Top Ten Reasons Not to Set Yourself on Fire


The Top Ten

1 You will probably die

I'm not encouraging suicide, but there are other ways to die, you know. This is one of the most painful ways to go.
If you're just doing it for fun, DON'T. You might not be able to put yourself out in time. - ResonatingScreamS

I feel like this list should be common sense, but the fact that the Fire Challenge exists proves otherwise. Are we de-evolving as a species? - Zach808

Woah... I think I learned something today. - Not_A_Weeaboo

2 It's very painful

I hope you're not some kind of masochist who likes this. DO NOT SET YOURSELF ON FIRE. - ResonatingScreamS

And that's why it's a good idea to load up on the anesthetic before doing so. Happy pyromaniacing kids! - GlassweighanCountess

3 It can take a serious toll on your health

Do you honestly expect that setting yourself on fire will accomplish anything? - ResonatingScreamS

4 You'll probably need surgery

See the item above. - ResonatingScreamS

5 Living things are not meant to be set on fire

If you're dead, go ahead. But since you're reading this list, you must be alive.
Unless, of course, you're some kind of ghost. In that case, unless you were cremated instead of buried, there is no way to set your dead body ablaze. - ResonatingScreamS

6 You might set someone or something else on fire

Like your cat or your best friend. - ResonatingScreamS

7 You do not need to be set on fire to have a complete and happy life

Why would being set on fire be part of that fantasy? - ResonatingScreamS

8 It is not cool

It's extremely hot, as a matter of fact. - ResonatingScreamS

9 Fire will not make you sexier

But it will make you hotter by an impressive margin. - ResonatingScreamS

10 It will not give you a tan

More than likely, you'll end up with a very nasty burn. - ResonatingScreamS

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