Top Ten Reasons That Cats Are Better Than Dogs


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41 Cats don't howl at 2 AM

THAT'S BECAUSE CATS CAN'T HOWL! They do, though, meow and constantly make unnatural, weird noises.

Okay, people. Dogs will howl all night and cats will yowl all night. Deal with it. It's the way these animals are.

They just snuggle with you and purr themselves to sleep. Dogs will howl relentlessly until you get out the gun.

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42 Cats care

Dogs don't. If there was a house fire, your cat would wake you up to get you out safely, but dogs would squirm out the back door.

Dogs only save other people. The cats will save you.

To the comment about the housefire - one of the reasons on top ten reasons why dogs are better is that but theother way around.

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43 Cats bring inner peace, joy, and hope

Dogs also bring inner peace, joy, and hope. Seriously, though; get your facts straight before you post. Cats are the ones who are just with you until you have no more cat food, or money for it. Then they just run away, after they've used you enogh. Dogs will stick with you in all your ups and downs.

Dogs just want to be fed their next meal. Cats will sit in your lap and console you until you're okay, and cats'll make sure you are.

Cats just eat then they leave to hang out with their cat friendss

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