Top Ten Potato Chip Flavors That Should Exist


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1 Philly Cheesesteak

Never had a cheesesteak. I've been to Philadelphia, but I never had a cheesesteak. I feel bad... - Mariomaster63

Somebody took this idea.
I'm not happy.
Oh, well. That's what you get when you post on the web. - CityGuru

2 Big Mac

Mcdonalds should at least do this. - CityGuru

Haha, I agree it should! - NerdyPweeps

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3 Indian Taco
4 Taco Salad
5 Chicago Deep Dish
6 Sloppy Joe
7 Pizza Burger

I don't know whether pizza burger flavor would work fine with the potato chips, but I would definitely love to give it a try. - Kiteretsunu

8 Italian 4-cheese
9 Lasagna
10 Chili Dog

Sonic would LOVE that. - Mariomaster63

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11 KFC Chicken

This should be at list in the top ten

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12 Creamy Potato Salad
13 Curry

Yum! That will be lovely! (If its kearla chicken curry)

14 Potato

They don't taste like potatoes, no matter what they're made of. A potato flavor is definitely needed! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

They are called potato chips if you never heard of them - PatrickStar

15 Chicken Nuggets
16 Barbecue Burrito
17 Dried Pineapple
18 Bacon

Do BLT Lays count?

19 Tea

Yuck. - Mariomaster63

20 Cheese Dog
21 Spicy Meatballs
22 Chipotle Mango Chips

Idea came from a homemade salsa which is delicious!

23 Coke
24 Cheesecake
25 JalapeƱo Cheddar

Try cheetos.

26 Ice Cream



27 Alabama Hot Pocket
28 Watermelon
29 Beef Onion Gravy Flavor

I would enjoy this Lay's Chip flavor with a big glass of ice tea! Yum, yum.

30 Water Flavor
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