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341 Invisible Terminator, BLAARGH!

Old Arnie would be proud

342 The Face Is Two
343 I see your ass in a pin-cushion called Jericho

Well I'll like to meet this Jericho if you know what I mean! Xxx

344 Your mom smells like turquoise chicken

Well my mum smells like sperm;) "my life sucks! ":(

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345 flying while eating poptarts

Haha I said this to my mum and she considered taking me to the PSYCOlogist

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346 Emo cheese is the four of oxygen stupid smartass and sexy animal are oxymorons.
347 Captain Caveman rides in on his Sabertooth camel called Wilf shooting pegs at a little asian woman
348 I need my unicorn to puke rainbows and glitter

You'd be better off with a gnome

349 Irrational llama

Here's a llama
there's a llama
and another little llama
fuzzy llama
funny llama
llama llama duck

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350 In the beginning and owl is always right.
351 Santa's breaking down on a camel's back

Too much sherry

Also, he's drunk.

352 Indeed, inflated is the icy pig

Pork and bacon

353 I yearn for your yarn
354 There's skinny love all over my shoes
355 My karma ran over your dogma

Llama trumped them all

Alma ran over them both

356 Mom! There's sap all over my weevil!

Space weevils

357 Llamas eat creative fingers V 3 Comments
358 Pickled goats feet taste like rabbit poo sprinkled with honey
359 My squid ate my Chinese servant
360 Biting a gingerbread man's head off makes you feel good

It helps with anger problems... Kinda

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