Notorious B.I.G.

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Christopher George Latore Wallace, better known by his stage name, The Notorious B.I.G (a.k.a. Biggie Smalls), is consistently ranked as one of the best rappers of all time. The Notorious B.I.G was born May 21, 1972, he was born in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 24 The Notorious B.I.G was murdered more.


My list:
1. NOTORIOUS B.I.G. :Amazing rhymes, lyrics, flow, and rhythm;he can even rap almost as fast as Eminem
2. TUPAC SHAKUR/MAKEVELI:just plain fun to listen to, great lyrics, flow, and rhythm. He is not the most lyrically talented but can rap about any topic and make any lyrics about it.
3. NAS:fantastic rhymes and lyrics, never even needs to breathe, his raps teach you lessons.
4. EMINEM:great rhymes, amazing lyrics, and great speed, not close to busta, 2nd place on this list, anyway has so many songs that are catchy AND good unlike lil wayne which is always one or the other. Also hilarious, til he overdosed, practically switch funny and awesome for fast and serious.1st rapper to have 2 diamond albums.
5. JAY-Z:great lyrics, good pace, hard rhymes, great voice. So many classics, he gets better and better each album in my opinion
6. BUSTA RHYMES:his name says everything, awesome speed, great rhymes, shocking lyrics, and when he raps slow, he rhymes better. ...more

This is truly a terrible list. Lil Wayne is the worst rapper ever. Everyone thinks he is a rap genius yet he has terrible lyrics and only gains the appreciation of preteen girls who want to pretend to be hardcore. You should be considered a good rapper because of your lyrics not because you sound like a dying cat. Biggie rules.

Revolutionary. Changed hip hop in a way no one else has (except maybe eminem)

What the hell! People obviously have no idea what real rap talent is when they see it. The only rapper that should be above him is 2Pac and that's it! Eminem is a legend too, and probably the best rapper alive, but I think even he would agree biggie and pac were the true rap revolutionaries. These dudes are what made the years 94-97 the golden age of hip-hop. No one, and I mean No one today or back then could copy Biggies style and flow, and a lot of people have tried. Rappers think they have swag today with their fake uncle tom style coon raps. Laugh out loud, Biggie could rap pure sex on the mic. He could make fellas dance and girls wet at the same time. Lyrically, he would put all the rappers that came out in the last 10yrs to shame easily. Study up! Biggie is a hip-hop phenomenon and all these fake b better recognize the Don when they see one!

Notorious B.I.G. Is no doubt a legend, he was FAR from a studio gangster.

It is sad that today rappers rap about (or should I say TALK about) cars, money, girls etc. He actually had a flow AND RAPPED, other "rappers" label them self as rappers and then you listen to them AND THEIR SINGING!. If tupac and biggie were alive right now, no doubt that they will be disappointed on how it is now. TUPAC AND BIGGIE SHOULD BE AT THE TOP OF THIS LIST, GET THEN WACK ASS FAKE GANGSTERS OUT OF THIS LIST!

1. Biggie He blew up off TWO Albums his Flow s UNMATCHABLE and his music paints a picture, his songs paint Masterpieces. Greatest of All TIME.
2. Eminem is a lyrical genius his music fits any mood you are in and can inspire you, on his own level. Infinite, ss lp, mm lp Eminem show - NO ONE CAN TOUCH, Best rapper a white boy BITCH HAHA!
3. Nas - Best Lyrical Storyteller
4. Big L- Untouchable wordplay and punchlines
5.S.P.M. - Best Mexican rapper in the game, puts down for the brown
6. 2Pac - Tupac Had Passion and Emotion unlike any other and could make people feel his pain and passion.
7. Bone Thugs - Best Hip Hop group with fast paced flow and incredible lyrics. Krazy the best though.
8. Andre 3000 - Spaced out beats with out of this world rhymes. Easily best South Side rapper Besides S.P.M.
MethodMan, D.M.X. rakim, Big Pun, Red Man, Ice Cube, Dre are also good.

