Most Random Things to Say In a Crowd

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1 Potatoes have skin. I have skin. Therefore, I am a potato.

I was flicking though and noticed this website and realised wow this is definitely the top things to say to break the silence.

This is hilarious! Actually, every time I see my friend she says she's a potato. But then again, she calls herself my uncle Tim Bob Joe Shenikwa so...

Laugh out loud I like this one. but I am not a potato I am... A MARSHMALLOW! Cruz I squishy and soft and as pail as a ghost. So me is a marshmallow. laugh out loud

I LOVE THIS. I said it on club penguin then I dressed up like a potato and everyone thought I was crazy!

2 I will beat you with a small child.

This is the best random remark since 'go sit in a corner with a dried guava roll'! Lmfao... I am literally seeing myself. Laugh out loud. We need more of this stuff in the world. Ps. The people who added the 'random things to say in a crowd' points after #4 Re: T-rex's are really dull and boring, being creative is free and apparently so is seeking attention laugh out loud.

Oh My God ROFLMAOOTG (the last three are "on the ground") "I will beat you with a small child that I will soon feed to the T-Rex's" should be on the list.

Extra funny if you say it after you do the dramatic duck face! I can just imagine people going, "What the..."

I will definitely be using this one next time my sister or friends are being annoying.

3 Once I saw a purple flying cow and I named it Phillip.

I wish the dancing unicorn could have seen him but he was too busy laughing at steve the snake.

I wouldn't know what to say to this person other than "you probably need help."

I can't stop laughing! I said ths in Roblox and people asked me if my parents ever take me to the ER!

This is funny, one of the best ones on here! Should be in the top tens!

4 Don't freak out but my neighbor lives next to me.

As soon as I saw this I had to text my friends this it's so funny!

Lol! I am laughing my head off! I am so gonna try this...

Try not to act surprised but, my father is my Dad.

Don't freak out, but there's a spider- right on you!

5 Sometimes when I'm alone I like to dress up in all brown, lay on the floor and pretend I'm a potato.

I'm obsessed with potatoes so when I saw this I laughed until I ran out of breath. My friends wouldn't be surprised of I said this to them

Haha I did that for 4 hours and like 20 people came in asking what I was doing and I yelled potatos don't talk and most said of course they don't what does that haft to do with any thing and I said well I'm a patato.

Everybody thinks me and my friends are high but were just crazy loud and SCOOBY-DOO but that's a different story.

That is the most hilarious thing since I saw my puppy dog licking my sisters barbie dolls butt

6 Shhh, the jalapenos are sleeping.

What's next? The tomatoes are napping? The bananas are snoozing? The pumpkins are catching some sleep? Lol

I love this I'm doing a skit and its called mismatched blind dates I'm definitely using this.

Its even more funny if you just say shhh, its sleeping point at empty corner of room

I said this to my brother last year, lets just say he is still laughing.

7 A giant baby head squished Obama

What about obama care

I said this to my mom lol

Who cares about obama?

Oml that's hilarious

8 One time I died but I got better.

I'm dead right now what prescription did you use. I mean I tried everything, water uh worms and more stuff yeah


Laugh out loud, I told my friends this... They sent me paragraphs of haha... And also blew up my phone

It's funny and throws people off because it doesn't make sense and it's not too outrageous

I tried that about 21 people laughed it's on youtube it's called?

9 "Have you seen my dog? He is 6 foot tall and hates heights, he is brown and thinks he's got swag"

I said this to my mom but instead I said have you seen rocket? (my dog) he is about,... 1 foot tall and hates bananas, he is black and I think he's got swag

This is the only one out of this list that actually me laugh out loud.

My best friend laughs every time I tell her this.

Almost makes me cry because my dog died

10 *tap on somebody's sholder* can I sniff your butt?

this is awesome. I read this in science and burst out laughing and the teacher thought something was wrong with me and sent me to the nurse

No, you're a person, not a dog. Sniffing butts is something dogs do, not humans.

Wow I'm sitting in class and just saying these out loud lol

This is very funny and I said this to my boss and now am fired

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11 Allahu Akbar

That means "God is the greatest" And this is a post about weird lines to say to people. I guess "God is the greatest" IS in fact a "weird" line for nonreligious useless people like you.
Good one.

