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301 A purple orange emerges!
302 SHH, don't tell Luke.

Once a lady said this to my friends dad on a bus. That was not all she said. =^v^=

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303 A pineapple is more appler than an apple because a pine is an apple
304 Ghosts love to rattle chains but they prefer angel food cake which they like to eat.

One time I saw an Asian midget hop out of an old lady's trunk.

um okay

305 I'm so happy for the next few months ago to be the best of the day before I go on the way to get the my phone is a good one day and the rest of the year. V 1 Comment
306 Hey, Mr. Mom, May a Drop Kick a Seven Queen Fort Tummy or Should I Drink My Homework Secondly?
307 Math class: The only place where you have 64 watermelons and don't wonder why.

The reason: Purple because aliens don't wear hats - Randomator

308 They want to eat me!
309 You broke it!
310 How isn't it going rather frot and thingies?
311 Uh you really don't want to go in there, the foo-thingy will get you.
312 In between classes and inbetween play, Nestle cheese spread nukes our day.
313 Google Maps is a monster! V 2 Comments
314 The empire state building was filled with hot fudge and then the Atlantic Ocean took over. V 2 Comments
315 Mommy, FreddyGodzilla killed a green panther with a blue panda's ear and then fireinside96 ate a sad saddle!
316 My mustache was flabbergasted by an absence of trousers

And this is why we have Turkey legs

317 I love fat harry pigs eat Xmas trees
318 Mushroom taco living toilet talking
319 Hey, monkey. You dyed your hair purple? I thought you wanted to try rainbow.
320 Reagan sleepy

Sleepy Reagan is sleeping

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