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341 Too Short

Best of all times he should at least be in the top 5 these young kids these days don't know who a good rapper is anymore.

Dope Straight Bay Legend
Should be a little higher on the charts he's been in the game
So long

Should be top 20-25 off ALL time! Been in the game the lo hear! No other rapiwrs have as many albums. Influences the west coast especially today! He is with top artist on many collaborations. Very underrated

At least the top 5. Too short was out when I was a kid and started the Hardcore rap that no one else was rapping about back then.
I totally disagree with the that mark.
I think he's at that mark because his rap wasn't exposed to the radio like all the other junk.

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342 Jokez

Jokez inspires me man, coming from the east coast, it isn't easy to be a rapper. he's not up there with Em and kendrick, but the guy was a great rapper

Jokez was the best rapper EVER if only more people outside of newfoundland new him his voice was very powerful...

Best rapper to ever emerge from newfoundland

R.I. P Damon "Jokez" Field

I've only recently heard his music. And its inspiring.

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343 Brotha Lynch Hung

he has some of the siccest gangsta rap - t9xstrange

I don't think there will ever be a rapper like brotha lynch hung, he should be considered at the top from all the rap fans... together with tech n9ne, x-raided and some other hella underrated rap cats

In a league of his own. One of the best of all time. Hands down. A bit under rated. But that's because of his lyrical content.

Best horrorcoe rapper and my favorite out today. - djdangerous

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344 Blac Haze

blac is the best ( since pac died ) I would love to hear his music become mainstream

345 U-God

This dude is a legend, he deserves to be way higher. At least in the top 20 of the Best Rappers in history god dammit

He belongs on here way before John Cena? He was a part of the orginal wu-tang clan

His distinct deep vocals made him one of the best wutang members, only rza, rae kwon, and insepktah deck are better.

346 Bun B

big bun is the realest rapper alive. he raps from experience and for the love of the game not to make money. he is a lyrical god

You Got That little Dude flava lav But not Bun B somethings wrong here on the realz!

Best rapper ever the Flow is best of the World

Needs to be at least top 15 if not 10!

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347 Honey Singh

He is a punjabi rapper from India and his songs are most popular these days and he should be in this list. He is the highest paid actor in bollywood too.

HE is amazing Indian rapper from the villages of Punjab but was brought up in Uk... - YoYoShivank

This guy is worse then lil Wayne and the most pathetic artist he should not be above 10000000000000000 his songs don't make sense he raps about girls party and alcohol which has bad impact on society poor lyrics and he coppies other artist call himself Eminem of India and is totally opposite

Yo yo best rapper of india

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348 Mir

He has amazing skills. He has THE perfect attitude to be a rapper! He has that swag for it and his voice is not too deep and not too high for a rapper, it's just PERFECT!

He's from MBLAQ. His rapping skills are amazing Listen to Mona Lisa and you'll truly hear his wonderful rap!

HE may not be that popular that's why I added his name.. Please vote for him guys he is truly a very good rapper n tried very hard..

Just listen yo any song od MBLAQ and you'll see

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349 Kim Hyung Jun

Hyung Jun is the best rapper number 1 for me.. I love his voice and his rappers^^ Hyung Jun Fighting!

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350 Kool Savas Kool Savas Savaş Yurderi, better known by his stage name cool Savas, is a German rapper of Turkish decent born on February 10, 1975 . more.

He is the best rapper in Germany. I haven't seen anybody better, even in the US. I wish the world could understand German, many people would recognize it.

Best rapper in Germany with no doubt!

He's one of the oldest German Rappers. He is way better than a lot of these American dudes. He should be in the top 30.! Westberlin Maskulin

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351 Arsız Bela

Best Idiot In Tr

He is not a rapper
He kill hip hop
He kill rap
He is stupid

The best Greek rapper.

Arsız bela Best İdiot In World

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352 Kayora Bitte
353 Defkhan
354 Peyman Deep

I Believe His Rapping, his rhymes, his flow, his style, his Technic, his voice, just in 18, he is awesome

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355 Fuat Ergin V 2 Comments
356 Contra

He is Best Rapper in TURKEY

Contra is contra.another details are not important.Listen with loud sounds

Contra is Best Rapper İn Turkey

Eminem of Turkey

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357 No.1

Respect number 1 Best rapper


He is the best melancoly rapper. And he have some hardcore, battle songs. He is the best undergrounder in Turkey

Number 1 from Turkey,Denizli

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358 Zenka Mysterio

Turkey is a rapper

There are more than 50 albums, part 2 of 4 times a year

A renowned name in the underground rap kocaeli

Man in the street has two new albums

Turkish rap underground respect zenka mysterio

Respect nederland zenka underground king

Respect zenka and mysterio

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359 Rap Monster

Rap monster is the best rapper in Korea, he is so intelligent he even learned English, Mandarin, Japanese, etc. He has even made english songs such as Change. He is a genius.

Too Underrated, for someone his age, very impressive, his voice is amazing and his name speaks for himself. A Genius with a good heart.

If Eunhyuk can be on this list, so can Rap Monster lol

In terms of korean rap, he has a unique voice and great feel!

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360 Suga

I love the way that Suga from BTS puts feeling and inflection into his voice when he taps. I absolutely LOVE when he performs live because he's even better. He uses all of his emotions and you will fall in love with his voice once you hear it!

Suga is an absolutely amazing rapper. He has this unique sense of rhythm which you can't help but fall in love with. Even though it hasnt been much time since he debuted, he can rap better than most of the other rappers that have been there for a long time

Great rapper, much respect for him and is (in my opinion) way too underrated for what he's doing.

Suga is one of the best rappers out there in the K-Pop industry. His rapping style is unique, his low is smooth, and his lyrics are the realest. He makes good music and puts his heart and soul into what he does. This underrated rapper (and of course his evenly talented group members) is the only thing which keeps me in touch with K-Pop.

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