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301 Mine mine mine mine mine mine! V 1 Comment
302 I'm going to get a big fat pizza to stuff in my face while I read U.S.A. Today.
303 It'll be fine, take this parachute while I put on the scuba suit.
304 Bobby Brown yawned in Hitlers face during a meeting, that's why he was yelling in his bunker.
305 Jambi Jumping Juicy Jellyfish
306 Chubby checker in a nightgown

Oh, yeah... I just told this to a stuffed animal named pinky. It's smiling. Pretty Horsey.

307 Snakes play guitars
308 Fear of the monkey in the middle.
309 You know if it's a U.F.O if it's spraying cheeze with green goo.
310 When life doesn't go your way, nukes and grenades will help save the day!

This comment is my life.

Now a million people are gonna look at it and go "that idiot".
Those people can deal with it.

311 Trolls love sugar

And get very hyperactive and die

Especially with gravy

So give them chocolate.

312 Random bears never compare to the sleepiness of SpongeBob while eating Captain Crunch.
313 Randomness comes from the armpit! V 1 Comment
314 The horse ate my pants!
315 Well if your gonna be such a flippin potato loaf you might as well go lick the peanut butter off bob the hobo's tea set!

My life exactly.

316 Every time I switch on the television, my big toe tingles green sunlight.
317 My flip-flop ate my brother's sandwich, and then threw up my neighbor's delusional goose!

My neighbor also owns a delirious goose

318 Beware the Outpostium!
319 Remember... remember... the 5th of January, when I wasn't elected Villiage Idiot.

Dang it! I wanted to be the village idiot!

Nope. You got elected that on June 18th when you blew up spider man

V 1 Comment
320 This is how we poo it. V 1 Comment
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