Top Ten Best Pokemon Couples

Ah, love. Everywhere. That is if you watch Powerpuff Girls. Even Pokemon are in love!
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1 Vaporeon & Glaceon

This is a great couple. Vaporeon's a water type and glaceon
Is a ice type and ice is a different form of water. This will always
Be my favorite couple

Ice and water, I'm in. Vaporeon is kinda calm while Glaceon can have slightly different attitude.

2 Gallade & Gardivoir

This is the typical anime plot. A romance between a magic user and a sword wielder. Cherry in top both look soo cute together especially mega gallade and mega gardevoir

They are so smart and pretty together that they are invincible and strong in love.

It's cute and it's on the same evolution line.

3 Milotic & Dragonair
4 Arcanine & Houndoom
5 Piplup & Squirtle

Wow I ship them...

6 Blastoise & Torterra

Both tortoises & starters (ok technically their 1st forms are), but they have opposite typing going on. But water helps plants/grass so it def can work out

7 Entei & Arcanine
8 May & Drew

Oh, Contest shipping, at first Drew just teases her but later they both care for each other. Solidad later mentions once Drew met May he was found always talking about her. Drew first gives roses to beautifly but later mentions that it was for her. They are so perfect.

The reason May and Clemont are not a couple is because May lives in Hoenn and Clemont lives in Kalos, some 15,000km away. But I'm pretty sure May was Serena's bestie when they were living in Hoenn together and Clemont lived there for a while too.

The best couple ever, why?
-Drew like to tease May, and that's funny.
-They are rivals and friend.
-He give her a rose every time, red roses= love

9 Pikachu & Buneary

Dawn's buneary definitely has a crush on pikachu. They make a cute pair to be honest.

Because they would make the cutest couple.

I think they would be the cutest together.

10 Darkrai & Gengar
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11 Loppuny & Lucario
12 Ho-Oh & Moltres

Not bad, I didn't think of that!

Two fire birds yes

13 Charmander & Kirlia

They're so cute together!

Also a nice couple!

14 Umbreon & Espeon

These guys are perfect. Day and night. Psychic and Dark. So perfect, I'm jealous.

I love this! It should be #1!

So cute and perfect

15 Blissey & Audino
16 Skitty & Poochyena

This is a cute couple! It's like a cute bubbly girlfriend paired with the overprotective, serious boyfriend. (with a nice side)

17 Floatzel & Lopunny

So cute just like RD

18 Charizard & Dragonite
19 Ash & Serena

What's wrong with you peeps?! Duh, they're the only people besides James and Jessebelle that met as if it were fate, so (sucks teeth)

I hate them both so they should go together next to Ash x Pikachu!

20 Jessie & James

In electric tale of Pikachu, they happen to marry and it is certified. They obviosly make a good pair. In xyz when jessie has a crush on that doctor she leaves him because he liked someone else. But Jessie still likes James.

I love it! They already work together and been together for the whole entire thing so it would make since if they were a couple

Sheesh, am I really the only one who thought this true?! If you can't see it, you're as blind as a Zubat!

21 Houndoom & Mightyena

These two dark type scary pokemon might be just the perfect thing

22 Mime Jr. & Smoochum

They are not real couples, but they ought to be!

23 Ash & Dawn

They're sexy together

24 Espeon & Umbreon

Its espeon and umbreon again, they still make the perfect pair...

25 Charmander & Meloetta

They have the same body height. And seriously, Oshawott had enough girls.

I'm pretty sure Oshawott fanboys will be jealous/upset with this.

Pikachu and Oshawott had enough girls and Floatzel is horny.

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