Best Hell's Kitchen Seasons

The Top Ten
1 Season 6

My favorite season. Two of my favorite contestants of all time: Dave and Kevin, were in this season.

2 Season 14

Season 14 should be much higher, the level of talent and skill this season was through the roof. Only reason why some chefs didn't get Black Jackets is because others outperformed them. If contestants like Adam, Randy, Alison (who deserved one over Josh), Christine or Sarah had been in other seasons (Season 8), they probably would've earned Black Jackets.

The most stimulating season. I believe over half of the cooks deserve black jackets. The top three was fantastic.

3 Season 5

Most entertaining season aside from the atrocious soundtrack

4 Season 1
5 Season 12

Such a great season!

6 Season 9
7 Season 10
8 Season 4
9 Season 18
10 Season 3
The Contenders
11 Season 7
12 Season 13
13 Season 2
14 Season 19
15 Season 17
16 Season 20
17 Season 11

Worst season of the show

18 Season 21
19 Season 22
20 Season 8

One of the worst seasons, mainly due to chefs like Raj, Russell, Sabrina, Melissa, Boris, and Trev.

21 Season 16

The blue team was so pathetic it made season 10's blue team look better

This season's Blue team make season 2's Blue team look like gods.

22 Season 15

Horrible season because of the decisions they made, and Jackie

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