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161 Ugly People are Hot Llamas V 1 Comment
162 Watch and take notes as we let a batch of preschoolers into the forest and let the pumpkins loose

No--anything but the pumpkins! They're the only known natural predator of preschoolers!

I immediately thought "yeah throw those batch of preschoolers into the forest! "

V 2 Comments
163 My donkey fell in your waffle hole
164 My greatest invention is my greatest invention.
165 Giraffes Eat Clothes

Get a swat team down here, stat

V 1 Comment
166 I saw horses puke.

Which is funny because horses can't puke

V 1 Comment
167 John Cuzack ate the green zebra while the lamp stared out the fuzzy window
168 If there was a monkey in your suitcase what will you do?

I'd tell it, "See that man over there? Yeah, him. You see, he has a banana hidden on him somewhere, and it's YOUR job to find it. Okay? Now, GO get it! " and he'd find it.

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169 Before I go do you think I can get a squirrel doggie bag perhaps wrapped in foil in the shape of a crab? V 1 Comment
170 So you broke the cat portfolio, huh? Now go and sign Alice's white mushroom tied up with yarn.

I'M SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN IT! The cat startled me and... And... I bumped into it! Please, Alice really doesn't like me...

Actually, I did mean it

Great stuff - Gabber

But make sure you don't drop the detergent on bobs homework. =^v^=

171 I stepped on unicorn flake by purpose to get blue cheese to power my electric pizza softener V 1 Comment
172 If I am purple the sun is called a blue taco

And if bears are zebras then grass is 87.

173 If you have 5 apples and you have a llama on the roof whilst doing the Scottish jug what is the square root of bananas having sex?

I asked my friend and he said black people

Something truly disturbing

Dirty waffles

174 My pet llama named Bob ate my underwear like a chimichanga!!

What is the obsession on this site with llamas!?

What's with llamas in this site? Alpacas are better. They even pwaa.

175 I hope an atom bomb takes out my entire city and then Tom comes out and says "Don't you believe it"
176 Dis items haz por gramer V 1 Comment
177 My best friend is such a jerk he has never had a slice of pizza and is always a bottle of Pepsi.
178 You're so gay, your mama should've been slapped with a piece of hay! V 1 Comment
179 I ate some mascara while sleeping in my grandmothers foot while she was reading my 8th grade yearbook.

OK then

180 Cinder blocks
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