Who the hell cares if this 'racist' or 'making fun of Muslims' or that type of crap. Get a sense of humour, if you don't like it, don't whine about it.

It's annoying how people get worked up over this stuff, but that might just be me not having a religion.

Muslims are real people I'm muslim n real we don't mock your religion don't mock ours

12 *someone looks at you* STOP LOOKING!! *you cover yourself* STOP LOOKING!!!

I did that once when my math teacher walked by me. She called my and asked if I had took my medicine today. LOL!

A boy did that to me when I was in 5th grade.

Haha saying all of these to my friends

I'm so gonna try that one

13 This is like retards humping a door nob

I have Autism and I am not offended by this. I think its fine. But some people don't like it so you should be considerate of their feelings as well.

Very offensive to people who actually do have a mental ilness, or who are really retarded. I suggest you take this one down.

I didn't know other people did that too like can I have a orgy for this

This is like Donald Trump humping a drunk duck who ate his mother's ashes

14 Eat my pants!

I'm pretty sure someone from either SpongeBob or Icarly or victorious has said it, I'd laugh so much if a person shouted it out!

The original is eat my shorts and that's from the Simpsons. Friggen 10 year olds on here thinking it was from damn Nickolodean

I used this when I was playing Mario Kart with my sister and I got ahead

! What I do is I call everyone steve and they eventually say shut up

15 Compass is a microphone who can really eat things aether
16 A balloon just flew out my ass

One of my close friends said this to me and now I know where she got it from. I was looking to see if there was something I could say back that is just as weird, now I can.

Haha I literally laugh out loud and my husband ask why I told him what it says and he thought I was dumb laugh out loud. Very funny for me!

Excuse me teacher... my but plug fell out can I go use the restroom and up the size

Doesn't that mean the balloon contain fart? Seems legit

17 Excuse me everyone, I have AIDS virus.

And your point is? Maybe you should do better things with your time! Like tell all the people you infected! Super solid ya poof. Die slowly!

What you need to do is when your in a public area, just stand up, have wide eyes, and say in a loud voice " I have aids! "

Oh, that is SO mean. My idol, Freddie Mercury, died of this. I hate people who say AIDS in context like this...

This is really degrading for those who actually have aids its not even a bad thing to have aids

18 You know what day it is? Monday!

IT IS MONDAY, but I'm gonna say it in 24 minutes, where it'll be Tuesday! Yes, I'm up at midnight.

Lol I did that to my brother and he still hates me for it

This is funny imma do it Monday in the middle of class

No. Who would say that. Monday's are horrible

19 I like juggling teddy bears while breakdancing to the sound of a dishwasher!

Same except... I don't know how to breakdance... or juggle but yes

My mom laught her ass of when I said it in the super market

This is hilarious

You know what? you're not very cash money

20 If guns don't kill people, but humans kill people, toasters don't toast, toast toasts toast?

Lol, I said this to my friends but I got confused while even trying to say it so they started laughing so hard, I just had to jion them. LOL

If people kill people, not guns, then food heats up food, not microwaves.

This made me laugh out loud, I love it

Wait... illuminati confirmed?

21 Cock

In your bum bum

Nice story bro



22 Hi Billy Mays Here

And today I'm going to show you how to have oral sex with a dog

Except you say this as loud as possible.

Why isn't this at the top though

Oh hi may whats next june

23 Isn't it weird that, pineapples never wear bikinis.

And isn't it weird that oranges never wear tank tops? That my mailbox doesn't like tomatoes? My refrigerator is wearing boxer shorts?!

I think it is weird that pineapples never wear bikinis and my mailbox doesn't like tomatoes

I noticed that too! Never go to the bikini bottom, rip off...

Isn't it weird that no one found Sponge Bob's Pineapple?

24 I like porkchops!

Why isn't this number one? X,D

I like trains

I like turtles

I read this a “I like pock chorps”

25 Physics!

So, physics! Physics, eh? Physics! Physics!

Reminds me of 10th doctor

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