Top 10 Reasons Why EA's Star Wars Battlefront Sucks


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1 Lack of Content

DICE should never have accepted this project, they were too busy, this should have been a developers main focus

Insulting use of an amazing franchise

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2 Expensive DLC and Season Pass

I understand season passes, a lot of revenue comes from dlc. But this dlc content they are releasing should have been included in the base game

3 Only 4 Planets at Launch

Only 4? Inexcusable. The first had 9! And the second had nearly double that. This is inexcusable for a Star Wars game - Cody__JamesZ

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4 No Clone Wars

Clone Wars will be in battlefront 2, then battlefront 3 will include everything. If only there was a star wars game I could play now that had everything...

You star wars haters are very ungrateful!

5 No Galactic Conquest

No doubt a result of the lack of planets... - Cody__JamesZ

6 No Space Battles

The new Call of Duty has space battles... really DICE? REALLY? REALLY?!?!

7 Tokens Instead of Actual Vehicles on the Ground

This is lazy level design. So, I have to run around the map to find these tokens to randomly spawn into a ship instead of climbing inside or even spawning into one instead? - Cody__JamesZ

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8 No Single Player Campaign

Don't care about campaign, but would have played it if it was included

I think it shpuld have a story

9 Terrible Voice Acting

It would irritate me more if the voice acting was amazing, wasted on a game

10 No Instant Action

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11 No Class System, everyone just picks a weapon to shoot things!
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