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1 Too many Miley Cyrus references

Whatever Miley Cyrus is awesome - Breadwinnersislofe

And what both breadwinners and Miley Cyrus have in common is that they're completely tasteless and only cater to mentally retarded chimps that don't know the difference between great comedy and music, versus a pile of sweaty and stinky jock straps.

I hate the new Miley. - Katildalover93

Miley Cyrus's favorite cartoon. Wow. - Pony

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2 The animation is horrible

The Animation Looks Made By A Mentally Disabled 5 Year Old In Kindergarten

Too many stock photos!

Are they supposed to be ducks? - Puga

Nope, they're frogs donning in the duck equivalent of blackface and posing negative stereotypes towards the webbed-footed mallards (Ducks in a general sense) community.

Uses some of the laziest animation in television. Worst than Teen Titans Go. - Mcgillacuddy

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3 Very inappropriate

There was an episode where they pumped the fat one up with a bike pump and used him as vehicle. He got around by farting. By farting. What has society come to.

Yes, because it has fart jokes, butt jokes, and crap jokes. - Katildalover93

This should be Number One due to all of bad humor.

Love Loaf was the worst episode because of this. - KalloFox34

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4 Rape jokes

Kinda like Spongebob nowadays which is full of inappropriate stuff. One Course Meal, Toenail.

This shouldn't belong in a kids show. - Pony

One, shouldn't be in the show, two anything and everything can/ is funny, it just depends on the person. Just cause you think it's not funny or in poor taste doesn't mean its not funny - RustyNail

This is nothing to joke about, and all shows that joke about this should get canceled.

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5 Their names are SwaySway and Buhdeuce

Another name would be better for them instead of these. These aren't even names at all. - Katildalover93

And? - Breadwinnersislofe

Seriously creators? What kind of names are THOSE? - N64Dude

More like ShatShat and Dropping A Deuce - Gehenna

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6 Twerking

Big example with the "I save us with my butt" song and the "big baby buns" song. - Katildalover93

HA! HA! HA! Oh Look! There Are Two Green Ducks Twerking Over And Over Again! NOT FUNNY!

The two ducks tweak too much!

I hate twerkers so bad! Such disgusting idiots! - s10484

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7 Too much butt talk

It would be more better to watch if this was not in the show. - Katildalover93

This should be on number 1

They keep saying butt about million times in one episode and when they made episode about behduce butt is a living being leaving the body how that even possible a butt with eyes and mouth and arms and legs can talk and walk how this even possible people?

*vomits* - Gehenna

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8 Nickelodeon made it

And Nickelodeon is a best channel ever - Breadwinnersislofe

I'm not surprised at the moment. Nickelodeon is truly being run by idiots right now. Ever since Atlantis Squarepantis and the end of Avatar they seemed to have given up. The Legend of Korra isn't enough to save them.

House of Anubis was good, but it still couldn't save Nickelodeon. - Anonymousxcxc

What does that have to do with this topic? - HelloWhyImHere2

Congratulations Nickelodeon, You've Ruined your own show. - Anger from Inside Out

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9 Too much bathroom humor

Eh, just a little is alright I guess, but this show is over the top with it. And it gets on my nerves. - Katildalover93

Potty humor SUCKS! Who else agrees?

Alright, BarneyTheDinosaur. I could tell you are either a stupid person or another troll that feeds of negativity because you are jealous everyone is doing better than you. You know what? I am cool with that. My opinion is the opposite of yours, if that is your actual opinion, but I'll let other people flame you. Good day, scum of the human race! :D

Even though this show really sucks, there's no reason to call some one scum because they don't agree with you... It's depressing that 7 people gave that a thumbs up...

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10 Annoying characters

Best characters ever - Breadwinnersislofe

The monsters should've been replaced with foxes or snakes. So ironic how they each have three eyes. Weird

The breadwinners' beaks look like Harvey's Beak!

Buhdeuce is so annoying. He has the worst voice I have ever heard.

