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1 Nick Has Bad Shows

They continue to make TERRIBLE shows. Sanjay and Craig, BreadWinners, Pig Goat Banana Cricket, and so on. Their new live action shows suck too, Bella and the Bulldogs, really? The last good sitcom they made was iCarly, or maybe Victorious. But since both shows ended Nick cast them away and quickly replaced them, that is one of the fates of a good Nick show. But one of the most well known paths are those of SpongeBob and Fairly OddParents. Those two are Nickelodeons current legs and backbone, cash cows, longest running, highest rated, and most popular shows. But they degraded MAJORLY over the years. SpongeBob went sour after the movie in 2004 and FOP tumbled down after in 2008. Both shows used to be awesome, and their old episodes I still watch and enjoy. The characters personalities changed, the voices became irritating, plots became weaker, continuity doesn't matter anymore, the jokes are lame, the new animation sucks, and new characters are being thrown in at every turn. To sum it ...more

SpongeBob has been seeing improvement since the 2nd movie but it's nowhere as improved as the original 4 seasons. - Kid_neder_128

They can't make good shows anymore. I was born in 1998 and I liked some of the god ol' Nick shows. In the 90's they had Rugrats, Ren & Stimpey, Doug, Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold, and in the 00's they had SpongeBob (pre-2009), FairlyOdd Parents, and Jimmy Neutron for Nicktoons. Live action shows? They had All That, The Secret World of Alex Mack, All That, Keenan & Kel, Amanda Show, Drake & Josh, and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. What do we have now? Nicktoons: Fanboy & Chum Chum, TUFF Puppy, Planet Sheen (all suck) Live action: Fred: The Show, Marvin Marvin, Mr. Meaty, Victorious, and Bucket & Skinners Epic Adventures (all suck). I did think iCarly was OK. But, they lost their touch in 2008. The network went from paradise for great shows to a Hell for pathetic ones. Back in the good ol' days it was the cool kids that liked Nick. Now? It's the brats that like Nick. Back then the targeted demographic was 7 until 13 (sometimes even 14). Now it's target is 5 until 9. It's ...more - greatesttop10s

There is Every Witch Way, it's a great show and doesn't need to get cancelled, but it's the last good show on Nick.

They should just go back to the original series like Hey Arnold!, the Rugrats, early SpongeBob and Fairly Oddparents, Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, and definitely My Life as a Teenage Robot. And please, for the love of god, PLEASE stop making those GOD AWFUL LIVE ACTION SERIES. Anything Drake and Josh or prior awesome! But after that Nickelodeon just gave up on making creative live action shows and resorted to what they thought would make them the most money.

I really hate the live action shows - YoshiApple

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2 Cancelling Invader Zim



I love Invader Zim. don't cancel it! - cosmo

How is this a bad thing? It was cancelled then so we could remember it now. If it was still running, it would go bad.

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3 Breadwinners Breadwinners Breadwinners is a 2014 animated comedy television series produced by Nickelodeon. It is about the adventures of SwaySway and Buhdeuce, two ducks who drive in a rocket van delivering bread to their customers.

Two little duckies dancing in their butts, Swaysway fell & turned into snow, his mommy called the doctor and the doctor said, no more duckies ruining the show.

I agree this show sucks compared to a SHOW ABOUT PONIES! - MrBrony8675309

Most popular kids show for 2-11 ever? That is a lie. I am 10 years old and had hated it when I was only 9.

At least it would have been better on Nick Jr. - Kid_ethinederland

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4 Toilet-Related Humor

This is exactly what Nick is up to these days.

Do they really think kids like this stuff? - nintendofan126

Why nick? WHY? Only 30% of the people on this planet like potty humor! Most kids don't! Shows like Sanjay and Craig that had this kind of humor made me stop watching nick altogether!

