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1 Her Voice is Annoying

She broke up with that guy Ryan because every time she tried to kiss him, she stabbed him with her he enormous exaggerated cheekbones that take up more than half her ugly plastic face!

I'm DEFINITELY remixing this list. I agree with all the items here. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She shows off to much of her body in one picture he butt was hanging out of her under where

Her music is crap

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2 She's a Disney Star

So just because she's from Disney makes her someone to hate. That's real mature and reasonable. - JHLover321

I love Nickelodeon but why a person should hate her because she's a Disney STAR?!

She teased people and show off

Oh my god! dove Cameron's a Disney star so what! She's my cousin I'll tell her now

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3 Steals the Spotlight

She has her name in the description of a video Ryan McCartan's video (Dead Girl Walking in the musical Heathers) just so people know about her, how is that not stealing the spotlight?

That's not true

4 Her Show Liv and Maddie

Why a person should hate her because her show is Liv and Maddie?

She changed the whole script

This is a racist list.

I agree

5 Her Character Liv Thinks She's Better Than Everyone Else, Including Her Sister

Which one they're both like that

6 She Looks Like She Had Plastic Surgery

I hate people who had plastic surgery - IHateDoveCameron

That doesn't make since!

not true!

Yeah, I agree. SHE DEFINITELY HAD. She's such a bitch.

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7 No Talent

She really can't act. I watched Descendants and it was bad on its own, but she made it SUPER BAD. She can't sing, can't act, and only has a job because she's cute, and eight year old girls don't know better.

Also, I can't even watch Mulan now thanks to her STUPID STUPID Descendants film!

I'm sorry but this is true. She is not a good actress. Her acting seems fake and insincere.I just don't like her personality.

First of all,I'm so sorry that you hate Descendants and second,why watching Descendants stop you from watching Mulan?

Awesome talent!

8 She is Fake

She's fake because she says her name is Dove on aptalk shows and but he real name is Chloe. Like Boi.

She's not fake. - LapisBob

She went through a lot and she is really sweeettt and come on stop the hate

No she is the cutest and most talented giriƟ in the world

9 Tries Too Hard

She tries whch is great!

10 She Can't Sing

I hate how she thinks she is a great singer with her nasal voice that makes my eardrum bleeds.
I also have met her in person and she is so stuck up, snobbish and full of herself.

Her singing is awesome in my opinion. I'm sorry that you meeting her was so darn traumatizing that you have to hate her forever. #sympathy - JHLover321


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? Mean to China Anne McClain

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11 She's Very Stereotypical on Her Show Liv and Maddie

And name a show that isn't stereotypical. Technically Maddie only likes basketball, so gets your facts straight. - JHLover321

Liv- portrayed by Dove Cameron, the stereotypical girly-girl actress Maddie- also portrayed by Dove Cameron, the stereotypical tomboy who likes sports, not all tomboys like sports, I am a tomboy and I really hate sports. - IHateDoveCameron

12 Ugly

I think she's ugly. Most people are ugly in my opinion. The average person is ugly, and I hate how people call unattractive people "gorgeous" or pretty. It would suck if everyone has higher standards though because an actual person would get too much attention, I think. Dove Cameron's body isn't as disgusting as her face though, so I'll give her that. - DanielBandy

I agree. Most people are ugly in my opinion, actually. The average person is ugly, and I hate how people call unattractive people "gorgeous" or pretty. It would really suck if everyone had standards as high as mine or higher though, because an actual attractive person would get too much attention, I think.

Well you shouldn't exactly be calling her ugly either...

This list is not very nice. She's not ugly. - LapisBob

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13 Broke Up with Sweet Ryan McCartan

This is the number one reason to hate her. She honestly did him a huge favor. He is a perfect god, why would you throw away a good thing like that.

Yes I completely agree with this. She's such a hypocrite saying sweet stuff about Ryan when she was with him and then badmouthing him when they broke up.

I agree that Ryan McCartan is a great person and he is just generally really sweet and has a great voice and did really well in Heathers.

No she didn't broke up with Ryan Mccratan. She broke the egangement so ya better stop saying that she did

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14 She is Actually is Not Perfect but She Acts Like It

She acts like she's the best

15 Doesn't Know How to Wear a Regular Shirt - Always Has to Be a Crop Top

You people are crazy. She doesn't wear much of those.

16 She Might Be Joining the Riverdale Cast

I don't hope so!

17 She's Part French

Racist. And also what does it have to do with anything? You can't hate someone just because she's part french!

How Scandalous! - judo8alex

18 She's a Girl

That's sexist

This is the DEVIL'S list. You put that she is a girl on the god dang list! Who in the Bloody heck has the time to make a list this stupid. Y'all beta go on and get yo self a life! GET A LIFE

19 Famewhore

She kind of is

20 Portrays Most Other Blonde Girls Dumb
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