Top 10 Reasons Why Chickens are Great Pets

I'm a chicken owner myself, if you're wondering if you should get some feathery friends, please take a look at this list for some reasons why you should.

The Top Ten

1 The Hens Lay Eggs

Only if they're unfertilized. That can help with the grocery bill.

After a few months of proper raising, the female chickens begin to lay their eggs! For free! - Catacorn

And eggs are delicious!

(This vote was part of the birthday girl Offer from Penis because it is her birthday. One day only. Do not steal this idea for your big day. It was vote on the birthday girl’s list and then she’ll vote on yours) - penis

2 They are Great Lawn Mowers

They eat all the bad plants in your yard. - Catacorn

3 They're Not Expensive to Buy

My chickens costed a few bucks. - Catacorn

I do! 4 of them actually. One of my hens is sick right now, so hopefully she'll recover. - Catacorn

4 They are a Great Source of Organic Fertilizer
5 They Will Eat Insects in Your Yard

We haven't got ticks in forever since we got chickens - Spongehouse

They will eat all insects, even small rodents. - Catacorn

6 It is Shown that Chickens Can Reduce Stress

My cat reduces my stress. - Firemist

My chickens have definitely reduced my stress levels. - Catacorn

7 They Look Adorable

Chickens are so cute I kinda want one

Cluck cluck cluck, Chickens are so adorable. - Swampert02

Yes, I just love chickens - Spongehouse

I'd rather have a pet chicken than have one as dinner. Chickens are so cute - Popsicles

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8 The Eggs are Organic and Non-GMO
9 They Only Require Basic Materials

The most complex is probably a chicken coop; which can be up to $300. But other than a coop, they need food, water, and love. - Catacorn

10 Although Not as Playful as Dogs and Cats, They are Still Interesting

Cats are interesting too. - Firemist

My chickens don't mind getting picked up either. - Catacorn

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