Poor influence for impressionable, learning, young ones

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5 Fanboy and Chum Chum Fanboy and Chum Chum Fanboy & Chum Chum is an American 3D CGI animated television series created by Eric Robles for Nickelodeon. It is based on Fanboy, an animated short created by Robles for Nicktoons and Frederator Studios, which was broadcast August 14, 2009 to July 12, 2014 on Random! Cartoons. The series was first more.

One of the worst animated shows ever

This show is just the most retarded thing I have ever seen. I want this show to die in a fire.

This show is not funny at all! The only likeable characters are Kyle, Boog, and Lenny. Everybody else is unlikeable.

One of the earlier shows became a Facist of cartoons (meanwhile, CN got took over by the Nazi Reboots) the two shows took over to continue it's legacy. But unfortunately the two live for over almost 3 years before they killed by Loud House. I'm really glad those shows we're gone and the Nicktoon era returns happily with new Arnold movie last November and Spongebob brought it's health back. But this show was not only the worst cartoon in Nick but the whole cartoon history.

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6 They Can't Make Good Shows Anymore

We use to have the loveable shows like Rugrats and nice sponge bob shows NOW WE HAVE UGLY FART SHOWS LIKE PIG GOAT BANNA CRICKET I really liked the other nick shows The loud house is a nice show but the FAILURES behind it are horrible._. Like the modern spongebob and Harvey Beaks and ugly terrible Rabbis they also have the bad human like Alvin in the chipmunks with the Selfish characters And the bad voice acting so this is down side reason why Nickelodeon has got beat badly by Cartoon network

They started a new show, "The Loud House". First good show in years

I understand that they can't make anymore good shows, but they did make two good shows recently, Winx Club & Every Witch Way.

It might sound like a stupid idea but...why can't nickelodeon and NETFLIX work together on something? (Nickelodeon already worked with other companies, I think sony music,for making music for the shows on nick? Maybe they can do something together? ) I don't know, I might sound stupid.., - AVERAGENL

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7 No More Reruns of 90s Nick Except for Teen Nick

Shows that originally aired in 90s and 2000-2004 ended in different 3 ways by either ending like they should have like Rugrats, usually with a decent amount of marketing involved, they ended with a very anti-climatic ending like Danny Phantom, or they had many loose ends and ended on a bad note like My Life as a Teenage Robot, with the latter 2 show endings having odd a crappy airing times and days with little marketing.

Can't they just show the old Nickelodeon shows during the day instead of the wee hours of the morning?

Plus, they show it at 1 am, and I never stay up that late.

They still do air them on TN

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8 Cartoon Network is Better

The only show I like on nick is SpongeBob. Cartoon Network is has shows I like such as ben 10 and star wars.

Don't forget about regular show and gum ball.

SpongeBob stinks now, he's just a spoiled child and stuck loving his dead end job with a greedy boss who drove a rival to suicide attempt and would sell him for a penny!

Actually CN is worse due to TTG - BorisRule

I wouldn't say worse but their floating now (It's a 1 step forward 2 steps backward situation) - Kid_ethinederland

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9 Continuing to Air Dora the Explorer and Not Blue's Clues

This is so true! Blue's Clues was infinity times better than Dora!

I hate Dora and Love Blue's Clues. Why do Nick cancel Blue's Clues and keep Dora airing?! Because Blue's Clues is a show that have colorful floppy ear puppies as the characters and only 1 human? - MLPFan

Blues Clues was ten times better than Dora will ever be. - Connor360

Dora is garbage.

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10 Disney Channel Is Better

That's right Disney Channel is better, well at least until Every Witch Way aired, but once that gets canceled, Nickelodeon will be gone from the channels & kids will no longer have a good life.

