Reasons Metallica Isn't the Best Metal Band


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1 Metallica betrayed their fans

This list is messed up. - Userguy44

I disagree.

2 Metallica killed metal

How? Please elaborate.

3 Metallica said "we don't like to be identified with metal anymore"

So? They just don’t want to be known as metal, like Motörhead

4 Metallica aren't consistent

I’ll admit St. Anger and LuLu are terrible, but I like everything else.

5 Metallica have some of the worst albums in metal history

Lulu doesn't count. They are basically a guest star on the album.

Lulu is horrendous, but there’s much worse, Demonic by Testament, Illud Divinium Insanus, etc.

6 Metallica's worst songs are terrible

I agree to some extent, Brandenburg Gate is pretty horrible.

7 Metallica are sellouts

Experimentation =/= selling out.

8 Metallica's Lulu Ruined Lou Reed's Discography

It’s not like he had a good discography...

9 Their best songs are overrated

Most popular*

Agreed. - zxm

Three words:

1. Master
2. of
3. Puppets

10 Lars Ulrich sucks at drumming

I agree.

Kinda true. James Hetfield is almost good drummer as him. - zxm

I disagree! Listen to his drumming in 2018 live performances! He’s really improving! - awesomedp900

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11 Metallica only have five good albums

Not true, Load is great, it even has my favorite Metallica song on it

12 Kirk Hammett is very overrated

He took eight years to make hardwired because he was to busy going “wah” over Napster
I disagree though

13 Metallica's underrated songs are thrown away

Huh? - Userguy44

Not a reason against the band but I agree.

14 They ripped off others' songs

What? They're not Zeppelin? - Userguy44

I won't say they directly ripped off songs. But I have found a lot of similarities. That may be rip off. Or simply it could be inspiration. - zxm

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