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11 It's a modified version of Sanjay and Craig

I disagree with this list breadwinners is better - Breadwinnersislofe

If you thought Sanjay and Craig was bad, this even worse. - Katildalover93

A crappy show that rips off another crappy show. What the heck Nickelodeon? - Gehenna

Sanjay and craig is awful too don't capitalize it - ihatetrump

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12 An episode named "Love Loaf" featured many sexual references

This episode was so creepy.

13 They are two ducks who deliver bread to boring people

And? - Breadwinnersislofe

The ducks are realistic. REALISTIC I TELL YOU! - N64Dude

It's actually stereotyping ducks! - Minecraftcrazy530

I mean, why is there a bread deliver service? You can just buy bread from a store or straight from the baker. And don't use the argument "They can't buy bread, they live on islands and such! " They are birds! Birds can fly! Why can't they just fly to the store and buy the damn bread!

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14 Sexual jokes

This is way to embarrassing for everyone to see


15 It's not funny

It is very bad. - MorlaTurtle8

What's so funnny about two ducks shaking butts?

No it’s makes me laugh all day every day - Breadwinnersislofe

I hate this show because it's so annoying and stupid

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16 Toilet humor

I'm going to sing:then tell me maria why this show keep airing why they won't cancel it

I feel it I see it the show is so annoying is blazing my angel out of all control

Like fire Hellfire this fire in my skin this burning desire it's turning the channel

Protect me maria don't let this show cast it's spell don't let this show shear my flesh and bone

Destroy Breadwinners and let them tastes the fires of hell unless they cancel, they cancel it

Hellfire Dark fire now Nickelodeon it's your turn cancel it or your pyre cancel it or you will burn

God have mercy on it

God have mercy on me

But they will cancel it or they will burn


Sorry I use the Hellfire song from Disney's HoND as a ranting song so they will cancel it or their studio and them will burn

I'm going to sing:Then tell me maria why this show keep airing why they even won't cancel it

I feel it I feel se it the show is so annoying is blazing my anger ran out of all control

Like fire hellfire this fire in my skin this burning d3sire is turning the channel to

Protect me maria don't let this show cast it's spell don't this show shear my flesh and bone

Destroy Breadwinners and let it tastes the fires of hell or else they cancel, they cancel it

Hellfire dark fire now Nickelodeon it's your turn cancel it or your pyre cancel it or you will burn

God have mercy on it

God have mercy on me

But they will cancel it or the y..w ill...burn

And that’s funny humor that’s how you have a good sense of humor - Breadwinnersislofe

17 The fact that it's going for a second season

I totally agree. Catscratch definitely deserves another season instead of this. - Katildalover93

It was good deduction but they cancelled it - Breadwinnersislofe

Why would Nick give their worst show a 2nd season? Why didn't they give one to Invader Zim? - N64Dude

How come Catscratch (one of my all-time favorite Nicktoons) only runs for one season but Breadlosers gets renewed for a second season? Nickelodeon just doesn't understand.;(

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18 Bad plots

Best plots eve - Breadwinnersislofe

Breadwinners don't have good plots like really ducks delivering bread that's like in almost every episode

To me the best one its ever done is Poltregoose! - Carsrule300

19 It's disgusting
20 It was renewed for a third season

What the? - Katildalover93

My hatred for Nickelodeon just increased! - CartoonsGirl

Nick gave this show a 3rd season but not Invader Zim? - CartoonsGirl

No it wasn't it got cancelled but it's still airing on NickToons. - Carsrule300

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21 It will rot your brain

Look at Breadwinnersislofe as an example - RoseWeasley

I once liked it because I had to watch it every day a ton of times and my brain has luckily been saved by everyone telling me it was bad so yeah most haters have saved me from being nuts, so thank you for saving my brain.

I heard it drops people's intelligence. - Pony

Spongebob is trying to deal with seasonal rot during S9 onwards. I heard that the modern seasons tend to decrease your intelligence, but Breadwinners turns childrens' brain into slimy fairy floss, which is bad for you, and tastes bad. - tqpreviews1211

22 It's stupid

It barely says and does anything smart. All they do is butt shake and say stupid things.

23 The jokes are stale

Why SwaySway & Buhdeuce Eat Bread In Breakfast Instead Of Cereal?

