren't that bad!

20 Paintings by Picasso

A Britgirl after my own heart. This chap is deluded to think this is art. It's all about the Monet, Monet, Monet for me. - Barry2013

His "art" looks like a three year old's.

I appreciate art like Monet but agree about Picasso. Would you rather have an eye for a chin or a nose for an ear? It't rather confusing and blatently bizarre. I, too find this pointless. - Britgirl

Picassos mom: what are you doing
Picasso: painting mom... oh! Oops my ear just fell off - hockeykid58

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1. The Other Half of the Countdown Clock
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