Top 10 Reasons Why Chickens are Great Pets

I'm a chicken owner myself, if you're wondering if you should get some feathery friends, please take a look at this list for some reasons why you should.

The Top Ten

1 The Hens Lay Eggs

After a few months of proper raising, the female chickens begin to lay their eggs! For free! - Catacorn

2 They are Great Lawn Mowers

They eat all the bad plants in your yard. - Catacorn

3 They're Not Expensive to Buy

My chickens costed a few bucks. - Catacorn

4 They are a Great Source of Organic Fertilizer
5 They Will Eat Insects in Your Yard

They will eat all insects, even small rodents. - Catacorn

6 It is Shown that Chickens Can Reduce Stress

My chickens have definitely reduced my stress levels. - Catacorn

7 The Eggs are Organic and Non-GMO
8 They Look Adorable

I'd rather have a pet chicken than have one as dinner. Chickens are so cute - Popsicles

Rooster, Hen, or Chick. All of them are adorable! - Catacorn

9 They Only Require Basic Materials

The most complex is probably a chicken coop; which can be up to $300. But other than a coop, they need food, water, and love. - Catacorn

10 Although Not as Playful as Dogs and Cats, They are Still Interesting

My chickens don't mind getting picked up either. - Catacorn

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