Yong Jun-hyung


Junhyung is not only an amazing rapper, he is also a wonderful songwriter. He has written the rap for many of B2ST's songs. He constantly works with other artists and either gives ideas or features in their songs. I am proud to be a B2UTY! B2ST fighting!

I'm not a big fan of western rap, but Korean artists made me enjoy that kind of music. Choosing only one rapper is really hard: at first I would say one of those talented Korean rappers who have their own amazing style.

But in the end, I would pick Yong Junhyung. Even if his skills are not the best in Korea I feel he's really honest in every thing he does. I love that sincerity, you can almost touch it when you hear him rapping.

And he improved so much since he debuted with BEAST! He dared to try new ways of rapping, and it works like magic. I know he will learn a lot more in the next years. I can't wait to see that, he will be definitely the best!

I think Joker has his own rap style. Many people said that he imitate other Korean rapper, but that's not true. Rap is originally originated from Africa, Jamaica and America. Not from one rapper, but from many DJs or singers. And all rappers put their style on it. You cannot criticize him. And I think his is good at rapping, composition, and writing the words. So, I'm not a big fan of him but I'd like to support and vote for him

Brimming with talent and potential, Yong Junhyung (who is also known as The Joker) of BEAST comes up with meaningful raps (which he wrote himself) that blend harmoniously with any kind of song, may it be an electro-dance pop or a stirring ballad. Not to mention, he has a great singing voice to match his simple yet impact-filled rapping. Take time to get to know this artist from South Korea to fully appreciate his creative output and musical skills.

He is a fantastic rapper, his voice is amazing, and the songs he composed are great. Not many would have considered, but is one of the best. Gradually Junhyung will become number one and all will know. Fight Joker. I love him.

Well, our fellow rapper has obviously gotten himself more credit than being only at a mere spot at 88. He is a really good rapper that uses his own lyrics and his own emotions into whatever he is doing and you can see it in the work that he is producing. Having put in so much effort, I think he should be more recognized.

Yong Junhyung is a genius. He writes his raps on his own, he composes and creates whole new songs; he knows how to express feelings with words. I'm into the Kpop fandom and Junhyung is my so called 'ultimate bias', because he does epic music and one day he will be a great producer, I'm pretty sure.

He is so far the one of the very few rappers who I feel genuinely add substance to a song and he writes beautifully poetic lyrics as well as really jam-worthy songs. Even though he has a lovely singing voice he raps because everyone knows that's what he can do better than anybody else.

Well. This boy has a really good skill on rapping. He even help composed so many other kpop singer and feature in other's famous singer such as baek jiyoung, eru, hyuna, and other. Many of other great artist ask for his help to compose their song. Their 'title track' isn't it's amazing? And you will get the feel of the song when you hear his rap skill!

He is one of the best rapper in South Korea. He is also a great composer. He has more than 20 songs registered for copyright, and he has featured as rappers for top singers like Wheesung and Baek Ji Young. He has learnt to compose his own rap lyrics since debut in Beast.

All the time, he got swag. I love all his rapping part, it doesn't ruin the mood when you listening to their music but rather attract you more to put that song on repeat. Although he's not singing, his rapping flow smoothly with the song. And I love all his featuring in other singer's song. Love him :D

He is rapping with his own stlye and soul! Also he can play in rhythm and his show. His lynics is so honest and unaffected. He is real rapper. In Korea, many of singer and artist want to work with Jun-hyung, because his rap style is likely to harmonize any singer's song. Actually I like him.. But I think everyone can like him if you listen his rapping! Wow! Anyway I love Jun-hyung

Junhyung is an amazing rapper. He composes a lot of Beast's songs also and he always tries his best to make the songs sound awesome. His raps are always smooth and it has great meanings! His voice is very nice and you will sure love his raps once you get to know him better! B2uties love him!

I like junhyung's rap.. I am b2uty and I'm proud to be that... Please look over him nicely... He's the coolest rapper I've ever knew... I'm just saying what is the best... Kinda boring of American's rap... So sorry, if you know him well, the style and the way that he rap just amazing...

Unique, talented, gifted, not to mention one of the most hardworking idols to name these days. His swaggy good looks is definitely a plus point. You'll never know what's up in his sleeves as he's always out to surprise us with his compositions! Definitely worth keeping a lookout for if you haven't known him yet.

Best rapper ever! He is number one in Korea and he deserves to be number one everywhere else. His raps are more than just a slur of words or rhyms put together, they actualy mean something. Not all about sex and money but about real feelings! He deserves more credit than some people give him!

Of course I go for my Bias, Yong Junhyung, uhmm, it is not ONLY because He's my Bias but I love his songs, his not only a rapper, but he is also a songwriter, he wrote some High Ranked songs in BEAST (not only Beast), He's also a loving Son to his family, a loving Idol to his fans, he's serious and devoted to his work to make it better or more than the best, he raps VERY AWESOME! That's I could surely say, You find him boring but for me, he's not, he has deeper thoughts than everyone else, he put his life and learnings to his songs, what more I could say about him? He's the best! FOR ME! ALL THE TIME

What ti say? He just has his own style and he is one of the few rappers I really like and can listen to time after time.
I really think he sould get more credit for his work! I mean... I know many rapper write they're own lyrics n stuff but come on! If you know JunHyung I'll putt his soul into his rapps or even song!

I'm not a big fan of rapping but I really like JunHyung for his styl n lyrics!
He is just the best!

Yong Junhyung is really an awesome rapper, he's good at everything he does ; rapping, singing, dancing, writing songs, composing... And many other things plus his style in music is really different from American rappers and that's what makes him unique and really cool. So please vote for our Joker!

Jun Hyung's rapping style is unusual. It is not too powerful and aggressive or too rude like most of the others' R. I love his voice : it is so sweet and I never get sick of any raps of his. He has the capability to manage all types of songs and he knows how to make them his. He often makes his own music - the songs are amazing. I expect a lot from him in future as well. I hope he does not strain himself too much as a fan.

JunHyung is quite different from other Kpop Idol rappers. He writes his own raps, and sometimes, they stand for something deeper and meaningful than what you'll ever hear on the radio. The Joker needs to be heard, guys. He is the BEST.

THe Joker is the best rapper in the world, because he has his own style of rap, and he can do any types of rapping. Hard rapping, or soft rapping. His has perfect pronunciation even when his rapping very fast. He is also talented at making songs. I think it's really good to be talented at making songs because you can get lots of money and your music skill will get higher. HE IS THE BEST! I LOVE BEAST!

He's the best charisma rapper I've known since GD and TOP!
i love his style, his voice when he rapping, his smile, his eyes, and everything about him I like the most!
i hope he can win this!

His "story-telling" style of rapping is unique and makes him stand out the most from other rapper I've heard before. His rapping part makes a lot of songs featuring him as rapper distinctive. His rapping part can be very ballad but strong at the same time. Beside rapping, he can sing, write, produce, compose and act. You should listen to his songs and get addicted like I did.

He's got a lot of emotion and rhythm in his lyrics and rapping, and his songs always showcase his talents so adequately without being too showy. He's really one of Korea's most valuable songwriter-composer-rapper of all time.