24 Eric Bauza wasted his voice talent

He used to voice Dora the Explora and now he has to voice Buhdence, the other duck in the show? Wasted talent

He is really talented. Yet he has to voice Adult Party Cartoon Stimpy and now BuhDeuce? - 445956

25 It's creepy

It's Just As Creepy As Uncle Grandpa From Cartoon Network.

They act like pedophiles.

Yeah I Know Right Tell Me About It.

Their Psycho.

26 Relies on cheap butt jokes and pop culture references for humor

Whatever you don't know what s good show is - Breadwinnersislofe

This is too obvious.

Not to mention the creators and this show have insulted and brought mockery to Michael Jackson! *Sobs* How, you may ask? Let me count the ways:
- Everyone's favorite infamous episode "Love Loaf", the Jenny Quackles music number is evident that it was supposed to emulate Tommy Tutone's Jenny ( Though it's rather piss-poor); But, you have to reach 6 minutes into the episodes ( where the main character attempts to drug the pubescent love interest because: HURR DURR RAEPIN LIL KIDDOS Is AM FUNNAH! 1! 3! ) Then skip two minutes where the characters yet again "sing" or poorly autotuning it up to the Jenny Quackles song. Notice how stretch (not going to call him by his supposed "name") wears a similar outfit to MJ's Black or White music video from 1990... Put these hints all together and you got... One heck of a piss poor homage and completely nonchalant and offensive slideshow that glamorizes the false child molestation accusations from 1993 that not only ...more

First of all they are not copying Michael Jackson they are changing him. And the actors try as hard as they could to make the show somewhat good. So cut some slack and shut the heck up because the only wrong person here is you

Ass I tell ya. No offense and excuse the curse words I am saying now but the type of people who call breadwinners fans hypocrites are idiots.i like breadwinners and if old skanks like you wanna judge me then go ahead and do the damn things for the love of hell but even so all of you horrible selfish ass faced sons of bitches can die and rot like the prey you should be or better yet are.The stuff you guys have to put on hear sickens me like hell

27 Annoying songs

No they have talent and make bops - Breadwinnersislofe

But not the montage in Yeasterday. Was just biting the hardtack and watching it (I made this idiom to refer to doing something you find unpleasant because there's nothing better to do, like watching this sucky show because that's the only thing to watch) - Ikura

My ears were bleeding when I heard one

After they do something they sing this SONG Sooo annoying for me! I wanted to rip my ears off.

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28 The name of the show

More like bread lamers.

I could come up with a better name for this show right now. How about calling it something like "The Ducks' Adventure". It was imported from YouTube, like the universally hated Annoying Orange and Fred the Show ( I hate these shows, but not as much as everyone else does. After all, Fred the Show did what no other Sitcom dared to try: a ten minute run time. More sitcoms need to do that). These three shows show us exactly why YouTube should stay on computers and mobile devices. Let's hope Nick and Cartoon Network learned their lesson

Breadwinners? Seriously? I could come up with a better name than that. That name sounds like they only took 10 seconds to come up with that name

I thought I was the only one who thought it should be called "Breadlosers". It would be a lot more accurate to the show. Also, I think a "breadwinner" in real life is the person who delivered bread. - Discord

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29 They don't even look like ducks

Whatever they look like frogs but frogs are cute - Breadwinnersislofe

Alien Humanoids + Zombies + Ducks + Frogs = SwaySway And Buhdeuce

Are they peas with mustard on their face?

They look like green extraterrestrial beings that have mustard on their face.

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30 It rips off other shows

It is one of the worst shows ever

No it doesn't it’s original - Breadwinnersislofe

31 There is a restaurant in America with the same name

And? - Breadwinnersislofe

There is a restaurant called "Bread Winners Cafe" and Nickelodeon ripped-off the name of a restaurant in the United States. Laziest thing ever - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Actually, Breadwinner's official YouTube channel came up with the name of the show. - tqpreviews1211

There's was also a food truck named Breadwinners that sold free samples foonce. Only to discover that the truck was actually a jailbait van, filled with tiny toons and duck tales pedophilia fetish porn and the people running the truck are two adults ( they act like teens) and call themselves stupid names like the Bread wieners do... Lol.

