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341 Yung Joc

Who put him he is whack

Straight up G! Should be in top 50, no doubt!

With a deep vocie to add to his rhymes he's one of my favorirte rappers check it's going down and youu will see

342 MoonMan

Moonman is a master rapper, every single one of his song has flow and deep and meaningful lyrics. His songs also cover race relationships worldwide, leading many people to seek harmony among the various races of this world. - Mai_sentry

Every time I hear his lyrics I cry.. Of happiness. Finally, a rapper who's next to the Kings of Flow and Rhythm (Biggie Cheese and 3Pac). - someone12

I really enjoyed his politically moving statements about racial equality

god m8

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343 Bobby (iKON)

He is good. I was shock that I find him here. But yeah, I prefer TOP (BIGBANG's rapper) more though...

Listen to him rap before judging...

Winner of "show me the money 3" He is a member of South Korean boy band iKON.
An extremly good rapper

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344 Webbie Webbie

He should be top 50 no doubt girl gimme that and his Diva song classic - roadrage

Man I think he should be the number 6 cause him in lil boosie got some good song I dot know what yall thinking about

345 Kool Keith

Also not in the top 200 list on this site... He is so unlike any rapper that you will ever hear and deserves much more recognition than he gets... Any doubters just listen to Dr Octagonecologist album by him and it will change your mind!

How the hell is he not top 200 at least? It's maybe because he's underground but even Eminem even looked up to him! - venomouskillingmachine

Get him higher - djdangerous

B.s. should be in top 5 ever!

346 Curren$y

Curren$y, the hot spitta, one of the greatest in the game. GET UP ON THE RANKINGS, FOOL! JET LIFE TILL THE NEXT LIFE

Curren$y is one of the most slept on rappers of all time. JET LIFE

Best rapper of all time! He is called the hardest working rapper of the game for a reason. Jets over everything!

Laugh out loud people saying Tyga and Drake are good. Curren$y is at least top 25 of all time and top 10 today.

347 MC Hammer

Only one good song

Way underrated. better than vanilla ice

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349 Chanyeol

Chanyeol is one of the best rappers in the K-pop industry and the most talented member in EXO. Not only he can rap, but he can sing, compose, play instruments and the list goes on.

I love Chanyeol! His rapping in EXO is AMAZING! In Overdose it is just beautiful, Growl its terrific. Let Out The Beast is also fabulous.

Best rapper in the kpop industry!
He writes wonderful lyrics, just look at EXO's "Promise" when Chanyeol's part comes
Those lyrics though (;0

Love you oppa

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350 D12

D12 is amazing and hilarious come on!

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351 Bad Meets Evil Bad Meets Evil

Eminem is known and you know he is in the top 5 if not 1,yet royce da 5,9 is pretty underrated even thou he has great lyrics and flow,do me him and mostly you a favor and check out layers it is legend



352 Kool Moe Dee

There was no one better in battle situations or coming off the head. Just analyze his lines before going solo. He was once going to battle the entire Furious Five group.

Kool Moe Dee and LL cool J are at least top 50. Kool Moe dee was an amazing battle rapper back in the day. - Chris-1

What is wrong with you tasteless ass kids kool moe dee was one of the pioneers of rap, I swear some of you need your heads check.

What the hell KOOl moe Dee should be in the top ten him Eminem, Macklemore, and ll cool j are the best rappers ever

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353 Bishop Lamont

Very dimensional rapper, he has got it all. Great flow, top notch lyrics both political and filled with humour. He's real and got a great personality. He'll make it in the upcomin years. word.

His songs all speak in racial discrimination and how blacks need to mature. Listen to grow up

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354 Lil Scrappy
355 Kurupt

Anyone who has really listened to Kurupt, knows he should be top 10. He would serve over 95% of the rappers on this entire list. The first song he ever recorded was when Dre gave him a shot on "Stranded on Death Row"... He opens the song, and kills it. Then he's in other songs on The Chronic... And next to Snoop, he's the star on Doggystyle.

To be honest kurupt at #246 is where I get mad. Even though he rapped as a group with the dogg pound any member of the dogg pound was a better rapper than pitbull, chris brown, tyga for sure tyga is just straight wack

Should be a lot higher even Eminem agrees he's one of the greatest. - Totalbeasto001

This is ridiculous. Track still ballin with 2pac Kurupt kills it.

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356 Warren G

Only really had a few hits but seriously with most the names above him he would deserve to be top 100 over these clowns. Regulate, this dj and a bunch of songs he featured in he had a crisp flow that people don't got these days.

One of the best rappers had ever pass. I think he deserves to be in top 10.

This page sucks, 336# warren G. Also nate dogg was in 265. you guys.

Can forget g funk error

What is this list? place 428 really? He and Nate were one of the best duos rap ever had.

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357 Sidekick
358 Kerser

This guy will be the king of hip hop one day. He's got the most determination then any rapper I know

What should be higher than 156 his in my top 3 with Eminem and tupac

The sickest while being the realist

I think he is just way down because his not from the US

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359 DeeKay

He has got good lines
"You say you are ill,
But I am the vaccine.
Like a virgin in detergent
My style is clean.
Like a combo of blue and yellow
I always make green. "


" Like my house is an airport. I'm so fly When I walk I need a passport. "

Just giving some examples. VOTE FOR HIM

He is not the best right now but next year he should be in top 100

He is good.

"This is the start of my career
The game needs change and I'm the cashier".

He has better lines though

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360 Anıl Piyancı

Tamam çok iyileri varda 210 ne amk

Anıl PİYANCI (the green man) is good Rapper!

ı love moruk

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