Top Ten Reasons Why Buttercup is Better Than Rainbow Dash

I dedicate this to the person who gave me this idea and my BFF on TheTopTens.

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1 Rainbow Dash is a ripoff of Buttercup

I used to like rainbow dash until I realized 3 years ago how awful she was. That was when I liked powerpuff girls and I realized how buttercup is better. that's when I realized rainbow dash is a ripoff buttercup.

Not only that shes also a bad version of her. - TwilightKitsune

No she is not! Shut up! I love her so much I want to kiss her!


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2 Buttercup is not a bully

She was in the beginning, but she had character development and learns her lesson, plus in the end of the show she doesn't bully anymore. Rainbow dash never learns and just tries too hard to act cool.

She used to be but at least she learns her lesson. Dash just never does. - TwilightKitsune

She was a bit of a jerk in the original series but she's worse in the 2016 one - mayamanga

Neither is Rainbow Dash - RB-Number1-fan

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3 Buttercup learns her lesson

Buttercup once bullied a kid but in the end she learnt that it is wrong to bully. Rainbow Dash calls Twilight an egghead every other episode. - TwilightKitsune

4 Buttercup looks out for her sisters and Rainbow Dash treats her friends like crap

Buttercup found out how to defeat monsters in the Powerpuff Girls Movie and she saved her sisters from the gangreen gang. Rainbow Dash is a fake hero who only saves people for fame, she only cares about winning and fame.

Rainbow Dash is espescially mean to Fluttershy and Twilight because they are closer to her. There is a line between fondly teasing and bullying and Dash should know that. - TwilightKitsune

5 Buttercup is stronger

Buttercup can lift up much more stuff heavier than a sky scraper, awesome! She is faster than rainbow dash and also hardcore when it comes to fighting. Rainbow Dash can't even lift heavy stuff, she easily gets injured unlike buttercup, she can't fight, and she is a bit slower than rainbow dash, lets see who is stronger and that is buttercup. Watch the mugen battle buttercup vs rainbow dash on YouTube. You will know who will win.

Buttercup is tough stuff and Rainbow Dash is a whiny bragger. Why do people like her for being a jerk? - TwilightKitsune

If Buttercup isn't human, then why does she walk on two legs like humans do? Why does she eat everything humans eat? Why does she live like a human does, but with superpowers? Why does she have human skin and hair? She is a human girl. That is why she is called a girl-AnimeDrawer85

Buttercup isn't human, she is a lab freak created by the town's nut case. While rainbow dash is a horse, no hands, can't pick stuff yo and having wings cause more limits

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6 Rainbow Dash is egoistical

Said by someone else on the Reasons to hate Rainbow Dash list:
I totally agree. There is a BIG difference between having confidence in yourself and being an arrogant, self-important brat. Just look at any of the other Mane 6 and you'll see the difference. Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie all have a good self-esteem without being condescending towards others. Twilight in particular is confident yet very humble at the same time. SHE is a good role model for kids, not Rainbow. - TwilightKitsune

7 Rainbow Dash is a bad influence

I am the girl from the list of reasons why spitfire is better than rainbow dash who is your friend, plus I'm also the one who gave you the idea for your new list in the reasons why twilight sparkle is better than rainbow dash. Thanks for dedicating this list to me, hopefully you get more followers and make a no more rainbow dash club.

When I was a kid I was bullied a lot in school becuase I was from a foreign country and I hated it. So when I used to come home from school and watch Buttercup I was happy becuase she can fight for herself. I wish I had a friend like Buttercup (and I already do, I met her on the Reasons Spitfire is better than Rainbow Dash list and this list is dedicated to her). - TwilightKitsune

If she's a tomboy why is she all about rainbows and such? Just saying. - mayamanga

8 Buttercup can accept defeat but Rainbow Dash gets upset if she loses

When the rowdyruff boys defeated her, buttercup did not complain about how she is the best, she just accepted the fact that she can't always win. However, Rainbow dash acts like a baby when she loses.

In one episode Buttercup was fighting a monster and she was beaten, she accepted it. But when Applejack defeated Dash in the Iron Pony comp., Dash was acting like Caillou. - TwilightKitsune

9 Buttercup cares about people, Rainbow Dash only cares about winning and fame

Pretty sure Dash said out loud that her friends were more important to her than winning. - moops

10 Buttercup makes her own show more interesting, Rainbow Dash doesn't

Buttercup makes me want to watch the show PPG more, she is so hilarious and always does something so interesting. - AnimeDrawer

Rainbow Dash is the reason MLP gets hate - TwilightKitsune

Rainbow Dash is the reason why I hate MLP! - ChatNoirFan18

Buttercup is an interesting and cool character,Dash is just any old character.TwilightKitsune,I want to be friends with you. -Applejack fan

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? Buttercup is not a camper like Rainbow Dash

Buttercup is a savage like Max in CrizRaging

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11 Buttercup is a better singer

Meanwhile Rainbow Dash in her song As Awesome As I Wanna Be, she sang horribly with a more annoying voice than Justin Bieber. The song had no meaning compared to Love Makes The World Go Round and the other ponies songs. Even the other ponies hated Rainbow Dashs song. The other ponies other than rainbow dash have better singing and songs. Her song was meaning less, all about bragging and how awesome she is.

