Top 10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Drawing People


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1 How tall should I make him/her?

My characters range from 5'5-5'10 but my shortest character is about 5'3 - KianaLexi

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2 What face shape should I do?

I do rounded faces for girls because of fat cheeks! - KianaLexi

3 What shape of eyes to draw?

I do cat eyes or I can draw in Steven Universe style kind of. - KianaLexi

4 What texture of the hair do I want?

I usually do straight hair but I'm trying to draw African-American hair. - KianaLexi

5 What style (In Personality/Clothing) do I want the character to have?

I have a large variety of styles in my characters. Some are even based off of myself. - KianaLexi

6 Should I make him/her skinny, normal sized, or big?

I normally make my characters normal sized, not too skinny, not too chubby. - KianaLexi

7 How should I draw the breasts?

I watched family guy when I was 11-12 and I learned how to draw breasts like that. - KianaLexi

8 What color should I make the character?

I have blue characters, I have pink characters, I have gray characters, I used to draw mostly white people but I'm learning to accept that I'm black so I draw more black characters now. But I still have some white characters. - KianaLexi

9 Should I draw freehand or trace?

I started off with tracing but I learned off of so many styles so I made my own so I draw freehand now. - KianaLexi

10 What about a backstory for my character?

Yes, Yes, Yes. A backstory makes your character even more interesting. You'll know their interests and stuff and how they live. Usually my backstories are very dark for my characters. I base most of my character's backstories off of my experiences such as bullying, my anxiety, and depression. Some are inspired off of T.V. shows and animes or off of my best friend's characters in real life. - KianaLexi

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11 How do I draw the lips?

This always seemed very difficult for me so I just drew a mouth but now I'm starting to wonder..

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