Top Ten Reasons to Not Use Facebook

There are a lot of reasons why Facebook is handy and helpful, but at the same time, there are a lot of bad things about it to. These are the the ten reasons why you shouldn't use Facebook.
The Top Ten
1 It's Boring
2 There's Zero Privacy

Pretty much everything you do on there, your friends can see. If you like something, your friends will see it. If you change your profile picture, your friends will see it. If you put something on there, your friends will see it. If you look at something you’ve uploaded 20 mins after uploading it, like 50 of your friends will have already seen this.

Every time someone likes something, it shows to every single friends!

Yes, I simply agree. you can not make your profile private I think you should all quit Facebook and go to instagrame where you have a choice private or not

3 It's Almost Impossible to Delete Your Account
4 Farmville
5 Zuckerburg's History

Did he do something bad? I don't know what I'm doing on a Facbook list when I don't even use it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 It Has a One-Sided Terms of Service
7 The Annoying Game Requests

If you look on your page, you'll probably see a request from someone to play a game or beat their score. Well, it's all a lie. Often, or perhaps, always, these requests activate directly from Facebook itself. So if your friend requests you to play Farmville, they probably have nothing to do with it. - BKAllmighty

8 Having Too Many Friends
9 People Always Try To Talk To You

they try to talk to you and you can't be asked to write back and they get annoyed with you XD

10 Cyberbullying

There is no cyberbullying on Facebook

The Contenders
11 When Someone You Know Delete or Block You
12 The Crappy E-Mail
13 It's a Waste of Time
14 The Selfies
15 Facebook Collects Your Private Information
16 Lots of Propaganda
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