Disney Channel may also have mostly brainwashed girly tween sitcoms, but it at least has decent modern cartoons like Gravity Falls and vintage Mickey Mouse cartoons. Likewise, Disney Channel sometimes plays classic Disney and Pixar movies like Toy Story and Lion King. The only modern Nickelodeon shows that play other than the brainwashed girly tween sitcoms are cartoons with toilet and fart jokes like Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners. - anonygirl

Disney Channel is terrible, but Disney is a tad bit better. At least they have Gravity Falls and are currently airing Doctor Who

To whoever said that Disney Channel was better than Nickelodeon until Every Witch Way aired, please tell me you love some other Disney Channel series such as Gravity Falls. Sadly, Every Witch Way was cancelled (I mean the whole franchise)! Nickelodeon has sitcoms that are even more brainwashed girly tween sitcoms than Disney Channel. Anonygirl and cartoonfan101 were both very right on their comments. Disney is nowadays a hit-or-miss. Nickelodeon is mostly a big time miss.

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11 Ariana Grande Ariana Grande Ariana Grande-Butera, known professionally as Ariana Grande, is an American singer and actress . She was born on June 26th 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida to Joan Grande and Edward Butera. She is best known for her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon sitcom, "Victorious". She later become a singer more.

I really hate Ariana Grande! She's so retarded. And I hope she gets laryngitis.

I seriously hate Ariana Grande! She's a TERRIBLE role model for kids and Cat also

Why is Ari on this list?!?! There's nothing wrong with her. It's Cat that's the problem; and that gave Ariana at first a bad impression. I'm only cringing at everyone's hate for her. And now we have this stupid terrorist bombing that occurred at one of her concerts which made matters and her reputation even worse so thanks for that. Her music's actually pretty great for what this crappy modern generation of music has to offer. But that's just my opinion. And hey. Even if Cat IS considered unfunny and bad (which I believe as well), at least so doesn't come close to the infamous Hannah Montana. Demon destroyer of Disney! - IDontG3tIt

I agree with you, especially when you was talking about the terrorist attack and what you said about her music. - QueenJazzy21064

At least she's better than Miley Cyrus. I liked her acting on Victorious. - Kid_ethinederland

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12 Sanjay and Craig Sanjay and Craig Sanjay and Craig is an American animated television series produced by Nickelodeon. The show is about a 12-year-old boy named Sanjay Patel who owns a talking pet snake named Craig.

They have been making bad shows lately but this one tops them all in cartoon terms, there's rude content not suitable for kids.

Just really, just UGH! 50% puking+50% toilet humor= Sanjay & Craig. This is why kids are so rude.

Yeah. I don't like this show because its gross. - cosmo

Regular Show and Bob's Burgers RIPOFF - Kid_ethinederland

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13 It has stupid shows

It has stupid show there are no creativity on that terrible orange logo Disney is magical channel it has magic in its each and every show it has a big buggut for shows they have creativity and its magical the WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE is a good example of magic and you can see the logo ofdisney magic

Harvey Beaks, Loud House and SpongeBob season 10 tried to restore the creativity but only SpongeBob and Loud House succeeded in that. Harvey Beaks got screwed by Nick's corporate pinheads. - Kid_ethinederland

The fact that Wizards of Wavrly Place is magical must be the main reason why so many people in the universe love Wizards of Waverly Place. Not just that, but Disney Channel is very slightly better than Nickelodeon, and I hate Disney Channel a lot.

No it doesn't

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14 Picking Up the Fred TV Show

I hate his voice, most stupid, absurd, obnoxious, annoying, lame thing ever.

Most annoying existing thing - BattleForDreamIslandLists

I absolutely hate Fred Figglehorn so much.

Lest we forget that part where Fred's mother forces Fred Figglehorn to go to camp like a very short-tempered toddler, and Fred acts the same age. Please cancel SpongeBob Squarepants so you can go defunct, Nickelodeon. >:(

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15 Nick's Worldwide Day of Play

It's pointless really, Why does nick encourage kids to go outside when it's rainy? Does nick ever look at the weather, this is just some bull... I don't care anymore, or watch nick anyways... One Tip for kids when this happens: TURN TO Cartoon Network. - MorganChambz

Worldwide Day of Play is only good on rare occasions, like when it's not stormy on that day.

