HIs lyrics are amazing and what Epik High has done to the hip hop scene in Korea is amazing.

He's an amazing rapper, talent could be recognized worldwide if only he gained more popularity. EPIK HIGH is an outstanding group and should recieve better recognition internationally. Sadly, even his own people look down on him because he's experience minor depression and he lives in a somewhat unjust society at the moment. People are ostracising him, unable to believe he finished his education in 6 months and received a degree from Stanford. It's just sad, really. But despite all this, he just does what he does best and he's been doing really well, Tablo man, just know that there are just as much people who support you as much as there are who don't. Maybe even more

Tablo's songs really pack a punch and hits home. Tablo has been through so much, but doesn't let that stop him from his hopes and dreams. His songs really relate to common feelings, such as loneliness, sadness, and just the overall feeling of not being needed. You can just feel the emotions in his songs, and know that his words are sincere. Not only are his songs meaningful, but he definitely is an excellent rapper for his "rapid-fire" style of rap.

His lyrics hold so much meaning and tugs my heart every time I hear him rap. he's the one who got me into rap and now I'm also trying to compose. he's my one and only inspiration and role model. I mean what other rapper graduated stanford in 6 months? This guy has my respect.

He is seriously underrated. he shouldn't be this far down from in this chart. so what if he can't rap as fast as the dude who holds first place? He's lyrics just pack a powerful punch. listen to his some of his songs that are in English such as the cover for eyes nose lips, dear T.V. , and lesson 1 tablo's word.

I love it when tablo raps. It's so amazing and when he does rap. Its had meaning and I just love it. You totally feel his passion and the emotion in his rap. When he sings about his life it feels like you are living in it. Tablo and Epik High has to get back together and make amazing music. Love them

Sentences would never be enough to describe him. Tablo's lyrics just imitable and the best that I have ever heard. His music goes through my mind and hit not only my ears but my soul. I even become to love more Tablo after what I learnt about his hardship in the past but now he's smiling and happy to have a really simply yet wonderful family. His daughter and wife will always stay beside him forever. Fighting Tablo!

Daniel Armand Lee aka Tablo is the the most amazing rapper, poet, and essentially a artist. His lyrics have so much meanings and his songs and raps are so beautiful. Thank you Tablo. I can't say enough - he is amazing and who I look up too!

The people that aren't voting for Tablo (or at least considering it) have never heard his work. Honestly. Look up Butterfly Effect (Epik High) or Dear T.V. for raps in English. The man is a genius in so many ways. By far the best.

Okay... I love BYG but I also love Tablo. He is another meaningful lyric rapper. Ever heard "Dear T.V. "? And come on, a rapper who graduated from Stanford? Oh yeah, he's my homie.

Despite the fact that I have to rely on the translations of others to fully understand the majority of Tablo's words, even then, his words carry an amazing amount of passion, meaning, and pure lyrical genius. He is a one of my role models.

Tablo's lyrics are not only poetic but also wrapped up bound of harmonic accords and melodies. He was good in Epik High, but ever since he's gone Solo I love his music from the first to the last note.

Tablo is the most amazing rapper ever. His lyrics are downright brilliant and inspiring. I want to thank him for all that his music has done for me. Without his music, I wouldn't be alive right now.

Tablo is beyond words! He's a genius to how he phrases his words and his lyrics are more than just that but it's poetry. What he's done and said has inspired so many people, Korean or not!

I understand that Tablo is low down because being compared to other people, he's not as well known. But if the world would actually listen and understand how meaningful his lyrics are, they would finally be listening to true rap, not rap about hoes or money. No way should he be all the way down at 149.

Fantastic flow, deep songs, incredible lyricist, amazing composer, humble, and still going strong after 10 years. Not one a song about some shallow, wannabe gangster. It's poetry in its rawest form.

Tablo is a genius rapper! His words and lyrics are really meaningful and deep even for the simplest meaning can be a beautiful sentence where people would have never thought. He's a very kind man, rapper, leader, husband and father for his beautiful family.

Tablo is one of my reasons to wanna back home soon. He is not just a rapper, but a father, a hubby, a musician, but also the man who inspired.

My words can explain why he's so good, search his songs/album... Just try listen to his songs. You are going to love him.. He's very lyrical.. Different feel from general rapper I've heard.

Tablo is incredibly talented. He's a mastermind of music and needs a lot more recognition. Vote him up! He's a great rapper.

Why is Tablo not higher!? He is absolutely amazing. His raps are meaningful. He is so talented and I will say he is my favorite artist of all time.

Tablo is my hero, he's so inspiring and real and his lyrics are all so beautiful. He's so strong to have turned his pain into beautiful music!

Rapping in KoreaN he was #1 on the US and Canadian hip hop charts. Just listen to his lyrics "the fact that this low ceiling is our sky makes me both your umbrella and your rain" (rapping about how his controversy interfered with his familys future)

Tablo It really a talented rapper with his own universe. He is an author, composer of his latest album "Fever's End" an album to listen urgently!

No words needed to explain this rapper, you only need to listen to his music and you will understand why he deserve to be on top of the list!

Tablo has a certain element to his lyrics that make them absolutely amazing! He's very skilled, and his music is very easy to listen to