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461 N.O.R.E.

The best Spanish rapper with tons of skills and a true rapper. He always stays real and keeps making music. Every song he makes is quality. He deserves to be in the top 50 for sure.

Noreaga has got a lot of great songs like: nothing' and Built Pyramids. He deserves to be in the top 50 in my opinion.

462 Pigeon John
463 Kid British
464 Roscoe Dash

You gotta love the kush inspried lyrics this guy's got to offer.

465 Eye-Kyu

Had some sick lyrics with Eminem on the infinite album

466 San Quinn
467 Sean Price
468 Akbar
469 Cheloo

Best Romanian rapper.

Here to troll

470 Jim Jones Jim Jones

Ballin enough said bump him up Yo - roadrage

471 Sage Francis

He is by far one off the most talented artists out there his style is unique and only people that truly love true hip hop from its roots will agree with me that he is in the top ten best artists. Yet I do agree with Del the funky homosapien being on of the best ITs always better when its underground because its not influenced by main stream garbage I. E lil Wayne and all of young money yeah the all blow and have no real lyrical talent all they do is rhyme words that don't exist in any dictionary

472 Andre Nickatina

Damn, this list is beyond terrible. Half the rappers that deserve to be in the top 10 are not listed close to there. Many of these emcees are not even ranked in the top 20 which is just insane. People need to have more knowledge about rap music and hip hop culture I guess before voting. Why is a Bay Area pioneer and legend that is still relevant to the contemporary hip hop scene today be placed this far down the list; An utterly insane lyricist and a master of flow, similies, metaphors, and storytelling. He glides over beats and makes rapping look simple. This is a unique skill that only certain emcees can master and Dre Dog is one of them. Nickatina would destroy most of your favorite rappers. Seriously, he is the most overrated dude in hip hop emcee wise by far. For all of you unfamiliar, take a listen to the albums "The New Jim Jones" and "I Hate You With A Passion" first. Then go on to listen to all the albums he does with fellow Bay rapper Equipto (The entire ...more - PrincelyVirtu

Wow, just wow! Andre Nickatina, AKA Dre Dog is definitely one of the best emcees out of the Bay Area along with fellow legend Mac Dre. He is also one of the greatest rappers of all time. I know that he is underground and his songs don't appeal to everyone, but he is truly the most underrated gangster rapper ever. Listen to these songs when your just chilin, and peep his unremarkable rap skills: (Jungle, Conversation With a Devil, Soul of a Coke Dealer, Dice of Life, That pt. 1 & 2, Train with No Love, Killa Whale, Situation Critical, Mind Full of Hatred, Smoke Dope and Rap)

The fact that he is this far down the list shows how little people know about rap. Listen to the song jungle and be amazed.

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473 Twiztid Twiztid

Should be way up there like in the top 20 better than Lil Wayne and t-pain

Why the hell is Twiztid at 558?! That is insane, he is one of the best rappers out there. Check out his work!

These are the devils son

The why aynt this all the way up there

474 Prozak

He should be higher. He's not top 20 material but deserves to be higher than 559!

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475 Sir Mix-a-Lot

Why the hell is Nicki above him he should be above Nicki since Nicki copied his song - venomouskillingmachine

Seattle area rapper noted for a few comical songs.

476 Dappy
477 Tinchy Stryder
478 Eyedea

Well since this is so far down the list people are most likely not going to see this but 334! This guy is should at the very least be in the 100s if not top 20 shadows have shadows and now are some of his more well know songs much better than vanilla ice or t pain

How in God's name did this guy not even make the list. I realize their are others who should be in the top 10 but to not even have this cat mentioned is blasphemy.

If you haven't heard him you don't know what real flow is. This guy is amazing from freestyle to written he'll destroy anybody that steps. So check him out and if you like his message push it on.

How is Eyedea so low on the list? He's amazing.

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479 SnakeyMan
480 Young Ty The Hitmaker

He is a lyrical genuis and he may have the best chorus besides drake, Lil Wayne and biggie but soon as he get discovered he will make a change to the rap game he can sing rap and battle. The boy is only 18 and has his own label and doing his own thing he should at least be in the top 15 as of right now.

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