My List

Tupac should be first as he was just a genius with everything he did. But I vote for Biggie to try and get him above lil wayne as it is a disgrace to his memory that he is behind that Lil Wayne douchebag. Pac and Biggie would be turning in their grave if they heard lil wayne's bull that he calls rap. (and yes I know that Biggie and Tupac were cremated it just an expression). I love Eminem but he should be third (for the minute) as Tupac and Biggie are the legends of rap.

R.I.P. notorious B.I. G AND TUPAC
Gone, but will live forever as the legends of Rap.

4. Biggie changed the world just of of his 1st album. Most artists take a career to get that much legacy from what he got from his debut: Ready to Die. Plus, he has gone diamond off of Life after Death, it may not have been close to being as good as Ready to Die, but it is still awesome and another classic of his, yep, both of his albums are considered classics and are considered 2 of the 500 best albums ever, especially Ready to Die. Hypnotize also is considered one of the most popular hip-hop songs ever. Biggie is always raw on each track and goes hard on every verse. Best album: Ready to Die. Best posthumous album: Life after Death. Best verse: verse 1 on victory- Puff Daddy ft. The notorious B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes. Best song: Juicy. Best single: Juicy. Best collaboration: Flava in ya ear(remix)-Craig Mack ft. The Notorious B.I.G., Rampage, LL Cool J, and Busta Rhymes.

This is sad and annoying how emninem is #1. He's top 3 for sure but Biggie has to be #1. His flow, sound, beats, and story telling is on a whole different level. Sure you can say his songs lack meaning but I don't listen to Rap personally to learn from it or gain knowledge of the world. I'm white and being in a white area when people just say eminem is the GOAT is just dumb. I can't be the only one who thinks eminems voice is kind of annoying and high pitch? Also he's beats annoy me for some reason. And Eminem's album are kind of a waste of money, you are paying for like 3 good songs. Biggies records are filled with pure quality. But anyways it's obvious Biggie will never win in votes because there will be more young girls with crushes, and random white guys that claim Em change their life voting for Eminem in bigger numbers.

Others went from rags to riches, but biggie was the first to really go from the bottom to the top of the social pyramid. His lyrics and style reflect his real life. He does no sugar coating, he tells it like it is and his beats are rivaled only by those of Dre. He has an enormous amount of talent as well and stuck to his roots even after achieving fame. Snoop Dogg and Tupac both come just behind him, but Biggie Smalls is the greatest musician in history. His inspiration has had a profound effect on the poorer urban neighborhoods of America, giving them hope.R.I.P.B.I.G.

Put him above poser Lil Wayne for the good of mankind. Don't you all know, Biggie had the greatest flow of all time, combined with the best storytelling skills New York ever had. After Pac's unfortunate death, no one was touching him! His style and flow are so intricate that he makes you listen to what he's saying. Who else could solidify their place as a rap legend in the period of only four years. I rest my case. He at least needs to be above Lil Wayne (he's a douche).

It is such a pity that people today watch the biggest "rappers" such as Eminem or Lil Wayne, and don't even listen to greats like biggie before casting their vote. Rap has gone seriously downhill and I consider Biggie to be the greatest, a unique talent. Oh and this list is incredibly wrong. Insert Lil Wayne and Eminem into the 90s and they'd be unheard of.

Biggie had the best flow in hip hop. If you don't agree you don't understand true hip hop. Lil wayne and all these MCs suck. This list makes me sick. In no order it SHOULD be pac, biggie, nas, em, GZA, jigga, dre.

