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241 Sean Paul

I don't just think but I know that sean paul is one of the best Jamaican rapper and your right that his voice never gets old and that's one of the things I like about him, he is killing it now that's what I call swag

Bow wow has this one of a kind rapping talent like no one else does! So much swagger I mean. He's totally getting my vote

Awesome singer, rapper he should be in the 50's...

Sean should be top 60s He can't be the best Jamaican rapper cause beenie man was better and not even on the list! who made this stupid list!

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242 Cory Gunz

He should be Top 200... Up and coming I LOve cory... He raps fast... Amazing really. He is not as good as most but he deserves to move up in the list

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243 Pusha T Pusha T

An extremely underrated rapper, if you look at anything he has done with kanye then you would be amazed at how good he is flow wise.

Even though this list has King Push at 199, in reality, this rapper is considered Untouchable. Push will stay underground and continue to demolish the fake rappers that are completely overrated. Numbers on the Boards. 40 Acres.

The second most underrated rapper in this list after rick ross. Push t is really good

top 25 bs

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244 Jay Chou V 1 Comment
245 Sonny Sandoval
246 Ben J
247 Pit10

He is the best in Turkey, his quality's worldwide others on this list are lamers

Everyone must listen to "Sosyal İtici" for learn Pit10, for listen Real Rap!

Pit10 observes eveything that is happening around him and makes a perfect combination of the beat and lyrics. I recommend you to listen ' HADİ KONUŞ '
Track because he foretold the situation in Turkey before one year - the suppress of goverment, the arrest of innocent Gezi Park protesters and the insensivity of TURKISH MEDIA to this situaiton etc. - he can foresee the future. If you don't understand the lyrics of HADİ KONUŞ please AT LEAST TRANSLATE THE LYRİCS!


248 Allame Allame

He is the best freestyler in Turkey

Tukısh rapper 'allame manifesto'

He is the best battle rapper.

He is the best battle rapper,

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249 Cormega

His lyrics are great and he put heart in his music, beautiful mind is always going to be my favorite song and I can't believe he is not included already

He should be #1. No body can touch mega...

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250 Ab-Soul

Ab soul! It makes me sick when people like tyga are put in front of ab soul... Yes He is better than most of the rappers in the game today.

Very good rapper, I'm not surprised that he is this low but his album 'control system' is excellent.

Probably one of the top 5 saviors of hip hop.

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251 Watsky

Watsky, great underrated rapper, it's sad how people are rating people like Lil Wayne and B.O.B. with so many fans. Please do your self a favor and listen to Watsky if you don't like him that's okay, but give him a chance.

Why is he not higher! Lyrics that actually mean something and a fresh, New sound should have him top ten easy.

If he had a different "image" (not white/"gangsta") he'd be a LOT higher ranked, higher profile and more appreciated.

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252 Yung Nation
253 Chance the Rapper Chance the Rapper

Bringing a new realistic style to the rap field. A genius with his words, arguably the most lyrical rapper of all time. One song is all it takes to understand the incredible sounds coming from Chance. Listen to Cocoa butter kisses or 10-day and you'll immediately get it!

Chance is one of the greatest when it comes to taking a slow jazz joint or a church lifting choir with an army of trumpets and infusing some of the greatest and most honest rap verses I've ever heard

Chance the Rapper is really a breath of fresh air with his unique style. His voice too, his voice is unique too, in an awesome way. - Graham

Best rapper out there, there's no one like him and never will!

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254 Lil Bibby V 1 Comment
255 Anami Vice
256 Juelz Santana Juelz Santana

The reason Juelz is 96 is because when you think of it.. he only had 1 real like album. What I'm saying is.. He made a album that had 4 hit songs on it.. now where is he? I never hear anything about him anymore. He almost disappeared off mainstream. I remember when he was all I would listen to, now. That's why he's 96. In my opinion though he could be top 70 though.

Juelz santana is the bomb man! Why the hell is he 96 bro he had some good songs like from the bottom to the top

Human flesh in the crack Dipset he was a very electric spitter - roadrage

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257 Future Future

Future is good an all but he shouldn't be number one he should be around number 3or so my favorite song is March Madness we balling like the March Madness

Future should absolutely be higher. He's one of the most popular artists today (August 2016), and he always scores high on the charts. Top 15, definitely.

Trash asf! Can't even tell what he saying lol, his lyrics are the biggest joke I've ever seen, the beat is catchy I get it, but his lyrics (if you can even figure out what he's saying) are trash. Drake and march madness made him.

I can't be the only one who actually likes some of Future's songs. His songs are really catchy. - Catacorn

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258 Slug

One of the lyrically best and amazing flow, why he is not a higher rank I will never know. Come on people.

Come on listen to some atmosphere songs they are the best underground rap group just listen to Sunshine

Minnesota isn't known for rappers but if you hear slug your opinion may change

Unbelievable rapper. Him and Ant put every other rap group to shame

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259 Ais Ezhel Ais Ezhel

Best of rasta from Turkey!

The freestyle king <3 Rasta head

Best rapper ever. Kırmızı-Kara..! Just listen him. I think you too like

La bebe

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260 Z-Ro Z-Ro Joseph Wayne McVey IV, better known by his stage names Z-Ro and The Mo City Don, is an American rapper from Houston, Texas.

Man z-ro puts the pain on the track, that on this day an age are enduring. He is not afraid to preach truth of reality for it to be hidden from the blind an ignorant.

z ro should be up in the top ten IT WOULD BE GOOD IF THEY PLAY HIS MUSIC ON THE RADIO - southsideallday

Extremely underrated as lyrically and relateable more than any other rapper out other than 2pac

Finally I come across my boy Ro on this list. He raps from his heart and with ferocious flows, melodic hooks. And a great combination of the two, all while delivering relatable messages. He's the best south side rapper in my opinion and up there wih Em and kanye on a global scale.

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