Top 10 Reasons to Drop Out of School

Warning: While all statistics and trends are accurate, approximately 44% of this post is not true. We trust you to make that distinction.

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1 To Stay Closer to Mom and Dad

Your mom and dad are your best friends in the world so you would always want to stay close to them.

so true,

What are Mom and Dad going to put in the basement if you leave? I'm sure they'll get a treadmill to fill up the space.

2 My Band is About to Hit it Big

i hope so - DenyYourMaker

It's hard to get a real and formal education if a record company actually signs you and your band and you go on tour; it's happened before.

I bet you guys are good. Why not get a degree while you're on the road? It's never a bad idea to have a backup plan in case the Trash Storm doesn't get a record deal anytime soon.

That would be a cool way to not have to go to school!

3 I've Already Started my Own Company
4 I'm Too Cool for School

You right my guy propsss

To much zwag and klout lol

Yes, and you won't be cool when you have no money and live on the streets... All because you thought your "Screaming Death Monkeys With Maces" band was going to hit it big. I'll pass on that.

Personally, school life is cooler than thug life. - MChkflaguard_Yt

5 I Won The Lottery

I WON THE LOTTERY! people may think I have money I don't need a job or an education

This is a good reason to drop out... Not that I would. Why is halo at the top nobody even likes that game its for noobs and nerds that have noting to do with their life. Play Call of Duty its for real men. - gamer123

6 I Want to Be a Bum

I'd be fine leeching off my mom but not my girlfriend - DenyYourMaker

You mean you want to be a tramp.
Bum means your backside.

I've always lived in a box under a bridge. It's pretty fun. You can talk to other bums, pigeons, boxes, crazy people in cars, aliens. It's great spotting aliens under the bridge - SirSkeletorThe3rd

I love being a bum on the streets, scavenge out food from the trashcans and make a living off the money people give to me so that I can buy signs and drugs.

7 Lazy

SCHOOL SUCKS. I never wanna leave my room.

Don't give a crap about school.

8 I Need to Beat WoW / Halo / Rock Band

These games provide hours, perhaps days, of fun and destruction. Maybe you could be one of those people who tests video games. That would be awesome.

With gamers like me, I could complete it in a week - SirSkeletorThe3rd

9 School is Taking Over My Social Life

ABSOLUTELY school may hurt your social life

I AGREE! I've had all my boyfriend breakups at school... no I'm so freakin lonely!

LOVE IT! Laugh out loud!

We know that sometimes it's hard to imagine your school experience boosting your social life, but it can! Go to class --> meet new people. It's almost like magic!

10 Money is Overrated

But it sure is necessary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school graduates make $16,000 less annually than those with bachelor's degrees. You probably wouldn't be interested in that, though.

The Contenders

11 School is Worthless

Actually I am 12, and I am dropping out of school because of this and because I wanna help the planet, literally gonna go out everyday to pick up garbage and because of other personal reasons.

I love this meme

What is the point of learning shapes in 9th grade. We should be learning how to pay taxes or buy a house. why can't they just teach us things that are important in our everyday lives.

It dumb

12 Nobody Cares About Degrees

Nobody cares about degrees anymore. Your future is completely dependent on experience. I don't need a piece of paper to tell people I know what I'm doing.

*Remember one basic rule: What others say about you is more important than what you say about yourself.

13 My Dad Never Graduated from College and He's Fine

The job market is a lot different than it was when your dad was your age. Most employers now screen applicant according to education. You want to make sure you have a degree to get you in the door.

Neither of my parents went to college

my dad went a year without work and now he's making more money than ever - DenyYourMaker

14 Too Much Homework

No, worry about high school and enjoy 4th grade while it lasts.

Yes! I'm in 4th grade and my mom said: " when I was in fourth grade homework was way harder." It's still hard now!

15 Independence is Overrated

Has your car ever broken down? Has your computer ever crashed? Have you ever wanted to make your own website? What if you had a degree that allowed you to do that for yourself and other people and you actually got paid? Before you know it, you're moving out of Mom and Dad's and the treadmill is moving in.

16 My Career Goal is Working at McDonald's


17 I Can't Stand The Kids In My Classes

That would be the only reason why I would even consider dropping out. The kids at my school are crazy... - MusicalPony

There is always going to be those annoying and immature kids in your class or classes. Some can handle it, and some can't. If it is really bothering a person that much to where its getting into a problem. Say you can't focus on your studies in class because of them or you just want to jump over the desk and just punch them in the face. Yeah some people probably feel that way. I actually do, not to mention that the one teacher I have doesn't do anything about it. You confront him and he just says "Don't" one time to the annoying kid. Its like what really. I think I am just gonna drop out of school anyway. My whole class is a joke with a stupid ass teacher. My Dad and Brother dropped out so I guess I am next.

18 I'm the Biggest Victim of Bullying

3 of my friends dropped out because of this

19 It's All a Scam

Pretty much, they want cram all of this educational stuff into your head within 6 or 7 hours, just so they can make thousands of dollars off of your parents.

20 Schools Not for Me

I've always hated school more than anything. I'm 14 and it's my freshmen year. I will do anything to drop out, I have dumb reasons for dropping out. I have sever depression, I'm failing almost all my classes, and I can't keep up with the work. I haven't done even one page of work this year and its almost November. The only reason why I don't do my work is because I just don't care.

Wish I had no school so I can do some things I like

School's not for you? Oh please.

I've always hated school more than anything.My principle and vice principale suck and I hate all the kids in my class. I've always hated school since kindergarten.

21 Go to College Earlier
22 I Want to Live in the Streets

Or go to jail. Free food no bills


23 Because Its Boring

A fact - Oliversky

School is boring and I'm gonna drop out


24 I can be a stripper and still make money

Like in all reality, we've all thought about this. Even if they're payin you to put you clothes on, still making bank.

25 The School is Bad
26 I Own the House, Not the School
27 I Already Know Everything I'll Ever Learn
28 Family Problems
29 The Economy Won't Get Me Anywhere Anyway.

We are living in a world with so much social, political and ECONOMICAL instability to the extent that everything you invest in - education included, does not gaurantee you success. And due to unscrupulous economic activities by a priveledged few some people are making it without anything, its all about who you know and not how much you know.

30 The Things They Teach Us are Not Useful We Need to Know How to Do Taxes, Buy a House/Car, the Basics of Math and Everything, We Don’t Need to Know the Radius of a Circle or the Volume of a Cone.

I agree!

31 You Can Make Loads More Money Off of YouTube by Making Videos of Things You Enjoy Doing.

And not some boring old job that you hate that only pays $30,000 a year.

32 I Must Play Call of Duty All the Time

A Call of Duty fanboy added this. - MChkflaguard_Yt

This Isn't a Valid reason to drop out of school. This must be removed from this list. - Animefan12

33 I'm Too Busy Playing Guitar Hero
34 I Can't Learn the Skills I Need for My Business in College

I always wanted to be independent of a 9-5 job. So I do everything to build a business. Although the time needed for college really blocks me. So why not drop out and learn on my own?

35 Cause I wanna help the Earth in all the possible ways, and there is no time if you go to school.

Literally I am 12 and I have various deseases and I think the only way my life can matter is dropping out of school and picking up garbage everyday.

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