B.I. G was and is the only King of New York that I will ever recognize. I'm not saying Nas, and Jay Z weren't good rappers. To be honest Jay Z is the only rapper that is still kind of on the scene that rapped back in the Golden age. My main reason that Big should be above Tupac is that Tupac had been rapping and doing R&B for 4 more years before Big even came on the scene. It took Big less than 4 years to achieve the same level of fame with a lot less albums. Still sad that 2 of the greatest rappers died and ended the golden age, if you ask me. 2 Great flows,2 inspirational people,1 rap game to benefit from their lives

The Notorious B.I.G. could easily have taken the number two spot on this list, but since it's a subjective list, what I say goes. However, with that being said, Biggie's lyrics were absolutely incredible, and just seemed to flow without effort. His career was also (right? ) cut short by a drive by shooting in Los Angeles, California on March 9th, 1997. He was twenty-four. - GangstaReppinDaCPT

Overrated just like Tupac but better than him. He and pac get the same fame because both of them died young at the time when they were at their best. So people keep on giving this excuse. But still he was way better than Pac. His flow was excellent and he had clever word play and metaphors. The only thing in which Pac was better than him was 'lyrical subject', not lyrics. Had Nas would have died after Illmatic and Eminem after The Eminem Show, then they would have called the greatest of all time. In my opinion Eminem and Nas are the best rappers of all time.

B I G was truly the greatest, the man never dropped a bad song and could collaborate with any artist or singer, with just 1 album released before his untimely death he earned himself the title of King of new york and savior to the east coast, Biggie was a lyrical genius and had a flow like no other, What he did for the east coast was remarkable considering the west coast had the likes of Tupac, Dre, slim shady, snoop dogg, nwa, outlaws, ice cube, Pound for pound he's the biggest and greatest rapper of all time that ever lived.

I like metal music and never really liked rap. I heard hypnotize, the Juicy, then Big Poppa. I thought who is this guy? He has flow he has great lyrics, I never thought I would ever like a rapper as much as I like B.I.G. He is the definition of RAP! He is the definition of LYRICAL GENIUS! He is Notorious! He has that thing that even Tupac who I think is good and Eminem who I think is good never really had. I just wish I could say what that THING is. He gets my vote. BEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME B.I. G! Stay Juicy RIP

The flow is perfect. The easy-going, clear rhymes in his songs are one of the many reasons he deserves a #1 spot. He has rhymed words no one else thought possible and can freestyle any other rapper out the stage. Only person I know has the technique as good as Biggie would be Big Daddy Kane. Biggie changed Hip-Hop and is undoubtedly one of the most influential rapper. Great storyteller, captivating words, mesmerising lyrics, the contagious head-nodding and rapping along is what makes him, if not the greatest, one of the greatest.

Um... Hello, Biggie smalls is hands down number 1 by far. To put Eminem and Lil Wayne over Biggie is to be entirely incoherent to intelligent word play and extraordinary flow. Lil Wayne doesn't write half his music (he uses a lot of lines from famous rappers including biggie), a lot of his lines don't make any sense and there is nothing metaphorical about it. Emminem WAS great before he sold out like the majority of people you hear on the radio. You guys even say things like drake/t. I are above biggie. This is the epitome of blasphemy.

One of the father of rap introducing a new style by merging his idea and life to create stupendous lyrics. Let's never forget him!

Lil Wayne is above big? What a bad list. Lil Wayne would be in my opinion, one of the worst rappers of all time. He has no flow and has no skill freestyling. Wayne has people right his lyrics for him so he should be given no credit for anything he has done. Gotta get this clown off the list...

The greatest flow of all time. Biggie can switch paces of his rhymes from fast to slow, and still keep listeners awaiting his next line. Biggie is a legend, and both his albums are instant classics giving an insight into the artist's life and how he perceives the world we lives in, which at times can be grim (Everyday Struggle, Suicidal Thoughts) and uplifting (Hypnotize, Juicy, Sky's The Limit).R.I.P. the greatest rapper of all time - MickyG94

LIL WAYNE IS NOTHING when compared to biggie, lil wayne has no wordplay and no grasp on reality. He is superfluous. Biggie for life!

I voted for Biggie because I believe that he is the best rapper to ever have lived. The question that has always got me though was, would he be considered nearly as good if he hadn't been murdered? Imagine if Eminem, arguably the best rapper to have ever lived, had been violently murdered right after he released "The Eminem Show". He would be 10 times more of a legend than he is now, yet he still has million of fans. It really makes you wonder... - Totalbeasto001