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1 Too many Miley Cyrus references

And what both breadwinners and Miley Cyrus have in common is that they're completely tasteless and only cater to mentally retarded chimps that don't know the difference between great comedy and music, versus a pile of sweaty and stinky jock straps.

Miley Cyrus's favorite cartoon. Wow. - Pony

And what both Breadwinner and Miley Cyrus have in common is that they're both tasteless and cater to only mentally retarded chimps that can't tell what's true comedy and music, and what's not.

Thhiiiss is a list I LLLOVVVEE

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2 The animation is horrible

This looks like something a 6 year old took a few minutes to draw and then added bad stuff.

Are they supposed to be ducks? - Puga

Nope, they're frogs donning in the duck equivalent of blackface and posing negative stereotypes towards the webbed-footed mallards (Ducks in a general sense) community.

Uses some of the laziest animation in television. Worst than Teen Titans Go. - Mcgillacuddy

I couldn't even tell what the characters were.

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3 Very inappropriate

There was an episode where they pumped the fat one up with a bike pump and used him as vehicle. He got around by farting. By farting. What has society come to.

I think breadwinners is to caught up with farting sounds. They are completely useless. Whoever was the creator of breadwinners is stupid.

This part is to embarrassing to look for some people who can't stand to see something like this they think It's annoying

Even worse than Teen Titans Go! - HelloWhyImHere

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4 Their names are SwaySway and Buhdeuce

Seriously creators? What kind of names are THOSE? - N64Dude

These guy's are high on one thing which is coffee because they are so Hyper and annoying

What kind of names are Sway Sway and Buhdeuce? The creators of this show are stupid.

Seriously, what kind of a name is SwaySway or Buhdeuce?! How do you even come up with names that random?! The creators must have been drunk or something.

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5 Rape jokes

This shouldn't belong in a kids show. - Pony

This is nothing to joke about, and all shows that joke about this should get canceled.

Who are the writers for this show? They have to be fired. - BubbleBear01

Seriously? RAPE JOKES?! Look, I'm into dark humour and I can understand it most of the time, but breadwinners is for kids! There shouldn't be any jokes about sexual assault at all! They're not even funny!

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6 Too much bathroom humor

Potty humor SUCKS! Who else agrees?

Alright, BarneyTheDinosaur. I could tell you are either a stupid person or another troll that feeds of negativity because you are jealous everyone is doing better than you. You know what? I am cool with that. My opinion is the opposite of yours, if that is your actual opinion, but I'll let other people flame you. Good day, scum of the human race! :D

Even though this show really sucks, there's no reason to call some one scum because they don't agree with you... It's depressing that 7 people gave that a thumbs up...

Every episode is full of BUTTS and TWERKING. There's always animated butt twerking every 5 seconds - Lunala

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7 Too much butt talk

Oh god I HATE this show! - cosmo

Why butts? THE WHOLE FLIPPEN SHOW IS ABOUT BUTTS! Yeah its funny at times but it doesn't have to be so inappropriate to funny. They try to hard

Reminds me of Sidekick and Numb Chucks (but there they use farts).


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8 They are two ducks who deliver bread to boring people

The ducks are realistic. REALISTIC I TELL YOU! - N64Dude

It's actually stereotyping ducks! - Minecraftcrazy530

I mean, why is there a bread deliver service? You can just buy bread from a store or straight from the baker. And don't use the argument "They can't buy bread, they live on islands and such! " They are birds! Birds can fly! Why can't they just fly to the store and buy the damn bread!

The ducks should go to walmart or something because it sells like 496739547 YEARS OF BREAD! I mean why would someone deliver bread. even though people can bake it.

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9 Twerking

HA! HA! HA! Oh Look! There Are Two Green Ducks Twerking Over And Over Again! NOT FUNNY!

The two ducks tweak too much!

Tweaking is so wrong!

No wonder little girls are twerking on now!

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10 Nickelodeon made it

I'm not surprised at the moment. Nickelodeon is truly being run by idiots right now. Ever since Atlantis Squarepantis and the end of Avatar they seemed to have given up. The Legend of Korra isn't enough to save them.

House of Anubis was good, but it still couldn't save Nickelodeon. - Anonymousxcxc

Congratulations Nickelodeon, You've Ruined your own show. - Anger from Inside Out - bugger

Breadwinners is the worst show I've seen. - Pony

I hope the creator that created that show should get fired someday and I also hope when he/she show's the worst Nickelodeon show the crowd will boo him/her & I also hope he/she gets blamed by his/her boss.