While I do enjoy having a fun romp outside or riding my bike around the block, Nickelodeon shouldn't FORCE kids to go outside. It is their decision. Nick has no right to make them do something. When that happens, kids just change the channel to Cartoon Network (but not Disney, because it's almost as retarded). There are also some natural things that disable kids from going outside: They may be sick, have a physical injury, it may be raining, etc. etc..
Nickelodeon is really stupid. It does not realize that by having the Worldwide Day of Play, they are basically giving money to competition, as well as encouraging kids to stop watching Nick. Nickelodeon is almost as stupid (if not STUPIDER) than its targeted audience. Besides, they should encourage kids to read/write, not to go outside. Kids do that all the time's their language arts skills that they need a boost on.

No offense, but the people who not only support this, but also call people that do not support it a fat, lazy couch potato are stupid. Not everyone who dislikes this is fat, lazy couch potato (only some are). I think it's better if Nick encourages kids to do more educational activities like reading and math. Usually I would respect others' opinions, but it's hard when people who disagree with me disrespect my opinions by calling me (and others who agree with me) a lazy, fat couch potato for not supporting something. - anonygirl

I still respect the opinions of people who like Worldwide Day of Play as long as you respect the opinions of those who do not. - anonygirl

We'll be back at 3
Me: *goes to Hulu* - IDontG3tIt

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16 The Shows Have Gotten So Stupid

Seriously, that new Every Witch Way show is TERRIBLE! The acting is bad, the jokes are lame, the editing is terrible, and the story is super cliche! It's like a bad Wizards of Waverly place remake.

First nick gave us fairly odd parents and sponge bob (only nick cartoons I like) and now they have Sanjay and craig and breadwinners they are the worst shows ever please give us good shows nick!

This is what happened to Nickelodeon, but one smart show popped out on New Year's Day in 2014, Every Witch Way, that one is different from the other shows in format & plot, the acting is also great.

Things started to turn around in 2005. El Tigre and Mr. Meaty primered around that time (were ok) and CatDog was the final Nicktoon from the 90s to be phased out at the time. Spongebob began to lose it's touch in 2007 (Especially Patrick). 2007 was also the year Catscratch and Danny Phantom got cancelled. 2008 was when the network started going downhill with Mighty B and Tak (NOT the video game but the T.V. show). In 2009 Nick saw the consequence of sending Adventure Time off to Cartoon Network in favor of Fanboy and Chum Chum. This show allowed them to adapt to making bad, crappy T.V. shows like Planet Sheen, Sanjay & Craig, Rabbids Invasion, Modern FOP, Modern Spongebob (Season 5 to 1st half of Season 9), and Breadwinners. What Happened? - Kid_ethinederland

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17 The Jetix Revival will be better

They took Jetix and replaced it with Disney! Why? Jetix had great shows like monster buster club. And then Disney owns star wars!?! Now I really HATE this channel. Bring back jetix!

They took jetix and replaced it with Disney! Why? Jetix had great shows like monster buster club. And now they own star wars. Now I really HATE this channel bring back jetix

They took jetix and replaced it with Disney! Why? Jetix had so many good and memorable T.V. show like monster buster club


18 The revival of UPN Kids will be better

I hope this is true.

No sense

19 Fox Kids was better

You're a wizard harry-Gandalf

No it wasn't

20 Disney XD Is Better

It's a bad channel as well because it replaced Toon Disney, which was 10000000000000000000000000 x better than this crap, but at least it's not as bad as Nick.

Disney is WAY better than Nickelodeon, it has Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, and Star vs the Forces of Evil, and Nick has stupid shows like Sanjay and Craig, new SpongeBob, and Breadwinners!

Disney Is So Mush Better Then Nickelodeon Disney Have Gravity Falls And For Nick It Has Horrible Shows Like Sanjay And Craig And It's The Reason I Like Disney - CuteGirlJigglypuff

I certainly think Disney has it's problems, But I would say it's better than Nick today.

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