No, this wasn't ripped off of the name. It was the name the creators gave it when they made an online video about it, and NIck loved it, so they decided to sign them up with their channel.

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32 They look like frogs not ducks

Don't insult frogs! - ihatetrump

They’re still cute - Breadwinnersislofe

They should be CPU Miis like Hiromi and Hiroshi!

No! I hate to say something offensive but they look like green skinned humans with orange lips! - Carsrule300

33 Unlikeable protagonists

The protagonists are amazing it’s obvious you didn't watch the show - Breadwinnersislofe

Batman is a better fighter and detective than these two idiots

They keep talking and shaking their butts 4 no reason! - Carsrule300

I hate these ducks so much!

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34 They use stock images

If you are too damn lazy to draw even the MOST SIMPLIST THINGS than working on a cartoon isn't for you

35 It ruins jokes

Who remembers "do a barrel roll"? Well now Nick is practically taking credit. If I were Nintendo I would sue. - Discord

Remember teen titans beast boy and cyborg made their belts talk, well breadwinners made a copy of it by doing trumpet music with FARTS!

And party punch ruined Mikey's cheer, hi three in teenage mutant ninja turtles

36 Parents don't like potty humor

NOBODY likes the potty humor. - RiverClanRocks

Too much bathroom talk about toilets, farts, and butts.

37 A hint of homosexuality

By the "kids gotta learn homosexuality from somewhere, why not have pedophilia in the show? After all some people like kids and no one chooses what they like and kids are going to learn somehow? A kids' cartoon is not the place.

What is wrong with homosexuality? Kids are gonna learn some people like their own gender, and it isn't someone's fault if they are like that, nobody chooses what interested them or what they like. I think you mean homophobia.


38 T-Midi is the only likeable character

Every character is likable - Breadwinnersislofe

I think Jelly is likable, too.

Everyone is extremely hateful in Breadwinners (what do you expect from Nickelodeon?! ), even T-Midi.

39 Too many fart jokes

That's kids cartoons nowadays, look at movies like Doogal the farting moose.

40 It ripped off one of the restaurants
41 A total ripoff of Regular show

Who the hell put this on here? Breadwinners (Which is one of the worst shows in the universe) is definitely NOT a ripoff of Regular Show (Which is the best show in the universe) - N64Dude

It is not a rip off of regular show why would someone came with that

Breadwinners is not a rip off of Regular show it is a rip of SpongeBob square pants

Breadwinners is a rip off of SpongeBob not Regular show

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42 In the new Nick era
43 It aired in 2014

Wow you couldn't add another reason so you put this - Breadwinnersislofe

Just because it aired in 2014, doesn't mean it's bad. What if Gravity Falls aired in 2014?

What do you mean? The released date isn't a problem but I wish that it got cancelled in present.

While the show sucks, this has got to be the dumbest reason on the list so far. Just because a show aired on a year you don’t like doesn’t make the show bad. Imagine hating Guardians of the Galaxy because it aired in 2014. - TheBMWNerd29880

44 The YouTube pilot wasn't viral

Whatever it was fun - Breadwinnersislofe

It was boring and it has less views on youtube

45 Two idiots
46 SwaySway tried to feed Jenny Quackles magic bread that would make her fall in love with him

That's just creepy! - Carsrule300

47 Mr. Pumpers is a very bad ripoff of Mr. Krabs

Saying a "really bad" ripoff of a s$&@ character is really saying something.

48 They're weird

Yes, yes they are. - Katildalover93

No they’re normal good examples - Breadwinnersislofe

49 They try too hard to be a meme but in reality, it's cringeworthy
50 Bad influence to children

It is true. - MorlaTurtle8

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1. Nickelodeon made it
2. Too much butt talk
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1. An episode named "Love Loaf" featured many sexual references
2. Too many Miley Cyrus references
3. Nickelodeon made it
1. Too many Miley Cyrus references
2. An episode named "Love Loaf" featured many sexual references
3. Eric Bauza wasted his voice talent

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