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1 Red

Natural red hair is pretty beautiful because it's so rare. It's only 2% of the population and is especially found in Scotland and Ireland. Even Russians can have red hair.

I absolutely love red hair! It's very rare to have natural red hair, so you are very lucky if you do! It also makes you look fiery and passionate, literally brightening the room when you walk in. Stunning!

I have a best friend named Alexandra, and she has blonde hair, but I think it totally sucks because it looks totally unnatural. Red hair is rare and popular. I have red hair, and if you do too, you are really lucky.

2 Brown/Black

Black is my favourite colour, and brown is pretty good too. I'm very happy I have black hair. It really suits people and might be the most common or second most common. Black's the best, and brown is amazing too!

I have very dark brown hair as one of my Jewish features. I was made fun of constantly for having hair so dark. I was ashamed of my dark brown hair for many years until I learned to accept and love myself the way I am, as well as not needing to cater to Western/European beauty standards.

3 Blonde

Natural blondes are pretty rare in adulthood since it goes dark when you age. I believe 2% of adults are natural blondes, found especially in Scandinavia.

Blonde hair is beautiful, but I hate that people dye their hair blonde. I get it if your hair is bleached because you dye it different colors, but dying it blonde just to be blonde I don't like. I have natural blonde hair and I am the only one in my family who has it. I got it from my grandma and dad, whose hair darkened to black. My mom has brown hair, so I have streaks of brown in my hair. When my hair is wet, it is brown with streaks of blonde.

4 Black

I believe that it's the best among all hair colours. Well, I like red too because my mom has it. She's Australian. But unfortunately, I have black hair. It's not that bad, though. I started loving it as time passed by. For a girl here in Europe, natural black hair is really rare. Yet it's a really underrated colour just because it's common. People don't recognise its beauty yet.

I dye my hair pink and black every other month (my hair is naturally light brown), and I think black hair should be number 1 on this list.

Black is amazing! No offense, but a lot of my friends say it looks much prettier and cooler than blonde hair with blue eyes.

5 Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is such an awesome colour. I wish I had it, but my hair's golden. It just looks so cool and sounds very cute. I love blonde hair. I love strawberries, so there you go. I wish this hair colour could smell like strawberries too! I love it! In my opinion, this is MY favorite hair colour! Go SB!

My hair colour. I used to not like it because everyone called it ginger and ugly. But it's rare, so I'm lucky, and now I like my hair colour.

The best basically almost as cool as ginger/red, but it changes color all the time!

6 Gold

Gold hair is like a blonde with a little mix of orange.

The absolute prettiest shade of blonde there is.

7 Dirty Blonde

When you have dirty blonde hair, you get blonde hair with brown highlights in the summer and blonde highlights in winter. In spring and fall, you have golden hair. When you get your hair wet, it looks really dark, but it dries darker without blow drying and lighter with blow drying. Braids show up really well and have so much detail! I love my hair!

Dirty blonde hair is the best! I have it myself with natural highlights, and it goes well with my light blue eyes. I also get the brown highlights in the summer and blonde highlights in winter, even the golden hair in spring and fall. In fact, my birthday is in spring, so my hair turns golden on my birthday (the start of spring)! I love my hair!

8 Maroon

It's really sexy! Bleach blonde is a little trampy because it's obviously fake.

This would remind me of a certain band.

I have black afro hair, which sucks, but it would be a miracle to have maroon hair. It's like the best.

9 Orange

If you really want to wear a purple costume, you really should dye your hair orange.

Bea, April, Ace, Sunny, Peppy, Pickles, Pete R., Candy, Bouncer, Peggy, Patty, Pumpkin, Sprouts, Sweetie, Surprise, Sugar (used to), Fluffy, Whirly, and Specs from Lalaloopsy have orange hair.

Sweet! Even though it's unpopular, it's cool!

10 Auburn

I have very long auburn hair, and I couldn't ask for more. It runs in my family, so it wasn't too much of a surprise that I had it. I just feel as if it is a lot rarer, and if you have this hair color, I bet you are beautiful!

I love auburn hair. It's shiny like blond, youthful like red, and elegant like brown. This hair color is really beautiful!

Mmm... number 32? Well, I'm just glad it made it on the list... of course, blonde beat it by a landslide, and the people who voted for brown HAVE brown hair, I bet.

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11 Gold/Brown

I have golden brown hair, and I love it! I really don't care if it's not rare or anything like that because it looks really pretty. And, do you know what's even cooler? If you have golden brown hair and the sun hits it, it literally looks like it's on fire! Golden hair is awesome.

I've known people with golden brown hair. It's a honey brown normally, but it looks golden in the sun. Golden brown hair looks especially nice if it's wavy because it looks warm and cute, and it frames the face nicely.

My hair color, due to my gold bits, everybody thinks I have blonde hair: NOT EVEN CLOSE. I have gold strands and hidden little bits.

12 White

It just looks so awesome! But only if you use it right. Not the old people kind of white (No offense).

My friend wanted to dye his hair white. I thought he'd look cool.

13 Blue

My hair is black and blue, and I love it! The black makes the blue look so much brighter. So if you're going for blue, black looks best with it.

Dark blue would be beautiful. But cyan or any other shade would also be awesome.

I wish I had light blue hair. My parents would say no.

14 Ginger

Without a doubt, ginger is the most attractive hair color in the world. I find it extremely rare to come across any ginger who actually does look ugly, as they are often falsely stereotyped to be by people who are probably also idiotic racists. These are likely the same people who would be stupid enough to think that Africa is a country. As a matter of fact, there are a lot more ugly-looking blondes and brunettes in existence than there are gingers who actually appear unattractive in the slightest. But then again, that's probably because there are a lot more blondes and brunettes in existence than redheads.

15 Auburn/Gold
16 Dark Blonde

I have medium-length dark blonde hair.

I have dark blonde hair, and my friends keep saying people pay a lot of money to get hair like it.

17 Platinum Blonde

Love this color of hair! It really just gives this light feeling, and when it's natural, it is even better. A great hair color. Bye!

Such an underrated hair color!

18 Brown

I know brown hair is extremely common, but I like it. There are so many different shades, and you can pair it with practically any eye color.

Dark brown, golden brown, warm brown, hazel. It's all good.

My friend has brown hair and she's gorgeous!

19 Dark Brown

I'm gonna have to go with an intense dark brown. Like really dark, not too dark so you mistake it for black, but I love dark hair.

My mom has this color hair, but when she was my age, it was light brown like mine, but I am hoping mine will get darker like hers.

I see black/brown and light brown but no brunette! Just for girls who have brown.

20 Silver

Like Kiyoshi from Songs of War. It doesn't even look old, just cool.

I think this is a really cool interesting hair color, and I wish I could have it.

21 Turquoise

This has always been my favorite color hair. I have black hair, and it's so boring! I want turquoise. It's just so pretty. Reminds me of a beautiful mermaid.

Dye dying is pretty cool, but I vote turquoise because it's a great color.

22 Metallic Silver
23 Pink

This color is a really good hair color. It makes you look like a pop star!

I mean soft pink or dark pink, not gross neon pink.

I like this hair color. My mom dyes her hair this, and it's so nice, silky, and smooth.

24 Towheaded Blonde

A.K.A. naturally platinum blonde hair.

25 Purple

Purple hair would be sick, especially dark purple with black, kinda punk.

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