Tyler, The Creator

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Tyler Gregory Okonma (born March 6, 1991), better known by his stage name Tyler, The Creator, is an American rapper, record producer, and music video director.


Tyler has a unique and crazy style of rap that other rappers don't have these days. Should be at least top 50. He's getting more famous by the second and will be up there eventually.

Holy crap, his music has helped me out through very hard times. I have a divorced family, and it hurts me every single day, and Answer helped a lot through those times. And when I just want a bumping tune to listen to, I just listen to Tamale, to get a laugh or two but while going hard to it. Tyler The Creator and Eminem both have helped me through hard times, and they are my favorite rappers of all time. Tyler is the best current rapper (I don't really like Kendrick Lamar that much), he deserves to be top 20 at least!

Honestly, this guy has a lot of talent. He is 24 and has released two great albums. I'll admit, cherry bomb was a little weak, but don't sleep on this dude. His beats are great and he does everything himself. He writes his own rhymes, produces his own beats, in my book that gets you real far. As this guy gets older he'll just get better. This guy is special

He's not really Like a "gangster" as most rappers are like or want to be he's different and definitely not afraid to speak his mind. Some might say lyrics are insulting but that's just the way he is. He dosnt really like the title "rapper" either. He sees the world through different eyes and that's why I love him and his music so much. He has a different style and is amazing. I've been listening to him since 6th grade and I'm a freshman in highschool now and I still listen to his music

How is Tyler the creator 100. He is better than all of the bottom 50 hands down except maybe ice cube. He is a lyrical genius and spits rhymes way better than tinnie tempeh and all the other rappers you put above him

Tyler is different in a good way he won't be your cool boy but he won't be your badass gangster neither, cause he has some real problems in his mind. That makes him so special his lyrics are weird but make sense though.

He is a unique rapper that if you don't mind the occasional dark or jazzy song can sound quite appealing, today's youth are more provoked by his lyrics because he is as old as the people who listen to his music, I think he should at least be in the top 50, he just connects well with all of us, what he says is what a lot of people want to say but don't have the courage, OFWGKTA Free Earl

Each year, this guy's gonna climb on this list. He's still a young guy and is only getting started. Great rapper and a great personality.

Tyler, the creator is an amazing rapper he don't care bout what he says he'll say wats on his mind cause he wants to. his rapping is amazing he has great songs like yonkers, tamale, sam is dead, and domo 23. he has rapped with great rappers like mac miller, earl sweatshirt, pusha t, and lil Wayne. he deserves to be a lot higher on this list.

Tyler, what can I see. Tyler doesn't even care and that's why he is the best. He doesn't care what you think and he doesn't care what anyone thinks. That's why he is ace. Plus, Tyler can make any song in the world. From "Slater," to "Trashwang" to "Keep the O's," to "Okaga." Tyler can create any mood. When I listen to his music I'm transported. "Campfire" is fantastic he can capture any emotion and most impressively switch moods between any song. In "Slater" he goes from rap to Jazz. Tyler is not just a rapper, Tyler is not just an artist, Tyler is not just an inspiration, Tyler is a hero. Also he doesn't roll doobies or pop Xans. "While you're rolling doobies I be in my bedroom scoring movies." Tyler just fills in a gap that is missing in music. He is relatable to many people who doesn't seem to be represented in music. (That sounds corny but it is true). He can make a song relating to anything a young person experience. Also he has great tastes and beats. He is a lot more ...more

He is the best rapper alive and the leader of Odd Future he is a great lyricist and a very emotional rapper

Not saying he is one of the best ever but a lot of what he has done should make him top 150 already, I mean come on, Asher roth better than him? That's a joke

He may still be just a teen but he raps about real life experiences and how he feels, he may act crazy but its his way of expressing himself.

Very underrated Rapper and storyteller. If you actually take the time to listen to the music and what he is saying. He is a lyrical genius!

For me one of the best rappers he is different than the others he doesn't change his style he doesn't change like lil Wayne who went from a gangster to a skater

The fact that Tyler's not even in the top 100 is a travesty. The first time I saw the video for Yonkers I thought, "This dude is insane. "

Although his lyrics are explicit, his music bring along great points. His voice sounds perfect. And Tyler really does make fascinating raps (um Yonkers got over 20 million views on YouTube overnight! ) listen to Tyler. And you will easily fall in love with not only him, but Earl, Domo Genisis, Hodgy Beats, and many other members of odd future. (OFWGKTA). Tyler should be before Lil Wayne. And Rick Ross

Tyler should at LEAST be in top twenty.

Tyler lives in a different world of hip-hop.

Tyler is the most original rapper out there today! He is by no means the best.. His not even the best in odd future #earlyman but what's the point of having all the skill in the world if you have no message #youngmoney or having a good message but beats that make your hard to listen to #nas Tyler's is fun just good ass music.. His at least in the top 15

He made his style popular and started a rap group from nothing

Tyler is my favorite rapper, I don't know why he's not at least at #20

This I agree with, Tyler the creator was a hype train and deserves to be this low down.

Really good deserves higher rank

He needs to be higher on this list.