Top Ten Chefs from Hell's Kitchen Season 11

The Top Ten
1 Jon Scallion

Jon deserved to win. Anyway he still got the prize

At least he kept his jacket

Best contender

He actually ended up working for Gordon Ramsay!

2 Ja'Nel Witt

John was better than her

Failed drugs test

3 Anthony Rodriguez

The only consistent chef on the blue team (apart from Jon). At the least, making it to the black jackets would be good. For the most, he should at least get top 4 or 3.

Zach should of been eliminated instead of Anthony

He deserved more for black jacket than Susan

Needed more confidence

4 Cyndi Stanimirov

Should be higher than Mary or Anthony, much more consistent and didn't have an annoying voice.

5 Mary Poehnelt

Improved a lot

6 Michael Langdon

Nearly had a fight with Dan

1 bad service

7 Ray Alongi

Zach sabotaged him

Had senior moment

8 Susan Heaton
9 Zach Womack

Got worse as series went on

Inconsistently good

10 Alfredo Al Dente
The Contenders
11 Barret Beyer

His chances of winning went down every week

12 Jessica Lewis

She was shortchanged.

13 Dan Ryan

Should be at the very bottom, he was the worst of that season

14 Amanda Giblin

She could not cook meat

Can't cook meat

15 Danielle Boorn
16 Christian Rosati

Jeremy should of been eliminated other him

17 Raj Brandston
18 Jeremy Madden
19 Nedra Harris
20 Gina Aloise
21 Sebastian Royo
22 Jimmy Casey

What is he doing here? This is contestant from season 1

23 Jacqueline Baldassari
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