Top Ten Reasons Over the Garden Wall Shouldn't Have Ended

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1 Infinite Eyerolls

It wouldn't had been so good if it was an ongoing series.

Such a cute shipping! I saw this one picture where someone took a moment in over the garden wall and Beatrice is human in the picture. Look up "Over The Garden Wall: Closet Scene by Mgx0 on deviantART." When I saw it I had the most shocked face! LOOK IT UP!

This shipping is so cute!


2 The Mystery
3 The Emotion
4 The Songs

Especially "Potatoes and Molasses". - Minecraftcrazy530

5 The Thrill
6 The Adventure
7 The Sad Moments

I personally like crying during moves or special episodes. Only really good shows can make me cry like adventure time or regular show.

This was beautiful. And beautiful series make people cry.

8 The Beast

I think they should have explained the beast and the turtles more. But besides that I mostly voted to say that the reason they decided to end it is because the backgrounds take a long time due to the "painty" style or something like that. It would be too expensive to continue it. at least that's my understanding. I saw the post about the background thing a while ago on the creator's blog, but I don't remember all the details. Also, why is the "Weatrice/Endless Eyerolls (ughh that name)" ship or whatever it's called the number one reason? Seriously, of ALL the reasons you want it to continue, you pick ONE ship? And what about that Lorna(Laura? ) girl or Sara? Personally I can't really see Wirt and Beatrice together romantically. I mean, when they met, Beatrice was a bird. Unless Wirt has some weird bird fetish or something, I don't think he would find a bluebird attractive. And I'm pretty sure Wirt hasn't even seen Beatrice as a human. And the other reasons are kind ...more

9 The Bravery
10 The Intelligence

Intelligence- It's everywhere except for where your sitting. -_-

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11 It is an homage of Gravity Falls
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