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? It ripped off one of the restaurants
? Too many fart jokes

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11 It's a modified version of Sanjay and Craig

Literally Sanjay and Craig, but with ducks and Miley Cyrus refrences (I just don't like her music videos her actual songs are decent though, they're better than Crap seconds of Bummer) instead. - Anonymousxcxc

Sanjay and Craig actually tries to be funny but this is crap

If anything it actually makes Sanjay and Craig only just passable. The characters are woeful, the stories boring and the super cheap animation are just the tip of the ice berg. If s&c is a regular show clone, then breadwinners is an even worse clone of s&c & that appears to be the level that nicktoons are dropping to.

S&C's animation was good, the characters were slightly more subtle, it got a bit surreal at times, but Breadwinners does not have any of these redeeming qualities! This means it makes S&C look like Citizen Kane. - tqpreviews1211

12 The fact that it's going for a second season

Why would Nick give their worst show a 2nd season? Why didn't they give one to Invader Zim? - N64Dude

How come Catscratch (one of my all-time favorite Nicktoons) only runs for one season but Breadlosers gets renewed for a second season? Nickelodeon just doesn't understand.;(

A second season, huh? *takes out shotgun and brain bleach*

Yeah, but Invader Zim is a cartoon of the 2000s. Do your research.

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13 Annoying characters

The monsters should've been replaced with foxes or snakes. So ironic how they each have three eyes. Weird

The breadwinners' beaks look like Harvey's Beak!

Buhdeuce is so annoying. He has the worst voice I have ever heard.

OTG kind of talks like Ice Bear from we bare bears. He says his own name every time he asks himself something. So much like Ice Bear. An example of Ice Bear talk for example"Ice Bear has ninja stars". Ughh.

14 It's not funny

I hate this show because it's so annoying and stupid

Really Nickelodeon?!

It's totally funny!

15 It was renewed for a third season

My hatred for Nickelodeon just increased! - CartoonsGirl

Nick gave this show a 3rd season but not Invader Zim? - CartoonsGirl

No it wasn't it got cancelled but it's still airing on NickToons. - Carsrule300


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16 Sexual jokes

This is way to embarrassing for everyone to see

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17 It will rot your brain

I once liked it because I had to watch it every day a ton of times and my brain has luckily been saved by everyone telling me it was bad so yeah most haters have saved me from being nuts, so thank you for saving my brain.

I heard it drops people's intelligence. - Pony

Spongebob is trying to deal with seasonal rot during S9 onwards. I heard that the modern seasons tend to decrease your intelligence, but Breadwinners turns childrens' brain into slimy fairy floss, which is bad for you, and tastes bad. - tqpreviews1211

18 An episode named "Love Loaf" featured many sexual references
19 Toilet humor

I'm going to sing:then tell me maria why this show keep airing why they won't cancel it

I feel it I see it the show is so annoying is blazing my angel out of all control

Like fire Hellfire this fire in my skin this burning desire it's turning the channel

Protect me maria don't let this show cast it's spell don't let this show shear my flesh and bone

Destroy Breadwinners and let them tastes the fires of hell unless they cancel, they cancel it

Hellfire Dark fire now Nickelodeon it's your turn cancel it or your pyre cancel it or you will burn

God have mercy on it

God have mercy on me

But they will cancel it or they will burn


Sorry I use the Hellfire song from Disney's HoND as a ranting song so they will cancel it or their studio and them will burn

I'm going to sing:Then tell me maria why this show keep airing why they even won't cancel it

I feel it I feel se it the show is so annoying is blazing my anger ran out of all control

Like fire hellfire this fire in my skin this burning d3sire is turning the channel to

Protect me maria don't let this show cast it's spell don't this show shear my flesh and bone

Destroy Breadwinners and let it tastes the fires of hell or else they cancel, they cancel it

Hellfire dark fire now Nickelodeon it's your turn cancel it or your pyre cancel it or you will burn

God have mercy on it

God have mercy on me

But they will cancel it or the y..w ill...burn

20 Bad plots

Breadwinners don't have good plots like really ducks delivering bread that's like in almost every episode

To me the best one its ever done is Poltregoose! - Carsrule300

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1. Nickelodeon made it
2. Too much butt talk
3. The animation is horrible
1. Too many Miley Cyrus references
2. An episode named "Love Loaf" featured many sexual references
3. Eric Bauza wasted his voice talent
1. It's a modified version of Sanjay and Craig
2. Sexual jokes
3. The animation is horrible

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