Buttercup should become the number 1 idol singer, she is best singer not dash. I bet buttercup would be better than Justin Bieber or iggy azalea. Rainbow dash would be jealous.

I like your idea Twilight Kitsune, that would be the best episode ever, I would love to see buttercup become an awesome rock star and sing amazingly, it would be hilarious to see rainbow dash jealous. Buttercup is a way better singer. In Love Makes The World Go Round, she sang amazingly like an angel and the best singer from all her sisters, I wish they gave her more parts.

I know, I loved that episode. Also I would like to know your real name - TwilightKitsune

Well, she used to be because in the new series her voice makes my ears bleed. - AnimeDrawer

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12 Buttercup is cute, Rainbow Dash is not cute

That's just your opinion, and I respect it - RB-Number1-fan

She looks like a doll. She is cute. I like Buttercup - ChatNoirFan18

Yes,I do agree Buttercup is cuter than Rainbow Dash.

Yes she is CUUUTE - mayamanga

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13 Buttercup is an actual tomboy

Rainbow dash goes to the spa, dresses up for the gala, is all about rainbows, and when she screams her scream is girly and applejacks is more deep. I think applejack is the tomboy in the mane six.

I agree with all of that, which makes me believe that Rainbow Dash is not a real tomboy. - AnimeDrawer

Rainbow Dash is a fake tomboy because she tries too hard to be cool, especially when she wears sunglasses and a cap, oh yeah how awesome, lame!

At least buttercup does not try too hard to be cool, and she was born grumpy because they gave her a girly name.

14 Buttercup is funnier than Rainbow Dash

Buttercup was funny when she lost her blanket and much more, she made me laugh multiple times. With rainbow dash I laughed 0 times, she thinks making ugly faces would be funny.

The "so awesome" thing and the "20% cooler" thing are the definition of unfunny - mayamanga

15 Buttercup fans are nicer than Rainbow Dash fans

No offense to Dash fans, but some of you are kind of rude because you keep sending death threats and rude stuff to Dash haters. I think Buttercup fans are nicer cause they don't send death threats, but some fans could be like that. But not all Dash fans are bad, but most of the ones I met were rude.

They send hate mails and death threats to people who don't like Rainbow Dash. I'm a fan of RD but I respect other opinions and NEVER sent any death threats. Those fans shouldn't be protective of Rainbow Dash, she is just a cartoon character. - Chromium

AnimeDrawer, I can't join TheTopTens because the annoying secret code. What should I do? How I make a secret code, give an example - ChatNoirFan18

I agree that Buttercup fans are much nicer,Rainbow's mean fans and how Crash(Dash)and her fans made other ponies look bad so she could look good is the reasons why I dislike Rainbow Dash.Oh,and how she bullies too. -ApplejackFan

I agree, Buttercup fans are so supportive of their favorite character and rarely send death threats, most Buttercup fans I met are nice. Meanwhile, not all Rainbow Dash fans are bad, in fact some are nice, but I had bad experience with some of her fans, they were very mean. - AnimeDrawer

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16 Rainbow Dash looks like a clown

With all the colors she has yes. Her hair is ugly, very circus and clownish looking. She only looks okay with a dress and a makeover, otherwise, she is not a natural beauty, her eye color is possibly the ugliest shade of magenta. Plus she makes very ugly faces. Buttercup is pretty, she looks like a chibi, she doesn't need a makeover to be pretty, buttercup has the most beautiful green eyes.

Can't stop laughing! - MLPFan

RD looks like lesbian - ChatNoirFan18

She has the colours of a gay clown. She should join the circus. - TwilightKitsune

17 Rainbow Dash wanted to trade Fluttershy for a book, something Buttercup wouldn't do
18 Rainbow Dash cheats

She is not loyal AT ALL. She cheated by using her wings. Go and watch for yourself. She also slapped Applejack and I feel like slapping Dash so she can feel the pain and anguish she inflicts on others. - TwilightKitsune

19 Rainbow Dash complains way too much, yet Buttercup barely complains

She whines over loosing the Iron Pony competition. She whines over Fluttershy's natural fear. She whines over being second place. Just grow up you stupid filly - TwilightKitsune

Um,I think Buttercup does complain,but it's only few times. -Applejack fan

Yep, that's why it says rarely, meaning that she complained a few times, not never, but Rainbow Dash complains more though. - AnimeDrawer

20 Buttercup is not annoying

She's cute because she thinks that she isn't but she is - mayamanga

Rainbow Dash is not annoying neither - RB-Number1-fan

Buttercup has a cute voice and she doesn't do things that annoy me, they make me laugh instead. Rainbow Dash however is annoying with her bragging, especially with her 20% cooler meme.

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1. Buttercup cares about people, Rainbow Dash only cares about winning and fame
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1. Rainbow Dash is a ripoff of Buttercup
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3. Buttercup learns her lesson



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