Greatest Quentin Tarantino Movies


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1 Pulp Fiction

1: Pulp fiction
2: Kill bill
3: Reservoir dogs
And what the hell is django unchained doing ahead of kill bill and reservoir dogs? I love Django unchained like all the Tarantino films but, WHAT THE F-

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1) Pulp Fiction
2) Reservoir Dogs
3) Jackie Brown

Favorite movie and always will be! The dialogue is phenomenal and the performances are out of this world on terms of awesomeness especially that of Samuel L Jackson!

2 Inglourious Basterds

I know this movie isn't exactly historical correct, but it's however the first movie that made a mix between comedy and war right. Should definitely be number 1.

The 2nd best for me!

Although I love both Kill Bills, Django Unchained, Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite movies, this is by far my favorite Tarantino film. With signature amazing Tarantino dialogue, developed and very interesting characters, the violent death of Hitler, an amazing story, great acting from Christoph Waltz (an unforgettable performance), Brad Pitt (this and Moneyball were what made me like Brad Pitt), Michael Fassbender, Daniel Bruhl (who was snubbed for a Golden Globe but is nominated this year for Rush) and an amazingly eclectic soundtrack just make this movie so entertaining, interesting, and watchable. Also great cinematography and one of my favorite film endings.

Although it features Tarantino's signature cool, this is his most deep and emotional of his film's. Also his most well researched.

This is my second favorite film of all time.

I support National Socialism and I love it

3 Django Unchained

Mature film to date, just a shame about his cameo and that accent. - truckturner

After watching this I think it's safe to say that this is his 2nd best film. Get it to no. 2! Great acting, great storyline and a LOT OF VIOLENCE

Hands own best Quentin Tarantino movie

Easily his most mature film to date, just a shame about his cameo and that accent. - truckturner

After watching this I think it's safe to say that this is his 2nd best film. Get it to no. 2! Great acting, great storyline and a LOT OF VIOLENCE 0_o

4 Reservoir Dogs

It was between this, Django: Unchained, and Inglorious Basterds, but I had to choose Reservoir Dogs. This is the beginning of Tarantino. It has an amazing storyline, many surprises, and great acting. This is a great movie.

The movie that established Quentin Tarantino's distinctive film making style and writing.

While Pulp Fiction is slightly better, this is still one of my all time favorite movies. - Alpha101

It's better then Kill Bill - Volume 2 PLEASE

5 Kill Bill - Volume One

It should be number 3 no doubt

One of my fave movies besides The Godfather and Cast Away! From start to finish, I loved it! The opening scene with the "Feature Presentation" thing and the quote I just loved! Then the dialogue and plot was amazing too. But what I really loved was the bloody action! That crazy fight scene and the blood everywhere was amazing! I also loved the music and the anime sequence. If you have seen my other reviews, you know how much I love good cinematography! The camera angles, the color, the scenery in this movie was just amazing! The yellow color everywhere like the car The Bride drives, or her yellow suit, or the road. The yellow was strong in this! The blacks and the reds were just wonderful! The beautiful trees and the crazy cool camera shots made this movie especially good! Watch this movie? Definitely! Along with The Godfather and Cast Away! - cadencr22

I find kill bill isn’t often loved by Quentin tarintino fans... which is weird because It has AMAZING action, a great leading role by USA Thurman, and over all it’s just an amazing revenge flick.

I don't know but I love it. Always I have a lot of fun...

6 Kill Bill - Volume Two

I think Pulp fiction is the best movie of all time, but I voted for this to keep it above vol. 1. Vol. 2 blows vol.1 away.

along with vol 1, it makes one exciting epic tale of revenge

Number 2 on the list

7 Jackie Brown

While it's not my favourite film of his I'm voting for this one anyway because it's so underrated.

8 Hateful Eight

Up Up

The whole feeling in the movie was something very very for me, since The Hateful Eight was the first Quentin Tarantino movie I saw. The characters and the plot was genius & although I saw Pulp Fiction shortly afterwards, The Hateful Eight remained to stay in my place UNO in my favorite Tarantino films. Genius, sheer genius!

Honestly this is in my top 5 Tarantino movies. I love the story and the characters. Jennifer Jason Leigh is one hell of an actress! - HysteriXxD

I'll admit it took me a couple of viewings to decide what I felt about this film. That's the beauty of Quentin Tarantino's movies. They tend to grow on you and get better every time you watch. This is another Tarantino masterpiece.

9 From Dusk Till Dawn
10 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Not his best (Kill Bill is my favorite) but it deserves a way higher spot!

Should be much higher

Just saw it in theatres, while I think pulp fiction remains at the top for me, this movie was amazing, and should be higher

The Contenders

11 Death Proof

"Death Proof" really is Quentin's most underrated film. Sure, it doesn't have as much of a strong story like "Pulp Fiction" or "Kill Bill", but that's because "Death Proof" is an awesome adventure about a killer stuntman. If you haven't checked out this film already, you NEED to watch it! - Only_Octi

12 True Romance

#1 TRUE romance #2 From DUSK till Dawn #3 PULP Fiction
#4 Reservoir Dogs.

Best tarantino movie

Despite not being directed by Tarantino, True Romance was written by him, and is a must watch for all movie lovers, especially Tarantino fans. True Romance contains so many Hollywood heavyweights, including Christopher Walken, Dennis Hopper, brad pitt, Christian slater, Samuel L Jackson, Val Kilmer and James Gandolfini. Contains the classic Tarantino violence, while still managing to be a romantic film like no movie has done before. Also contains one of the greatest Mexican standoffs of all time.

13 Sin City

One of my favorite comic book movies - Ajkloth

It deserves a spot in the top ten

Scrolled way too far for this

14 Natural Born Killers

Tarantino hates this movie saying that they changed a lot of his original screenplay

This is Oliver Stone. Not Quentin Tarantino. - JCHOW

15 Four Rooms

Kill Bill deserves to be much higher, but this one is the best. Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, and Quentin Tarantino himself are incredible in this crime/drama/comedy

16 Grindhouse
17 Planet Terror
18 Full Tilt Boogie
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