Top Ten Forms of Anarchy

Put on your favorite punk tunes 'cause we're going to take a look at the top ten forms of anarchy!
The Top Ten
1 Anarcho-Communism

This is the most popular form of anarchism. In an anarcho-communist society, all forms of government and markets would be abolished. Workers would own the means of production, and citizens would take what they needed. Some famous examples of anarcho-communism in practice was Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War, and the Native Americans. Critics of anarcho-communism state that people would become selfish and choose not to work, and to take more than they need. Anarcho-communists state that people would not take more than necessary, because artificial scarcity that is caused by markets would be gone. Also, people would choose to work because they would realize that if not enough people work, goods and services will not be available for them in the future.

2 Mutualism

This anarchist philosophy wishes to get rid of the state, but, unlike anarcho-communism, wishes to keep markets as a way of trading goods. Workers would still own the means of production, and most forms of profit would be eliminated, because Mutualists follow the labour theory of value. Mutualism is considered by many to be the first form of anarchism.

3 Anarcho-Pacifism

Anarcho-pacifists wish to abolish the state and hierarchy, but through peaceful means, because violence is a form of oppression, and anarchy is the opposite of oppression. Leo Tolstoy, famous Russian author, was the main inspiration for this school of thought.

4 Anarcho-Naturism

This philosophy combines the goals of anarchy, which is to eradicate the state and oppression, with green politics, along with a love of nature. Anarcho-naturism supports vegetarianism, nudism, hiking, etc. It's fallen out of style, but there are many who still consider themselves to be naturists.

Interesting, considering those who engage in "green politics" are among the most oppressive and intolerant "activists" on the planet - often violently so.

5 Christian Anarchism

Christian anarchists believe that the only real ruler is God, so all forms of government should be abolished. Lots of christian anarchists are vegetarians and pacifists. Critics state that Christian Anarchism isn't real anarchy, because anarchy is supposed to be absent of all rulers.

What you describe here is a Theocracy. Since when is Anarchy religious? You can say that Jesus had a anarchist lifestyle ( close to some hippie communities ) but anarchists do not believe in a supreme power that has a plan ( and therefor determined ) with every individual. It would lose the meaning of individualism which is one of the important basics of anarchy.

6 Anarcha-Feminism

While it was mainly prominent when women were openly opressed in first-world countries, there are still many who subscribe to this philosophy today. Anarcha-Feminism supports ending male domination over women, establishing reproduction rights, changing the views of women in the workplace, etc.

7 Queer Anarchism

Queer anarchists simply want to abolish the state and to stress tolerance towards homosexual, bisexual, or transgender people.

8 Anarcho-Capitalism

Anarcho capitalists believe that the state should be abolished, and every service should be privatised. That means traditionally public services, like the police, would become for-profit in a free market capitalist economy. Critics state that this would lead to oppression, which is the anti-thesis of anarchy. Proponents reply that if one cannot enter into an agreement out of their own free will, then the you are truly not free. Still, most anarchists do not consider capitalism to be compatible with anarchy.

9 Egoist Anarchism

Egoism is an individualist anarchist philosophy stating that the state, and the very concept of society, should be abolished. Lots of egoists are nihilists, and believe that people should be free to live their lives however they want, no matter what.

10 Anarcho-Primitism

And without technology and machines, how would humans hunt, with sticks and stones? Yeah, let's devolve to a primitive state with a life expectancy of 20 years or less. Terrific idea.

These people want to return to a simpler time where all technology, including machines, didn't exist. Humans would grow and hunt their own food, just like the good ol'e days.

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11 Anarcho-Individualism
12 Anarcho-Transhumanism
13 Agorism
14 Anarcho-Fascism
15 Anarcho-Monarchism
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